Movies Released February 3, 2023

Friday, February 3

80 For Brady PG-13

Inspired by the true story of four best friends and New England Patriots fans who take a life-changing trip to the 2017 Super Bowl LI to see their hero Tom Brady play.
Donna Gigliotti, Kyle Marvin, Sarah Haskins, Jimmy O. Yang., Sally Field, Alex Moffat, Jeff Stott, Emily Halpern
Drama True Story

Knock at the Cabin R

No plot details have been announced for M. Night Shyamalan's 2023 film - a second thriller project to be distributed by Universal Pictures (after the 2021 film release).
Jonathan Groff, Dave Bautista, Christos V. Konstantakopoulos, M. Night Shyamalan, Rupert Grint, Steven Schneider, Ashley Fox, Marc Bienstock

The Amazing Maurice

The film centers on Maurice, a streetwise cat, who has the perfect money-making scam.
Gemma Arterton, Emilia Clarke, Hugh Laurie, David Tennant, Toby Genkel, Himesh Patel, Ariyon Bakare
Family Animation

The Locksmith NR

Miller is an expert locksmith, fresh out of prison after a job gone bad. Back home, he tries to work his way back into the life of his daughter and his ex-girlfriend, Beth, who is now a police detective. Determined to make a clean start, he is forced to use the only skills he has as a gifted locksmith. But things soon get complicated after an unexpected kidnapping and from there, take a tumultuous turn.
Kate Bosworth, Ving Rhames, Charlie Weber, Joe Russo, Ben Kabialis, Ryan Phillippe, Nicolas Harvard, John Glosser

Arthur Malediction

Fans of the Arthur and the Invisibles trilogy find the house where the saga was filmed, but their adventure quickly turns into a deadly nightmare.
Mathieu Berger, Barthelemy Grossmann, Luc Besson, Thalia Besson-Sylla, Lola Andreoni, Mikaël Halimi, Yann Mendy, Jade Pedri
Thriller Horror Teen
VOD / Digital
5 / 5
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True Spirit

Story about Jessica Watson, the youngest person to sail solo, non-stop and unassisted around the world in 2009. She survived seven knockdowns while at sea for 210 days on a 33-foot vessel.
Sarah Spillane, Cliff Curtis, Anna Paquin, Debra Martin Chase, Josh Lawson, Teagan Croft, Bridget Webb, Vivien Turner
Drama Adventure Biography True Story
96 mins


March 2020. On the first day of the state of emergency, two detectives are called to a small mining town in the Asturian lowlands where a young woman has appeared that had been missing for years. While the world is falling apart and personal tragedy strikes all around, the detectives soon notice that the virus might not be the only dark force at work.
Juan Fernandez, Isak Férriz, Iria del Río
88 mins

Stars Fell Again NR

Bryce is ready to propose to Madison while they visit her family for Christmas. However, the spontaneous wedding of Madison's sister Harper throws Bryce's perfect proposal plans into a tailspin.
James Maslow, Ciara Hanna, Jon Eiswerth, VW Scheich, Robert Windom, Uyen Le, Ali Faulkner Drew Moerlein, Tom Connolly
Comedy Romance

Little Dixie R

After a drug cartel truce dissolves, Doc (Grillo) is left to fend for himself and protect the one untainted thing in his life: his daughter, Little Dixie.
Beau Knapp, John Swab, Frank Grillo, Annabeth Gish, Peter Greene, Mercedes Mason, Maurice Compte, Eric Dane
Action Thriller
VOD / Digital
5 / 5
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89 mins

Woman of the Photographs NR

Solitary and skilled photographer Kai is afraid of women. When he encounters a beautiful model, Kyoko suffering from body dysmorphia, they begin a twisted romance. Kai is determined to save Kyoko from her anguishes, even if it means death to himself.
Takeshi Kushida, Hideki Nagai, Itsuki Otaki, Toki Koinuma
Thriller Horror Romance

Spoiler Alert PG-13

Based on Michael Ausiello’s best-selling memoir “Spoiler Alert: The Hero Dies,” the film is a heartwarming, funny and life-affirming story of how Michael and Kit’s relationship is transformed and deepened when one of them falls ill.
Alison Mo Massey, Jim Parsons, Jason Sokoloff, Jordana Mollick, Sally Field, Michael Ausiello, Michael Showalter, Todd Spiewak
Drama Comedy

Ocean Boy

Set in the late 1980s, Ocean Boy is told through the eyes of a 13-year-old boy, Rockit. As he grapples to understand why his Mum’s not coming home, Rockit embarks on a magical holiday with his father, Bosch, only to discover they’re actually running from the law.

Rockit finds a soulmate and then teenage love with Ash Ash, but it’s the ocean that gives him the security and calm he yearns from his parents. Ultimately Rockit is a boy held by nature, a young man who wins our hearts and respect as his story unfolds.
Isabel Lucas, Tyler Atkins, Luke Hemsworth, Leanna Walsman, Ramsus King
Drama Romance
VOD / Digital
5 / 5
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Turn Every Page: The Adventures of Robert Caro and Robert Gottlieb PG

Turn Every Page explores the remarkable fifty-year relationship between two literary legends, writer Robert Caro and his longtime editor Robert Gottlieb. Now 86, Caro is working to complete the final volume of his masterwork, The Years of Lyndon Johnson; Gottlieb, 91, waits to edit it. The task of finishing their life’s work looms before them. With humor and insight, this unique double portrait reveals the work habits, peculiarities and professional joys of these two ferocious intellects at the culmination of a journey that has consumed both their lives and impacted generations of politicians, activists, writers, and readers.
Lizzie Gottlieb

A Lot Of Nothing

A couple living in a Los Angeles suburb is compelled to take dangerous actions when they discover their next-door neighbor is the police officer that just murdered an unarmed motorist
Mo McRae, Inny Clemons, David Oyelowo, Sarah Kelly Kaplan, Kim Hodgert, Nina Soriano, Zak Kristofek, Ethan Lazar
Thriller Dark Comedy
VOD / Digital
2 / 5
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The Holly NR

The Holly goes deep inside a gentrifying community in Denver, where a shooting case involving an activist becomes a window into the political machinations of urban development and the city's gang activity.
Chelsea Jackson, Julian Rubinstein, Lyman Smith
93 mins

Baby Ruby

Baby Ruby tells the story of Jo (Merlant), a successful, French lifestyle entrepreneur who is happily pregnant, awaiting the arrival of her first child. But soon after Jo welcomes baby Ruby home, something starts to feel off-- even though she's assured it's all perfectly normal. Is something wrong with her? Is something wrong with Ruby? And why are the seemingly perfect neighborhood moms so desperate to befriend her? As Jo fights to protect herself and her baby, she is plunged into a waking fever dream where everyone is a threat and nothing is what it seems. At last, she must confront the truth of her own darkness and contend with the ultimate human sacrifice: The one mothers make for their children.
Bess Wohl, Noémie Merlant, Kit Harrington, Meredith Hagner
Thriller Horror
101 mins

Let It Be Morning NR

Let It Be Morning is the story of Sami (Alex Bakri) a Palestinian-born Israeli citizen living in Jerusalem who receives an invitation to his brother’s wedding forcing him to return to the Arab village where he grew up. After the wedding finishes, with no explanation, Sami's hometown is put under a military blockade lockdown by Israeli soldiers. When chaos erupts overnight amongst the villagers stuck behind the wall due to the blockade, Sami is cut off from the outside world and trapped in an unexpected situation. As he deals with questions about his own identity and hidden secrets are revealed, Sami watches everything he holds dear begin to fall apart.
Ehab Salami, Eran Kolirin, Alex Bakri, Juna Suleiman, Salim Daw, Khalifa Natour, Izabel Ramadan
Drama Adaptation
79 mins

She Is Love NR

A divorced couple unexpectedly cross paths at a country inn. What starts as an awkward encounter leads them to revisit a love long lost.
Marisa Abela, Jamie Adams, Sam Riley, Haley Bennett
Drama Comedy Romance

Who Invited Charlie?

Phil Schreiber, a self-involved hedge fund manager, and his wife Rosie take refuge in the Hamptons with their son at the beginning of quarantine. Making an already fraught situation worse is the surprise arrival of Phil’s cocktail-swilling, pot-smoking college roommate Charlie. Charlie is also the keeper of some of Phil’s darkest secrets. To make matters worse for Phil, his wife and son love Charlie. As Charlie makes himself at home, secrets are revealed that threaten to do more harm than good.
Adam Pally, Dylan Penn, Rhys Coiro, Xavier Manrique, Nicholas Schutt, Xosha Roquemore, Peter Dager, Jordana Brewster

Bill Russell: Legend

The definitive documentary about the life and legacy of NBA legend and civil rights icon Bill Russell from award-winning director Sam Pollard (MLK/FBI). The film features exclusive interviews with Bill before his passing in 2022 as well as access to his sprawling personal archives. From the humblest of beginnings, Russell went on to lead each and every one of his basketball teams to championships — two back-to-back NCAA titles, a Gold Medal at the 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games, and 11 championship titles in his thirteen-year career as a Boston Celtic (his last two as the first Black Head Coach in NBA history).
Larry Gordon, Mike Richardson, Sam Pollard, Ross Greenburg, Charles Rosenzweig
Sports Documentary
90 mins

Erin's Guide to Kissing Girls

As middle school is ending, Erin, the only out person in her grade, and Liz, fellow comic nerd and track star, find their friendship tested when Liz is accepted to private school and Erin falls hard for new girl and ex child-star, Sydni. Erin believes the only way to save herself from certain doom is to ask Sydni to the big dance, but the plan goes awry when she starts to lose Liz along the way.
Julianna Notten, Elliot Stocking, Jesyca Gu, Rosali Annikie
82 mins

The Blind Man Who Did Not Want to See Titanic NR

Jaakko and Sirpa have never met face to face but used to talk on the phone every day. When he heard about her declining health, he decides to go meet her in another city.
Jani Pösö, Samuli Jaskio, Teemu Nikki, Petri Poikolainen, Marjaana Maijala, Hannamaija Nikander, Matti Onnismaa, Rami Rusinen
Thriller Romance

Friday, February 3