Movies Released January 12, 2021

Tuesday, January 12

100 mins

Redemption Day

Having just returned home, decorated U.S. Marine Captain Brad Paxton's (Gary Dourdan) wife, Kate, is kidnapped by a terrorist group while working in Morocco. He is forced back into action for a daring and deadly operation to save the woman he loves.
Ernie Hudson, Andy Garcia, Hicham Hajji, Gary Dourdan, Serinda Swan, Sam Chouia, Martin Donovan, Samy Naceri
4 / 5
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Horizon Line

A thrilling survival story about two former lovers, Sara (Allison Williams) and Jackson (Alexander Dreymon) who discover new altitudes of fear aboard a single-engine Cessna plane. It was supposed to be a routine and casual 99-minute flight to their friend’s tropical island wedding. But within minutes after takeoff, their pilot suffers a fatal heart attack, leaving Sara and Jackson with no idea where they are, no comms, and no clue how to land the plane. With nothing but miles of ocean and sky in every direction, and a terrifying storm that’s about to envelop them, Sara and Jackson have only one shot – and there’s no going back.
Keith David, Mikael Marcimain, Matthew Stuecken, Josh Campbell, Fredrik Wikstrom Nicastro, Allison Williams, Alexander Dreymon, Pearl Mackie
Drama Adventure
VOD / Digital
3 / 5
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Tuesday, January 12