Movies Released June 28, 2023

Wednesday, June 28

100 mins

Run Rabbit Run

A fertility doctor believes firmly in life and death, but after noticing the strange behavior of her young daughter, must challenge her own values and confront a ghost from her part.
Damon Herriman, Sarah Shaw, Sarah Snook, Daina Reid, Anna McLeish, Elisabeth Moss, Lindsey McManus, Hannah Kent
Thriller Horror

Eldorado: Everything the Nazis Hate

A glittery nightclub in 1920s Berlin becomes a haven for the queer community in this documentary exploring the freedoms lost amid Hitler’s rise to power.
Benjamin Cantu
Documentary LGBTQIA+


Reflecting upon “The Star-Spangled Banner,” “Anthem” follows acclaimed composer Kris Bowers (“Bridgerton,” “When They See Us,” “King Richard”) and GRAMMY®-winning music producer Dahi (Travis Scott, Kendrick Lamar, Drake) as they take a musical journey traveling across America to create a new sound, inspired by what our country’s national anthem might be if written in today’s time.
Peter Nicks

Rock Hudson: All That Heaven Allowed

One of Hollywoods most iconic leading men of the 1950s & '60s, Rock Hudson was the embodiment of romantic masculinity & heterosexuality until his diagnosis & death from AIDS in 1985. The documentary Rock Hudson: All That Heaven Allowed tells the story of a man living a double life – while his public persona was carefully manufactured by his handlers, orchestrated by the studio system, and reinforced by a marriage of convenience, Hudson had to keep his private life shrouded in secrecy since the revelation of who he really was would have ended his career given the anti-gay attitudes of the time. Hiding his true sexuality from the media and the fans who were eager to embrace such a paragon of male heterosexuality, Hudson enjoyed a private lifestyle at odds with his public image. Through the lens of colleagues, close friends and lovers, and with a wealth of well-chosen film clips, personal photographs and home videos, the film contextualizes Hudson’s cinematic contribution as one of the last great stars of the studio system and celebrates his enduring legacy as a screen icon who helped change the public perception of AIDS forever.
Stephen Kijak

Wednesday, June 28