June 2012 Movies

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Snow White and the Huntsman PG-13

A new take on the classic fairy tale.
Chris Hemsworth, Charlize Theron, Sam Claflin, Rupert Sanders, Kristen Stewart, Ian McShane, Joe Roth, Evan Daugherty
Drama Adventure Fairy Tale

Battlefield America PG-13

Battlefield America takes a steady look at the underbelly of the youth battle dance culture in Long Beach, California. Sean Lewis, a young, charismatic, successful businessman finds himself in the mix with a bunch of disheveled misfits Bad Boys, who have virtually no dance talent. Realizing his dilemma, Sean brings aboard a professional dance instructor to ease his responsibilities to these kids. Meanwhile, he finds himself falling for Sara, who runs the community center where the kids hangout and practice their moves. With Sean motivating them, The Bad Boys find the confidence to be contenders...
Chris Stokes, Marques Houston, Lynn Whitfield, Valarie Pettiford, Mekia Cox, Christopher Michael Jones
Drama Musical Teen

For Greater Glory R

An epic chronicle of the Cristeros War (1926-1929), which was touched off by a rebellion against the Mexican government’s attempt to secularize the country.
Andy Garcia, Oscar Isaac, Eva Longoria, Peter O'Toole, Dean Wright, Catalina Sandino Moreno, Ruben Blades, Bruce Greenwood
Drama War Historical

Piranha 3DD R

More terror from the prehistoric man-eating piranhas in 3-D.
David Koechner, Chris Zylka, Marc Toberoff, Matt Bush, Meagan Tandy, Jean-Luc Bilodeau, Clu Gulager, Chako Van Leeuwen
Adventure Sequel Thriller Suspense Horror 3D

A Cat in Paris PG

When seven-year-old Zoe learns that her cat, Dino, has been using his late-night wanderings to help a kindhearted thief, the little girl embarks on a nighttime Parisian adventure that may help her come to terms with her father’s recent death.
Marcia Gay Harden, Alain Gagnol, Anjelica Huston, Jean-Loup Felicioli, Dominique Blanc, Matthew Modine
Family Animation

Bernie PG-13

A Renaissance man-community leader-mortician Bernie strikes up an unlikely friendship with a wealthy but very particular widow. When he kills her, he goes to great lengths to maintain the illusion that she is still alive.
Richard Linklater, Celine Rattray, Martin Shafer, Liz Glotzer, Shirley MacLaine, Matthew McConaughey, Ginger Sledge, Jack Black

30 Beats R

A first encounter sparks a series of intimate and comedic moments linking ten New Yorkers in a chain reaction of love and desire.
Alexis Lloyd, Molly Conners, Condola Rashad, Matthew Campbell, Carl Kwaku Ford, Jennifer Tilly, Paz De La Huerta, Lee Pace
Comedy Romance

Chely Wright: Wish Me Away NR

Chely Wright: Wish Me Away is the story of Chely Wright, the first Nashville music star to come out as gay. Over three years, the filmmakers were given extraordinary access to Chely's struggle and her unfolding plan to come out publicly. Using interviews with Chely, her family, her pastor, and key players in the music world, alongside Chely's intimate private video diaries, the film goes deep into her back story as an established star and then forward as she steps into the national spotlight to reveal her secret. Chronicling the aftermath in Nashville and within the LGBT community, Chely Wright: Wish Me Away reveals both the devastation of her own internalized homophobia and the transformational power of living an authentic life.
Bobbie Birleffi, Beverly Kopf
Documentary Music

The Loved Ones

Lola Stone asked Brent Mitchell to the prom, but Brent said no, and now he's screwed. What happens when Lola doesn't get what she wants? She enlists Daddy's help to throw a prom of her own, where she is queen and Brent is king — whether he likes it or not. The Loved Ones is what happens when puppy love goes horribly, violently wrong. Brent should have said yes….
Xavier Samuel, Robin McLeavy, John Brumpton, Sean Byrne, Victoria Thaine, Jessica McNamee, Richard Wilson
Drama Horror Teen

High School R

Story centers on a high school valedictorian who, after getting high with the school stoner and facing a drug test, makes what seems like the only logical decision: getting the entire school stoned so he can beat the test by making everyone fail.
John Stalberg Jr., Yeardley Smith, Stephen Susco, Matt Bush, Warren Zide, Adrien Brody, Michael Chiklis, Colin Hanks

Apartment 143

A team of parapsychologists sets out to investigate a series of anomalous phenomena taking place in a newly occupied apartment. Telephone calls with no caller, mysterious shadows, extraordinary light emissions, flying objects, and exploding light bulbs, are some of the events they will face while recording their every step with state-of-the-art technology. Using infra-red filming, digital photography, psychophonic recordings, movement detectors, and magnetic field alteration meters, the group's attempts to contact the "other side" will grow increasingly dangerous as they near a point of no return...
Rodrigo Cortés, Kai Lennox, Carles Torrens, Michael O'Keefe, Rick Gonzalez, Fiona Glascott, Gia Mantegna
Drama Horror

Cellmates NR

Set in 1970s Texas, Cellmates tells the story of hardened Ku Klux Klansman, Leroy Lowe (Tom Sizemore), who has risen through the ranks to be crowned 'Grand Dragon' of the local Klan chapter. Unfortunately for him, the government has started cracking down on the organization's activities and it isn't long before Leroy is sent to the Low Lee Tuna Prison Work Farm to serve time... harvesting potatoes. Worlds quickly collide when farm owner Warden Merville (Stacy Keach) forces Leroy to share a prison cell with eccentric Mexican field laborer Emilio (Hector Jimenez) as part of his penitence. None too happy with the arrangement, Leroy sets out to make things very difficult for Emilio in the cramped quarters, but Emilio's chatty disposition slowly chips away at Leroy's gruff exterior. When an unlikely friendship develops, Leroy comes to realize how his ignorant past has distorted his view of the world, and what he must now do to make things right.
Stefania Moscato, Tom Sizemore, Stacy Keach, Kevin P. Farley, Hector Jimenez, Olga Segura

Pink Ribbons, Inc. NR

The ubiquitous pink ribbons of breast cancer philanthropy--and the hand-in-hand marketing of brands and products associated with that philanthropy--permeates our culture, providing assurance that we are engaged in a successful battle against this insidious disease. But the campaign obscures the reality and facts of breast cancer: more and more women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year, and they face the same treatment options they did 40 years ago. Yet women also are the most influential market group, buying 80 percent of consumer products and making most major household purchasing decisions. So then who really benefits from the pink ribbon campaigns - the cause or the company? And what if the very companies and products that profit from their association have actually contributed to the problem?
Lea Pool
New York / Los Angeles
4 / 5
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6 Month Rule

6 Month Rule revolves around a bachelor who follows a set of rules in order to avoid emotional attachment, the most important being: there is no woman so perfect that you can't get over her in six months. Knowing that he will get over her allows him to dismiss relationships easily and without regret... Until he meets a girl who changes everything.
John Michael Higgins, Blayne Weaver, Martin Starr, Natalie Morales, Patrick J. Adams, Jaime Pressly, Dave Foley

5 Broken Cameras

A Palestinian farmer's chronicle of his nonviolent resistance to the actions of the Israeli army.
Guy Davidi, Emad Burnat
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Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted PG

No plot details have been announced.
Ben Stiller, Jessica Chastain, Chris Rock, Bryan Cranston, Eric Darnell, Mireille Soria, Mark Swift, Noah Baumbach
Action Adventure Comedy Sequel Family Animation 3D

Prometheus R

The film is set up to be a prequel to the groundbreaking 1979 film that Ridley Scott directed. It will precede that film, in which the crew of a commercial towing ship returning to Earth is awakened and sent to respond to a distress signal from a nearby planetoid. The crew discovers too late that the signal generated by an empty ship was meant to warn them.
Charlize Theron, Ridley Scott, Patrick Wilson, Michael Fassbender, Guy Pearce, Noomi Rapace, Tony Scott, Rafe Spall
Action Fantasy Horror Sci-Fi 3D IMAX

Bel Ami R

The story centers on an unscrupulous, social climbing journalist.
Uberto Pasolini, Robert Pattinson, Uma Thurman, Declan Donnellan, Nick Ormerod, Rachel Bennette, Kristin Scott Thomas
Drama Biography

Peace, Love, and Misunderstanding R

After her husband leaves, a conservative lawyer moves her son and daughter into her hippy mother's house in Woodstock.
Elizabeth Olsen, Chace Crawford, Lauren Munsch, Catherine Keener, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Bruce Beresford, Brice Dal Farra, Claude Dal Farra
Drama Comedy

Safety Not Guaranteed R

Three magazine employees investigate a classified ad from a man seeking a partner for time travel.
Kristen Bell, Lynn Shelton, Mark Duplass, Jake Johnson, Colin Trevorrow, Stephanie Langhoff, Derek Connolly, Jeff Garlin

Corpo Celeste

A 13-year-old girl's coming-of-age in the poor southern Italian province of Calabria.
Alice Rohrwacher

Lola Versus R

A woman is dumped just weeks before her wedding by her college sweetheart prompting her to embark on a series of encounters in an attempt to discover her place in the world as a single woman before she turns 30.
Michael London, Greta Gerwig, Hamish Linklater, Debra Winger, Daryl Wein, Zoe Lister-Jones, Joel Kinnaman, Bill Pullman
Comedy Romance
New York / Los Angeles
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Patagonia Rising NR

Over the past century more than 45,000 large dams have redefined river corridors around the globe with disastrous results. Descending the Baker River from the Northern Patagonia Ice Cap to its terminus at the Pacific Ocean, Patagonia Rising investigates a controversial plan to build five large hydroelectric dams in Chile's famed wilderness. Stopping off at Patagonia's most remote frontier ranches, this engaging story brings voice to the iconic South American cowboys, Gauchos, caught in the crossfire of future energy demands. Chile could become a leader in sustainable energy development, or it could continue down the road to squandering the pure watersheds of Patagonia.
Brian Lilla

For the Love of Money R

Based on the true story of Izek Shomof with the themes of family, friendship and the ties that bind between Jewish gangsters.
Ellie Kanner, James Caan, Cody Longo, Delphine Chaneac, Yehuda Levi, Edward Furlong, Oded Fehr, Jonathan Lipnicki
Drama Crime Gangster
New York / Los Angeles
4 / 5
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Dark Horse

The film centers on a thirtysomething man (Gelber) in arrested development who lives with his parents (Walken and Farrow), reluctantly works for his father and avidly collects toys. He seeks out a thirtysomething woman (Blair) in arrested development in an attempt to shed the "dark horse" status in his family and finally accomplish something.
Derrick Tseng, Christopher Walken, Selma Blair, Aasif Mandvi, Mia Farrow, Jordan Gelber, Justin Bartha, Donna Murphy
Comedy Romance

Rock of Ages PG-13

Takes place at a Sunset Strip rock club called Rock of Ages, where a man and woman fall in love but get torn apart by the rock lifestyle.
Alec Baldwin, Diego González Boneta, Adam Shankman, Jennifer Gibgot, Tom Cruise, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Bryan Cranston, Matthew Weaver

That's My Boy R

A disagreeable father moves in on the eve of his son's wedding and immediately begins fighting with the bride-to-be.
Sean Anders, Adam Sandler, John Morris, David Caspe, Ken Marino, James Caan, Jack Giarraputo, Heather Parry

The Woman in the Fifth R

The story centers on an American writer in Paris who embarks on an affair with an elegant and mysterious widow and who might have something to do with the murders that start taking place around him.
Ethan Hawke, Pawel Pawlikowski, Simon Arnal, Caroline Benjo, Kristin Scott Thomas
Thriller Suspense Supernatural

Your Sister's Sister R

No plot details are available yet.
Rosemarie DeWitt, Lynn Shelton, Steven Schardt, Mark Duplass, Emily Blunt
Drama Comedy


When Julio wakes up in a strange apartment after a night of partying, he's pleasantly surprised to discover it belongs to a beautiful one-night-stand he can't remember--Julia. What's already an awkward situation is made even more so when they discover a giant flying saucer hovering above the city, which is now deserted. Now Julio must contend with a jealous ex-boyfriend, an eccentric neighbor--and very possibly the end of the world!
Nacho Vigalondo, Julian Villagran, Michelle Jenner, Carlos Areces, Raul Cimas
Drama Comedy Sci-Fi

Something From Nothing: The Art of Rap R

Ice-T travels coast to coast, visiting with the likes of Afrika Bambaata, Grandmaster Flash, Nas, Mos Def, Eminem, Chuck D, Run-DMC, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube and Snoop Dogg to trace the inspiration for an American art form, hip-hop.
Andy Baybutt, Ice-T
Documentary Music

Americano NR

A fictional narrative about coming to terms with unattended grief and uncomfortable pasts.
Salma Hayek, Chiara Mastroianni, Mathieu Demy, Geraldine Chaplin

The Tortured

No plot details have been announced.
Erika Christensen, Jonathan Zucker, Rob Lieberman, Mark Burg, Oren Koules, Carl Mazzocone, Marek Posival, Jesse Metcalfe
Thriller Suspense Horror
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The Love Guide NR

The film, which will incorporate elements of improv, centers on a yoga guru (Posey) from the city who brings her entourage to a chicken farm in the country and attempts to co-exist with the farmers there.
Michael Mailer, Galt Niederhoffer, David Pomes, Parker Posey, Christy Scott Cashman
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Kumaré NR

Kumare is a wise guru from the East who indoctrinated a group of followers in the West. Kumare, however, is not real--he is the alter ego of American filmmaker Vikram Gandhi, who impersonated a spiritual leader for the sake of a social experiment designed to challenge one of the most widely accepted taboos: that only a tiny "1%" can connect the rest of the world to a higher power. Concealing his true identity from everyone he meets, Kumare forges profound and spiritual connections with people from all walks of life. At the same time, in the absurdity of living as an entirely different person, Vikram, the filmmaker, is forced to confront difficult questions about his own identity. At the height of his popularity, Kumare unveils his true identity to a core group of disciples who are knee-deep in personal transformation.
Vikram Gandhi

Seeking a Friend for the End of the World R

A man searches for a meaningful connection amid the end times.
Mark Roybal, Steve Carell, Steve Golin, Keira Knightley, Joy Gorman, Steven Rales, Lorene Scafaria, William Petersen
Comedy Romance

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter R

Abraham Lincoln, the Great Emancipator, secretly battles with the undead as an ax-throwing, highly trained vampire assassin. Vampires are presented as the real conflict behind the Civil War.
Timur Bekmambetov, Seth Grahame-Smith, Benjamin Walker, Robin McLeavy, Tim Burton, Jim Lemley, Dominic Cooper, Anthony Mackie
Action Historical Horror Adaptation 3D Shot-In-3D

Brave PG

A rugged and mythic Scotland is the setting for Pixar's action-adventure "The Bear and the Bow." The impetuous, tangle-haired Merida, though a daughter of royalty, would prefer to make her mark as a great archer. A clash of wills with her mother compels Merida to make a reckless choice, which unleashes unintended peril on her father's kingdom and her mother's life. Merida struggles with the unpredictable forces of nature, magic and a dark, ancient curse to set things right. Director Brenda Chapman ("The Prince of Egypt," "The Lion King") and the storytelling wizards of Pixar conjure humor, fantasy and excitement in this rich Highland tale.
Robbie Coltrane, Emma Thompson, Brenda Chapman, Julie Walters, Craig Ferguson, Kevin McKidd, Mark Andrews, Katherine Sarafian
Action Adventure Family Kids Animation 3D

The Last Ride PG-13

Henry Thomas stars as country crooner Hank Williams, revolves around Williams' final days and the young man (Jesse James) hired to drive him from Alabama to a New Year's Eve concert in Canton, Ohio. Kaley Cuoco will play a gas-station owner the duo meet during their travels who has a brief, innocent romance with the driver.
Howard Klausner, Kaley Cuoco, Ray McKinnon, Harry Thomason, Dub Cornett, Henry Thomas, Jesse James, Stephen Tobolowsky
Drama Romance


When Julio wakes up in a strange apartment after a night of partying, he's pleasantly surprised to discover it belongs to a beautiful one-night-stand he can't remember--Julia. What's already an awkward situation is made even more so when they discover a giant flying saucer hovering above the city, which is now deserted. Now Julio must contend with a jealous ex-boyfriend, an eccentric neighbor--and very possibly the end of the world!
Nacho Vigalondo, Julian Villagran, Michelle Jenner, Carlos Areces, Raul Cimas
Drama Comedy Sci-Fi

Stella Days

Martin Sheen plays a priest whose love of movies inspires him to open a cinema in an Irish village to raise money for a new church, resulting in a passionate struggle between the priest, the church and the townsfolk.
Thaddeus O'Sullivan, Martin Sheen, Stephen Rea, Trystan Gravelle, Marcella Plunkett

The Invisible War NR

An investigative documentary about one of America's most shameful and best kept secrets: the epidemic of rape within the U.S. military. The film paints a startling picture of the extent of the problem--today, a female soldier in combat zones is more likely to be raped by a fellow soldier than killed by enemy fire. The Department of Defense estimates there were a staggering 19,000 violent sex crimes in the military in 2010. Twenty percent of all active-duty female soldiers are sexually assaulted.
Kirby Dick
Crime Documentary

To Rome With Love R

Set in Rome. No plot details have been announced.
Jesse Eisenberg, Alec Baldwin, Stephen Tenenbaum, Ellen Page, Penelope Cruz, Greta Gerwig, Judy Davis, Woody Allen
Drama Comedy

Beasts of the Southern Wild PG-13

Facing her father's fading health and the release of an army of prehistoric creatures called aurochs, six-year-old Hushpuppy leaves her home in search of her mother.
Benh Zeitlin, Quvenzhane Wallis

Magic Mike R

Magic Mike schools a young dancer in the tricks of the trade of stripping.
Matt Bomer, Riley Keough, Channing Tatum, Alex Pettyfer, Joe Manganiello, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Nick Wechsler, Matthew McConaughey
Comedy Dance

Tyler Perry's Madea's Witness Protection PG-13

A man who, after his investment company goes belly up due to embezzling, is put in witness protection with his family, which is forced to move from a wealthy Connecticut neighborhood to Madea’s home in the South.
Tyler Perry, Denise Richards, Romeo Miller, Tom Arnold, Paul Hall, Ozzie Areu, Eugene Levy, Doris Roberts

Ted R

A comedy about a man and his teddy bear that mixes live-action and computer animations.
Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis, Scott Stuber, Wellesley Wild, Adam Scott, Laura Vandervoort, Seth MacFarlane, John Jacobs
Comedy Live-Action/CGI

A Burning Hot Summer NR

A drama starring Monica Bellucci and Louis Garrel from French master Philippe Garrel, examines the once-happy marriage between brooding painter Frederic (Louis Garrel, the director's son) and his movie-star wife Angele (Bellucci) as it hits the rocks. When another young couple--actors Paul (Jerome Robart) and Elisabeth (Celine Sallette)--joins them on a Roman holiday, tensions and passions flare.
Philippe Garrel, Louis Garrel, Monica Bellucci, Celine Salette, Jerome Robart

Take This Waltz R

The story centers on a young woman who struggles with her infidelities and the budding realization that she may be addicted to the honeymoon period of her relationships.
Seth Rogen, Sarah Silverman, Sarah Polley, Susan Cavan, Michelle Williams, Luke Kirby

Neil Young Journeys PG

A documentary about the singer-songwriter through concert footage.
Jonathan Demme

Last Ride NR

In Last Ride, a desperate father takes his ten year old son, Chook, on the run after committing a violent crime. As the two journey into the desert and an unknown future, their troubled relationship and the need to survive sees them battling the elements and each other. Chook eventually takes control, and the choice he is forced to make has a devastating effect on both their lives.
John Brumpton, Glendyn Ivin, Hugo Weaving, Tom Russell, Anita Hegh

People Like Us PG-13

"Welcome to People" centers on a twentysomething man who, after the death of his father, must deliver $150,000 in cash to an alcoholic sister he didn’t know he had as well as her son, a 12-year-old with major anger management issues. The man doesn’t want to part with the money but still reaches out to them without telling them who he really is.
Alex Kurtzman, Chris Pine, Michelle Pfeiffer, Robert Orci, Elizabeth Banks, Olivia Wilde, Mark Duplass, Bobby Cohen
Drama Family

Unforgivable NR

Francis is a successful crime writer who moves to Venice to work on his next novel. When he meets model-turned-real-estate-agent Judith, he is instantly infatuated. Francis and Judith eventually marry and move to a remote house on Torcello Island, but Francis' newfound happiness hinders his writing. Obsessing over what Judith does while at work, he hires a young ex-convict to investigate. As Judith's sexual past is revealed both men become increasing fixated on the mysterious woman.
Andre Techine, Andre Dussollier, Carole Bouquet, Melanie Thierry, Adriana Asti

I Heart Shakey PG

Single father J.T. and his precocious daughter Chandler move from a small town to Chicago with their lovable family mutt Shakey. After missing the fine print in their rental contract, J.T. is forced to find Shakey a new home. Chandler hatches a plan to keep Shakey and teach J.T. a valuable lesson about loyalty and the importance of keeping family together.
Alfonso Arau, Kevin Cooper, Eric Stolze, Steve Guttenberg, Beverly D'Angelo, Steve Lemme, Philippe Brenninkmeyer, Michael Yurchak