Movies Released January 22, 2023

Sunday, January 22

The Wandering Earth II NR

​​In the near future, after learning that the sun is rapidly burning out and will obliterate Earth in the process, humans build enormous engines to propel the planet to a new solar system, far out of reach of the sun’s fiery flares. However, the journey out into the universe is perilous, and humankind’s last shot at survival will depend on a group of young people brave enough to step up and execute a dangerous, life-or-death operation to save the earth.
Wu Jing, Frant Gwo, Li Xuejian, Ning Li
Sci-Fi Prequel IMAX

Roman Holiday 70th Anniversary

Celebrating 70 years - ROMAN HOLIDAY features a legendary, Oscar®-winning performance from Audrey Hepburn (in her first starring role). Nominated for a total of 10 Oscars®, including Best Picture, it’s the story of a modern-day princess who, rebelling against the royal obligations, explores Rome on her own. She soon meets an American newspaperman (Gregory Peck) who pretends ignorance of her true identity, in the hopes of obtaining an exclusive story. Naturally, his plan falters as they inevitably fall in love.
Gregory Peck, Audrey Hepburn, Eddie Albert, Hartley Power
Comedy Romance Re-Release Event
1 Day Only
5 / 5
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Sunday, January 22