Movies Released July 14, 2023

Friday, July 14

Theater Camp PG-13

Follows the eccentric staff running a scrappy theater camp in upstate New York. After its indomitable and beloved founder falls into a coma, they must band together with her clueless “crypto-bro” son to keep the thespian paradise afloat.
Ayo Edebiri, Amy Sedaris, Nick Lieberman, Molly Gordon, Caroline Aaron, Alexander Bello, Bailee Bonick, Donovan Colan
91 mins

The Miracle Club PG-13

Follows the journey of a group of riotous working-class women from Dublin, whose pilgrimage to Lourdes in France leads them to discover each other’s friendship and their own personal miracles.
Timothy Prager, Jimmy Smallhorne, Maggie Smith, Stephen Rea, Thaddeus O’Sullivan, Josh Maurer, Kathy Bates, Laura Linney

The Channel

The Channel is an adrenaline-fueled experience from start to finish. The film stars Clayne Crawford (The Killing Of Two Lovers, Lethal Weapon) and Max Martini (13 Hours, Captain Phillips) as desperate ex-marine criminals, who find themselves trapped in New Orleans, relentlessly pursued by a determined FBI agent after their bank heist goes wrong.
Nicoye Banks, William Kaufman, Clayne Crawford, Max Martini, Juliene Joyner, Todd Jenkins, Paul Rae
Action Adventure

Bird Box Barcelona

Sebastián and his daughter begin an adventure of survival in Barcelona.
Georgina Campbell, Lola Duenas, Michelle Jenner, Leonardo Sbaraglia, David Pastor, Alex Pastor, Diego Calva, Mario Casas
91 mins

The Flood R

A daring jail break during a dangerous storm is interrupted by hungry alligators. In this horror thriller, a horde of giant hungry alligators is unleashed on a group of in-transit prisoners and their guards after a massive hurricane floods Louisiana.
Nicky Whelan, Brandon Slagle, Chad Law, Josh Ridgway, Casper Van Dien, Louis Mandylor, Devanny Pinn, Ryan Francis
Action Thriller
VOD / Digital
2 / 5
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103 mins

The League PG

The League celebrates the dynamic journey of Negro League baseball's triumphs and challenges through the first half of the twentieth century. The story is told through previously unearthed archival footage and never-before-seen interviews with legendary players like Satchel Paige and Buck O’Neil – whose early careers paved the way for the Jackie Robinson era – as well as celebrated Hall of Famers Willie Mays and Hank Aaron who started out in the Negro Leagues. From entrepreneurial titans Cumberland Posey and Gus Greenlee, whose intense rivalry fueled the rise of two of the best baseball teams ever to play the game, to Effa Manley, the activist owner of the Newark Eagles and the only woman ever admitted to the National Baseball Hall of Fame, The League explores Black baseball as an economic and social pillar of Black communities and a stage for some of the greatest athletes to ever play the game, while also examining the unintended consequences of integration.
Sam Pollard
VOD / Digital
4 / 5
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Fourth Grade

When a brick of weed is found in a fourth-grade classroom, the students' parents gather in an emergency meeting full of accusations and intrigue. Uproarious chaos will quickly follow after some of them agree to share a joint.
William Baldwin, Teri Polo, Mena Suvari, Marcelo Galvão, Boti Bliss, Ben Begley, Challen Cates, Roland Kickinger

Two Tickets to Greece

When childhood friends Magalie (Call My Agent!’s Laure Calamy) and Blandine (Olivia Côte) cross paths after many years, they decide to finally take their dream vacation to Greece. A wildly entertaining tale of female camaraderie.
Marc Fitoussi, Laure Calamy, Olivia Côte, Kristin Scott Thomas

Black Ice R

A documentary that exposes a history of racism in hockey through the untold stories of Black hockey players, both past and present, in a predominantly white sport.
LeBron James, Hubert Davis, Maverick Carter, Aubrey “Drake” Graham, Adel “Future” Nur

The YouTube Effect

This documentary film from Alex Winter explores the ascension and acceleration of YouTube, a video-sharing website that started with humble origins and has gone on to change how we experience the world.
Alex Winter

Imagine Dragons Live in Vegas

Far from the days of playing in dive bars and casinos across the Las Vegas Strip, Imagine Dragons returns home to perform at the city’s largest stage, Allegiant Stadium, in a triumphant concert film that showcases the band’s rise to fame and the city that helped shape their sound.
Matt Eastin, Mac Reynolds, Turner Pope, John Janick
Documentary Music Concert


Belle works on the family farm and cares for her father after he falls severely ill. Desperate to save him, she journeys in search of a mythical rose believed to be a cure. She must surrender herself as a prisoner to a vicious beast as payment for the rose. Battling the beast’s spell and the two toxic relationships in her life, Belle’s true journey is only just beginning.
Max Gold, Andrea Snædal, Ingi Hrafn Hilmarsson, Hana Vagnerová, Gudmundur Thorvaldsson, Helga Braga Jónsdóttir, Sigurður Sigurjónsson
Thriller Horror

The Modelizer R

Living a lavish lifestyle of parties and privilege, a Hong Kong tycoon meets his match when he falls for a Brazilian model who refuses to play by his rules and test the limits of how far he will go to win her heart.
Rayssa Bratillieri, Keoni Waxman, Byron Mann, Nichkhun
Comedy Romance


Afire is set at a small holiday house by the Baltic Sea. The days are hot and it hasn’t rained in weeks. Four young people come together, friends old and new. As the parched forests around them begin to ignite, so do their emotions. Happiness, lust and love; but also jealousies, resentments and tensions. Meanwhile the forests burn. And before long, the flames are there.
Christian Petzold, Thomas Schubert, Paula Beer, Langston Uibel, Enno Trebs, Matthias Brandt

Lakota Nation Vs. United States PG-13

The film chronicles the Lakota Indians’ quest to reclaim the Black Hills, sacred land that was stolen in violation of treaty agreements. A searing, timely portrait of resistance, the film explores the ways America has ignored its debt to Indigenous communities and ponders what might be done today to repair the wrongs of the past.
Jesse Short Bull, Laura Tomaselli, Sarah Eagle Heart, Mark Ruffalo, Marisa Tomei.

Love Tactics 2

Asli thinks marriage is a scam, and says so. But when her beau Kerem unexpectedly agrees, she goes to great lengths to manipulate him into proposing.
Recai Karagöz, Demet Özdemir, Sükrü Özyildiz, Melisa Döngel, Ceyhun Mengiroglu, Hande Yilmaz
Comedy Romance


An American couple, on the brink of divorce, travel to Colombia for a work conference. While on a hike through the rainforest, a storm causes them to become trapped in a pit of quicksand. Unable to move, it becomes a struggle for survival as they battle the elements of the jungle and a venomous snake, in order to escape.
Andres Beltran, Allan Hawco, Sebastian Eslava, Carolina Gaitán, Andrés Castañeda
Thriller Horror
111 mins

Final Cut

The film follows a director (Romain Duris) charged with making a live, single-take, low-budget zombie flick in which the cast and crew, one by one, actually turn into zombies.
Michel Hazanavicius, Romain Duris, Berenice Bejo, Matilda Lutz, Finnegan Oldfield
Comedy Horror

Friday, July 14