June 2004 Movies

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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

In "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban", Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) and his friends Ron (Rupert Grint) and Hermione (Emma Watson) return for their third year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where the teenagers are forced to face their darkest fears as they confront a dangerous escaped prisoner (Gary Oldman) and the equally foreboding Dementors, who are sent there to protect them.
Emma Watson, Maggie Smith, Robbie Coltrane, Gary Oldman, Alan Rickman, Julie Walters, Alfonso Cuarón, Steve Kloves
Action Adventure Sequel Fantasy Family Kids
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Garfield: The Movie PG

Life couldn't be sweeter for Garfield. Parked on a comfortable barcolounger in front of the TV, feasting on his favorite dish—lasagna—he's the master of his universe. That is, until his owner, Jon, takes in sweet but dimwitted pooch Odie, turning Garfield's perfect world upside down. Now, Garfield wants only one thing: Odie out of his home and life! But when the hapless pup disappears, Garfield, maybe for the first time in his life, feels responsible. With an uncharacteristic amount of energy and courage, Garfield manages to pull himself away from the TV, and spring into action. He's on a mission to save Odie....and get back to his beloved barcolounger!
Bill Murray, Nick Cannon, Breckin Meyer, John Davis, Stephen Tobolowsky, Jimmy Kimmel, Jim Davis, Jennifer Love Hewitt
Comedy Family Kids

The Chronicles of Riddick PG-13

The further adventures of Riddick (Vin Diesel) continue five years later, as the escaped convict with the ability to see in the dark finds himself caught in the middle of a galactic war between two opposing forces, with the key figure being the Lord Marshal (Colm Feore), the leader of a sect called the Necromongers waging the "10th Crusade" in the 26th century. Helping Riddick is Aereon (Judi Dench), the Ambassador of the "Elemental" race, who helps Riddick unearth the secrets of his origin and Kyra (Alexa Davalos), who has grown up since Riddick knew her as a preteen girl in the first movie. Attempting to free himself and Kyra from a subterranean prison, Riddick ends up on board the Necromonger flagship, where he gets his chance to face off against the Lord Marshal in a battle over the future of all beings in the galaxy, both living... and dead.
Judi Dench, Vin Diesel, Karl Urban, Colm Feore, Alexa Davalos, David Twohy, Scott Kroopf, Ted Field
Action Adventure Sequel Fantasy Sci-Fi

Napoleon Dynamite PG

From the rural town of Preston, Idaho, comes Napoleon Dynamite. With a red 'fro, his moon boots and illegal government ninja moves, he is a new kind of hero. His family consists of fragile brother Kip, who's seeking his soul mate in online chat rooms; Uncle Rico, who is stuck in his "glory" days of high school football; and Grandma, who enjoys going out to the dunes on her quad-runner. Napoleon spends his days drawing magical beasts, working on his computer hacking skills to impress the chicks, and begrudgingly feeding his grandma's pet llama. When his friend Pedro decides to run for class president, it is Napoleon to the rescue to help him triumph over adversity.
Jon Heder, Jerusha Hess, Chris Wyatt, Jon Gries, Efren Ramirez, Jared Hess, Jeremy Coon, Sean Covel

The Hunting of the President

An exploration of a sustained and well-funded effort to discredit and defeat Bill Clinton, dating from his gubernatorial days in Arkansas and eventually leading to his impeachment trial.
Morgan Freeman, John Camp, Paul Begala, Harry Thomason, Douglas Jackson, Nickolas Perry, Sidney Blumenthal, David Brock

Saved! PG-13

"Good girl" Mary (Jena Malone) can't believe it when she gets pregnant by her newly-gay boyfriend. She also can't believe the actions of her popular, relentlessly devout best friend, Hilary Faye (Mandy Moore), who's looking after her wheelchair-bound brother Roland (Macaulay Culkin), attempting to convert adamantly Jewish Cassandra (Eva Amurri), and trying to snag cute newcomer Patrick (Patrick Fugit), a hip skateboarding missionary. By the time Mary's secret is revealed, Hilary Faye has gone to extremes to get the outsiders expelled from school, with spectacular results, and Mary is forced to decide what's worth believing in the first place. In this dark comedy, a young, talented cast comes together to get "Saved".
Mandy Moore, Michael Ohoven, Heather Matarazzo, Jena Malone, Patrick Fugit, Brian Dannelly, Michael Urban, Macaulay Culkin
Comedy Teen

The Stepford Wives PG-13

Joanna (Nicole Kidman) and her husband (Matthew Broderick) move to the beautiful upper-class suburb of Stepford, where she soon starts to suspect something is strange and artificial about her new female neighbors. The wives living in the houses around them all seem to be too perfect, with bland, character-less personalities. Everyone that is, except her new friend Bobbie (Bette Midler), who as a cranky, sarcastic, non-exercising alcoholic still has some semblance of personality and independence. As Joanna and Bobbie investigate their neighbors further, they discover that there is indeed something artificial about them, something... robotic, the result of the husbands banding together to replace their human wives with cyborg copies who are subservient, sexually compliant and devoid of any distinguishing character traits. Will Joanna and Bobbie be the next ones replaced by perfect robotic clones?
Nicole Kidman, Christopher Walken, Mike White, Glenn Close, Gabriel Grunfeld, Roger Bart, Bette Midler, Jon Lovitz
Comedy Romance

Around the World in 80 Days PG

In this highly inventive take on Verne's classic, Passepartout (Jackie Chan) must make it to China in order to return a valuable jade Buddha that was stolen from his family's village. He seeks refuge with an eccentric London inventor, Phineas Fogg (Steve Coogan), who puts his reputation, fortune, and career on the line in a daring bet to make it around the world in eighty days. Joining them is Monique (Cecille De France), a young French artist who decides that a trip around the world would provide new inspiration. Opposing the group is Lord Kelvin (Jim Broadbent), who's wagered his position as head of the Royal Academy of Science against their journey's success. Their incredible adventure spans many colorful and exotic lands from historic London to Paris, Turkey, India, China, across the Great Seas, to a burgeoning United States, and more. Along the way, the group encounters an eclectic assortment of characters including Queen Victoria (Kathy Bates), a Scotland Yard Sergeant (John Cleese), a hot air balloon engineer (Richard Branson), a Turkish Prince (Arnold Schwarzenegger), an eccentric inventor (Rob Schneider), the Wright Brothers (Owen and Luke Wilson), and many other international star cameos.
Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jackie Chan, Luke Wilson, Owen Wilson, Sammo Hung, Frank Coraci, Johnny Knoxville, Wim Wenders
Action Adventure Comedy Historical Martial Arts
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Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story PG-13

A small local gym is threatened with extinction by a gleaming sports and fitness palace unless a group of social rejects can rise to victory in the ultimate dodge ball competition.
Jason Bateman, Ben Stiller, Rip Torn, Stephen Root, Vince Vaughn, Christine Taylor, Justin Long, Rawson Marshall Thurber
Action Adventure Comedy Sports

The Terminal PG-13

The story of Viktor Navorski (Tom Hanks), a visitor to New York from Eastern Europe, whose homeland erupts in a fiery coup while he is in the air en route to America. Stranded at Kennedy Airport with a passport from nowhere, he is unauthorized to actually enter the United States and must improvise his days and nights in the terminal's international transit lounge until the war at home is over. As the weeks and months stretch on, Viktor finds the compressed universe of the terminal to be a richly complex world of absurdity, generosity, ambition, amusement, status, serendipity and even romance with a beautiful flight attendant named Amelia (Catherine Zeta-Jones). But Viktor has long worn out his welcome with airport official Frank Dixon, who considers him a bureaucratic glitch, a problem he cannot control but wants desperately to erase.
Zoe Saldana, Steven Spielberg, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Kevin Weisman, Jeff Nathanson, Tom Hanks, Stanley Tucci, Chi McBride
Comedy Romance

The Intended

Centers on a woman who travels with her lover to the jungle and discovers trouble in the form of murder and greed.
Janet McTeer, Brenda Fricker, Philip Jackson, Kristian Levring, Olympia Dukakis, David Bradley, JJ Feild, Tony Maudsley
Drama Romance
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Two Brothers PG

An epic adventure of discovery, survival and wonder, "Two Brothers" is the story of twin tiger brothers who are born amidst the temple ruins and exotic jungles of French Indo-China. Separated as cubs and taken into captivity, one tiger is forced to become a circus performer, the other a trained killer. Years later, the brothers find themselves reunited, but as forced enemies pitted against each other. "Two Brothers" stars Guy Pearce as a romantic explorer whose tragic intervention into the idyllic lives of the two tiger brothers forever intertwines their fates.
Guy Pearce, Freddie Highmore, Jean-Jacques Annaud, Jake Eberts, Alain Godard, Christian Clavier, Le Mai Anh, Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu
Drama Historical

The Notebook PG-13

Based on the acclaimed best seller by Nicholas Sparks and directed by Nick Cassavetes ("John Q")," The Notebook" is a sweeping love story starring Academy Award nominees James Garner, Gena Rowlands and Joan Allen opposite newcomers Ryan Gosling ("Murder by Numbers") and Rachel McAdams. As a man (Garner) reads from a faded notebook to the woman (Rowlands) he regularly visits at a nursing home, his words bring to life the story of a young couple (Gosling and McAdams) who are separated by World War II, then passionately reunited 14 years later after their lives have taken different paths. Adapted by Jan Sardi with a screenplay by Jeremy Leven (Don Juan DeMarco), "The Notebook" reveals an epic story of love lost and found, of new beginnings and second chances.
Nick Cassavetes, Jeremy Leven, Madeline Leven, Lowell Ganz, Joan Allen, Jan Sardi, James Garner, Ryan Gosling
Drama Romance Teen

Kaena: The Prophecy PG-13

Set in a world where a giant tree called Axis rises 100 miles above the planet surface, this is an adventure story about a spirited, young woman, Kaena (Kirsten Dunst), who leaves her tree village hoping to discover why the plant's sap is disappearing, thus threatening her people's way of life. Against the wishes of her village elders, she climbs down past the cloud level, and encounters the Selenites, a race that is trying to keep the tree from dying by enslaving another species. Richard Harris plays Opaz, an elderly sage, Anjelica Huston is the evil Queen of the Selenites, Keith David plays her second-in-command, while Greg Proops and Michael McShane are comic relief characters, the Worms.
Anjelica Huston, Greg Proops, Kirsten Dunst, Chris Delaporte, Pascal Pinon, Marc DuPontavice, Tarik Hamdine, Richard Harris
Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-Fi Animation

Fahrenheit 911 R

Michael Moore examines what happened to the United States after September 11; and how the Bush Administration used the tragic event to push its agenda. It's a documentary that will trace why the U.S. has become a target for hatred and terrorism. It will also depict alleged dealings between two generations of the Bush and Bin Laden clans that led to George W. Bush and Osama bin Laden becoming mortal enemies.
Michael Moore, George W. Bush
Drama Documentary

White Chicks PG-13

Two ambitious, but unlucky, black FBI agents, Kevin and Marcus, go deep undercover as white high society debutantes, and infiltrate the sophisticated world of the Hamptons to investigate a kidnapping ring.
Rick Alvarez, Jaime King, Keenan Ivory Wayans, Keenen Ivory Wayans, Marlon Wayans, Shawn Wayans, Lee R Mayes, Ward

Spider-Man 2 PG-13

In Sony Pictures "Spider-Man 2", two years have passed since Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) walked away from his longtime love Mary Jane Watson (Kirsten Dunst) and decided to take the road to responsibility as Spider-Man. Peter must face new challenges as he struggles to cope with "the gift and the curse" of his powers while balancing his dual identities as the elusive superhero Spider-Man and life as a college student. The relationships Peter holds most dear are now in danger of unraveling as he clashes with the powerful, multi-tentacled villain "Doc Ock" (Alfred Molina).
James Franco, Tobey Maguire, David Koepp, Elizabeth Banks, Daniel Gillies, Sam Raimi, Alfred Gough, Miles Millar
Action Adventure Sequel Fantasy Superhero Sci-Fi