June 2023 Movies

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Angels Fallen: Warriors of Peace

When an Iraq War veteran receives a calling from a higher power, he embarks on a mission to stop a fallen angel from raising an army of the dead to take over the world.
Denise Richards, Ali Zamani
Action Horror
Scope TBA
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A Beautiful Life

Elliott, a young fisherman with an extraordinary voice, gets the chance of a lifetime when he is discovered by the successful high-profile music manager, Suzanne. Suzanne soon pairs Elliott with her estranged daughter and music producer, Lily. On his way to becoming a star, struggles from the past threaten not only his big breakthrough, but also the budding love with Lily.
Christopher, Ardalan Esmaili, Mehdi Avaz, Inga Ibsdotter Lilleaas, Christine Albeck Børge
Drama Romance Music

Enter the Slipstream

With their superstar “Rigo” Urán coming back from a catastrophic injury, the U.S.A.’s oldest professional cycling team must come together as they face the sport’s biggest contest: the Tour de France.
Ted Youngs

The Boogeyman PG-13

A man tries to explain to his psychiatrist that the Boogeyman, a creature lurking in a closet, is real and has been killing his children.
Shawn Levy, Bryan Woods, Rob Savage, Mark Heyman, Dan Cohen, Dan Levine, Scott Beck, Marin Ireland
Horror Adaptation

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

A sequel to the animated Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.
Issa Rae, Hailee Steinfeld, Christopher Miller, Justin K. Thompson, Christina Steinberg, Kemp Powers, David Callaham, Joaquim Dos Santos
Adventure Sequel Superhero Animation

Sanctuary R

A dominatrix (Qualley) and her wealthy client (Abbott) engage in a battle of wills inside a luxury hotel suite after he tries to end their relationship. Over the course of one emotionally fraught night, the balance of power swings back and forth as each seeks to gain the upper hand. Is he hopelessly overmatched? Or is her wildly unpredictable behavior all part of an elaborate game?
Christopher Abbott, Zachary Wigon, Micah Bloomberg, Margaret Qualley
Drama Comedy Thriller Romance Dark Comedy

Simulant NR

Simulant follows Faye (Brewster), a widowed woman searching for comfort following the loss of her husband Evan (Amell) by using an android simulant, or SIM, created in his image. Although nearly identical to her husband, Faye can’t bring herself to love the android in the same way she loved her husband leaving SIM Evan’s love unrequited. Determined to win her heart, SIM Evan’s exceptional ability to think and feel triggers a manhunt led by government agent Kessler (Worthington) who oversees capturing conscious, and potentially dangerous, SIMs.
Sam Worthington, Alicia Sanz, Robbie Amell, Jordana Brewster, April Mullen, Ryan Christopher Churchill, Simu Liu
Thriller Sci-Fi

Padre Pio

It is the end of World War I and the young Italian soldiers are making their way back to San Giovanni Rotondo, a land of poverty, with a tradition of violence and submission to the iron-clad rule of the church and its wealthy landowners. Families are desperate, the men are broken, albeit victorious. Padre Pio also arrives, at a remote Capuchin monastery, to begin his ministry, evoking an aura of charisma, saintliness and epic visions of Jesus, Mary and the Devil himself. The eve of the first free elections in Italy sets the stage for a massacre with a metaphorical dimension: an apocalyptic event that changes the course of history.
Shia LaBeouf, Stella Mastrantonio, Abel Ferrara, Asia Argento, Brando Pacitto, Maurizio Braucci, Cristina Chiriac, Marco Leonardi
Drama Biography Faith

Mercy R

An ex-military doctor finds herself in a deadly battle for survival when the Irish mafia seize control of the hospital at which she works. When her son is taken hostage, she is forced to rely upon her battle-hardened past and lethal skills after realizing there’s no one left to save the day but her.
Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Tony Dean Smith, Leah Gibson, Jon Voight, Scott Karol, Charles Cooper, Steven Paul, Jason Bourque
Action Thriller
VOD / Digital
3 / 5
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Past Lives

Nora and Hae Sung, two deeply connected childhood friends, are wrest apart after Nora’s family emigrates from South Korea. Two decades later, they are reunited in New York for one fateful week as they confront notions of destiny, love, and the choices that make a life, in this heartrending modern romance.
Greta Lee, John Magaro, Celine Song, Teo Yoo, Jojo T. Gibbs
Drama Romance

Follow Her

Jess (Dani Barker) has finally found her hook: secretly filming creepy interactions she encounters via online job listings, and using the kinks of others to fuel her streaming success. For her next episode, she’s been hired by Tom (Luke Cook) to write the ending of a screenplay in a remote, lavish cabin. Once there, the alluring self-proclaimed screenwriter hands her a script in which the two of them are the main characters. This client isn’t what he seems, and even though the money’s great... the real payment here could cost her life. Follow Her is a psycho-sexual thriller which questions the ethical boundaries of social media.
Dani Barker, Mark Moses, Sylvia Caminer, Luke Cook, Eliana Jones, Cristala Carter, Brian Vincent

Nazi Hunters

Shortly after the end of the Second World War: In 1945 and 1946, the men of the British ‘War Crimes Investigation Unit’ drove through northern Germany on the hunt for Nazi criminals. One of them is Captain Anton Walter Freud, the grandson of Sigmund Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis. Anton Walter Freud fled to London with his family from the Nazis in 1938. Now an intelligence officer, he’s back to track down killers on Allied wanted lists: hitmen in pinstripes, brutal SS henchmen, and ruthless doctors who conducted medical experiments even on children.
Franz Hartwig, Robin Sondermann, Konstantin Lindhorst, Patrick Güldenberg
Drama Crime

Shooting Stars PG-13

Set in Akron, Ohio, LeBron James and his four high school basketball teammates become an Amateur Athletic Union powerhouse. The players face the challenge of handling the growing fame of James while keeping together as teammates who had formed a close bond.
LeBron James, Tony Rettenmaier, Maverick Carter, Juel Taylor, Algee Smith, Frank E. Flowers, Wood Harris, Avery S. Wills Jr.
Drama Sports True Story


To save his little brother from the hands of dangerous narcos of the Medellín cartel, Reda has a plan that is as simple as it is totally insane: put together a team and raid Colombia! But this crazy adventure is going to get completely out of control when he decides to kidnap the son of the cartel leader to exchange him for his brother's life.
Anouar Toubali, Raymond Cruz, Mike Tyson, Franck Gastambide, Brahim Bouhlel, Essined Aponte


An uplifting story of resilience set in the dance world, “Rise” tells the story of a young ballet dancer whose life is upended when she suffers a career threatening injury and catches her boyfriend cheating on her. As she begins her physical and emotional rehabilitation, she finds solace in friends, a new love, and a new contemporary dance troupe.
Cédric Klapisch, Hofesh Shechter, Pio Marmaï, François Civil, Marion Barbeau, Denis Podalydès, Muriel Robin, Souheila Yacoub
Drama Comedy Romance

Koko: A Red Dog Story

As in Red Dog, the soul of this film will be drawn out of the relationship between a community and a dog." An ordinary dog whose strange good fortune and innate ability to connect with people allow him to navigate his local community, the world of show dog competitions and eventually the film entertainment business, his rise to stardom and ultimate legacy of helping other dogs in shelters.
Jason Isaacs, Aaron McCann, Sarah Woods, Dominic Pearce, Toby Truslove, Felix Williamson

The Roundup: No Way Out

Seven years after the roundup in Vietnam, Ma Seok-do (Don Lee) joins a new squad to investigate a murder case. Soon, he finds out this case involves busting a synthetic drug and starts to dig deeper... Meanwhile, the guy behind it all—Joo Sung-chul (Lee Jun-hyuk)—doesn’t stop looking for trouble, and the Japanese drug distributors, Ricky (Munetaka Aoki) and his gang, come to Korea to join the chaos. Things are just about to get out of hand...
Sang-yong Lee, Don Lee, Lee Jun-hyuk, Munetaka Aoki
Action Adventure Thriller

Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets (docuseries)

Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets is a limited docuseries exposing the truth beneath the wholesome Americana surface of reality tv’s favorite mega-family, The Duggars, and the radical organization behind them: The Institute in Basic Life Principles. As details of the family and their scandals unfold, we realize they’re part of an insidious, much-larger threat already in motion, with democracy itself in peril.

Montréal Girls

Montréal Girls follows Ramy, a Middle Eastern poet who is off to Montréal to study medicine. There he meets his wild cousin Tamer who introduces him to the city's underground subcultures and thrilling nightlife. This world inspires Ramy’s innate desire to dedicate himself to poetry and hurls him into a tumultuous relationship with two young women who shatter his perceptions and reveal his destiny.
Jade Hassouné, Patricia Chica, Kamal John Iskander, Hakim Brahimi, Jasmina Parent, Sana Asad, Nahéma Ricci, Manuel Tadros
Drama Comedy Romance

Concerned Citizen

A dark comedy about gentrification in which a socially progressive man’s attempt to improve his Tel Aviv neighborhood goes unexpectedly awry. A satirical parable about the insidious ways in which privilege can unleash prejudice within.
Idan Haguel, Ariel Wolf, Shlomi Bertonov, Lena Fraifeld
Dark Comedy
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Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret PG-13

A big screen adaption of Judy Blume's novel of the same name.
Benny Safdie, Rachel McAdams, Julie Ansell, Richard Sakai, Elle Graham, Amy Brooks, Abby Ryder Fortson, Sloane Warren
Drama Adaptation Teen
VOD / Digital
3 / 5
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After a senior coworker assaults a bright-eyed young woman, her dream job becomes a living nightmare as she tries to keep her career together while being tormented at work, at home, and in her dreams by a mysterious tree monster.
Bennett Welsh, Tyler Buckingham, Leanna Adams, Ian Covell, DW Medoff, Ava Rose Kinard, Ashley Ames, Riley Madison Fuller

Hollywood Dreams & Nightmares: The Robert Englund Story NR

A classically trained actor and director, Robert Englund has become one of the most revolutionary horror icons of our generation. Throughout his career, Englund starred in many well-known movies, but shot to super-stardom with his portrayal of supernatural serial killer Freddy Krueger in the Nightmare On Elm Street franchise. This unique and intimate portrait captures the man behind the glove and features interviews with Englund and his wife Nancy, Lin Shaye, Eli Roth, Tony Todd, Heather Langenkamp and more.
Eli Roth, Tony Todd, Kane Hodder, Robert Englund, Gary Smart, Christopher Griffiths, Nancy Englund, Adam Green

Origami in the Garden

Kevin Box has always known exactly what he intends to do with his life. In his words, "I want to have a conversation with people now and hundreds of years into the future." The "ORIGAMI IN THE GARDEN FILM" is the origin story for Kevin and his wife Jennifer as they hone their craft of metal sculpture and develop powerful messages of peace…inspired from within their magical studio compound in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The film is also a Love Story and a beautiful spiritual transformation that begins during their relationship with a metal foundry in Thailand. Kevin has designed brilliant collaborations with Robert J. Lang, Beth Johnson and Michael LaFosse who are some of the most famous origami artists in the world! Their inspired and tireless journey will be appreciated by anyone who understands the tremendous leaps of faith that are necessary to become a successful entrepreneur and artist. Over 3 million people have visited their traveling exhibition titled "ORIGAMI IN THE GARDEN" and the word about Kevin and Jennifer Box is spreading fast. It’s truly amazing what Kevin can do starting with just a simple piece of paper!
Barbara Bentree
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Avatar: The Way of Water PG-13

A sequel to the 2009 blockbuster, the Avatar sequel will take place after the events of the first movie.
Cliff Curtis, Zoe Saldana, Kate Winslet, Jon Landau, Amanda Silver, Sam Worthington, Sigourney Weaver, Bailey Bass
Action Sequel Fantasy 3D Shot-In-3D
4 / 5
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My Fault

Their unstoppable attraction will be stronger than the fear of getting caught. Nick and Noah's forbidden love will be unforgettable.
Nicole Wallace, Ivan Massagué, Domingo González, Gabriel Guevara, Marta Hazas, Iván Sánchez, Eva Ruiz, Victor Varona

Based on a True Story (Series)

A series based on a bizarre true event about a realtor, a plumber and a former tennis star whose lives unexpectedly collide.
Jason Bateman, Kaley Cuoco, Craig Rosenberg, Chris Messina
Thriller Dark Comedy

Transformers: Rise of the Beasts PG-13

The 7th Transformers film. Plot details unknown.
Michael Bay, Joby Harold, Steven Spielberg, Don Murphy, Mark Vahradian, Michelle Yeoh, Ron Perlman, Peter Dinklage
Action Sequel Sci-Fi IMAX

The Secret Kingdom

Join siblings Peter and Verity on a magical journey to The Secret Kingdom! Hidden beneath their bedroom floor lies a land of enchantment, which must be protected from an ancient enemy - the evil Shroud. As they embark on their quest to unite five mystical treasures and save the Kingdom, Peter and Verity must face epic challenges that will test their bravery to the limit. Don’t miss this thrilling and unforgettable fantasy adventure fit for the whole family!
Matt Drummond, Sam Everingham, Alyla Browne, Alice Parkinson, Chris Gabardi, Darius Williams, Beth Champion
Adventure Family

97 Minutes

A hijacked 767 will crash in just 97 minutes when its fuel runs out. Against the strong will of NSA Deputy Toyin, NSA Director Hawkins (Alec Baldwin) prepares to have the plane shot down before it does any catastrophic damage on the ground, leaving the fate of the innocent passengers in the hands of Alex (Jonathan Rhys Meyers), an undercover Interpol agent who has been embedded in the terrorist cell.
Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Alec Baldwin, Jo Martin, Anjul Nigam, Peter Brooke, Slavko Sobin, Timo Vuorensola, MyAnna Buring
VOD / Digital
2 / 5
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Heroes of the Golden Mask

Charlie, a wise-cracking, homeless, American orphan is magically transported to the ancient Chinese kingdom of Sanxingdui, where a colorful team of superheroes need his help to defend the city from a brutal conqueror.
Natasha Liu Bordizzo, Ron Perlman, Patton Oswalt, Christopher Plummer, Kiefer O’Reilly, Zeus Mendoza, Rickie Wang, Sean Patrick O'Reilly
Family Animation

Mending the Line R

The drama about a young soldier returned from Afghanistan who befriends a Vietnam War veteran at the same medical facility who teaches him fly fishing as a way of dealing with physical and emotional trauma.
Perry Mattfeld, Stephen Camelio, Brian Cox, Sinqua Walls, Patricia Heaton, Joshua Caldwell, Wes Studi, Chris Galust


Americonned is a film about income inequality in the US and the tragic destabilizing effects to Americans. Radical inequality has led to radicalization at every level of society, and this powerful documentary depicts what happens when America hits its tipping point by looking back through our history at similar critical moments of instability. The labor movement of the past was born in times just like these. We must restore the path to the once great middle class that now suffers in silence. Despite increases in productivity in recent decades, compensation for the American worker has been stagnant. And now, 47% of American jobs are at high risk of being lost to automation and A.I. by the mid-2030s.
Sean Claffey

Devilreaux R

Devilreaux and his family were killed unjustly in the 1800s, calling on a forbidden Voodoo to avenge their murders. The movie takes place in the present day where an unwitting group of teenagers accidentally bring Devilreaux back to life to wreak vengeance again.
Tony Todd, Thomas J. Churchill, Sheri Davis, Jon Briddell
Thriller Suspense Horror

Flamin’ Hot PG-13

The immigrant to riches story of how Flamin' Hot Cheetos came to life. His initial idea sparks a billion-dollar brand and catapults him from janitor to elite corporate executive.
Dennis Haysbert, Brice Gonzalez, DeVon Franklin, Jesse Garcia, Pepe Serna, Mario Ponce, Eva Longoria, Lewis Colick
Drama True Story
5 / 5
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Shortly after World War I, veteran Raphaël (Raphaël Thiery) returns home from the frontlines to find himself a widower, and father to an infant daughter. Raised by her father in rural Normandy, the child Juliette (Juliette Jouan) grows into a lonely young woman who dreams of greater possibilities. She seeks refuge in the nearby woods, where she meets a witch who promises scarlet sails will one day take her away from her village. Reckoning with her future and swept away by a rakish young pilot (Louis Garrel) who literally falls from the sky, Juliette never stops believing in the witch’s prophecy. Tracing Juliette's life journey throughout the 20 years of great invention between the World Wars, Scarlet delicately weaves together music and fantasy, history and folklore, realist drama and ethereal romance, to craft a timeless story of a young woman’s emancipation.
Raphael Thiery, Juliette Jouan, Pietro Marcello, Louis Garrel

Dalíland NR

Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Mary Harron (I SHOT ANDY WARHOL, AMERICAN PSYCHO), DALÍLAND stars Ben Kingsley as the titular Salvador Dalí, one of the most world-renowned artists of the 20th century and focuses on the later years of the strange and fascinating marriage between Dalí and his wife, Gala (Barbara Sukowa), as their seemingly unshakable bond begins to stress and fracture. Set in New York and Spain in 1974, the film is told through the eyes of James (Christopher Briney), a young assistant keen to make his name in the art world, who helps the eccentric and mercurial Dalí prepare for a big gallery show.
Ezra Miller, Suki Waterhouse, Christopher Briney, Mary Harron, Ben Kingsley, Barbara Sukowa, Andreja Pejic

Unidentified Objects

Peter is a misanthropic dwarf hiding from the world in his shabby New York City apartment. But an unexpected visit from his upbeat – and possibly unhinged – neighbor Winona forces him out of his shell and onto an impromptu road trip. Their destination? What she believes to be the site of an upcoming alien visitation in the wilderness of rural Canada. On their increasingly-surreal odyssey, Peter and Winona will encounter bickering lesbian cosplayers, shroom-addled survivalists, and even extraterrestrial highway cops. But the further they go and the more their trauma comes to light, it becomes clear that the only thing more nerve-wracking than being abducted is being alone in the universe.
Sarah Hay, Roberta Colindrez, Juan Felipe Zuleta, Hamish Allan-Headley, Matthew August Jeffers, Tara Pacheco, Kerry Flanagan, John Ryan Benavides
Drama Comedy
VOD / Digital
5 / 5
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The Angry Black Girl & Her Monster

Vicaria (Laya DeLeon Hayes) is a brilliant teen who believes death is a disease that can be cured. After the brutal and sudden murder of her brother, she embarks on a dangerous journey to bring him back to life
Denzel Whitaker, Bomani J. Story, Laya DeLeon Hayes, Chad L. Coleman, Reilly Brooke Stith, Keith Holliday

The Wonder Weeks

In the comedy "The Wonder Weeks" we meet three couples. First we meet successful career-focused Anne (Sallie Harmsen), who discovers after her maternity leave that her life has changed a lot since having a baby and doesn’t make her relationship with her husband Barry (Soy Kroon) any easier. Seeking help she joins a Mama's club, a society for mothers founded by Kim (Katja Schuurman). Kim is married to Roos (Sarah Chronis) and together they raise two children with the help of their good friend Kaj (Louis Talpe). Ilse (Yolanthe Cabau) and her husband Sabri (Iliass Ojja) also have their challenges. They are struggling to figure out the best way to raise their child as they both come from different cultural backgrounds. This causes friction in their relationship, especially when Sabri's mother moves in to help out.
Appie Boudellah, Aram van de Rest, Sallie Harmsen, Yolanthe Cabau, Sarah Chronis, Louis Talpe, Katja Schuurman, Frederik Brom

Persian Lessons NR

Occupied France, 1942. Gilles (Nahuel Pérez Biscayart) is arrested by SS soldiers alongside other Jews and sent to a camp in Germany. En route to the camp, he narrowly avoids sudden execution by swearing to the guards that he is not Jewish, but Persian. This lie temporarily saves him, as one of the soldiers’ superior officers is “looking for a Persian,” and has promised additional rations to the soldier who delivers. Gilles is then assigned a literal life-or-death mission: to teach Farsi to Head of Camp Koch (Lars Eidinger), who dreams of opening a restaurant in Iran once the war is over. Through an ingenious trick, Gilles manages to survive by inventing words of “Farsi” every day and teaching them to Koch. The unusual relationship between the two men sparks jealousy in other prisoners and particularly the SS guards towards Gilles. Meanwhile Koch’s suspicions grow every day, and Gilles struggles with the unfairness of his privileges compared to his fellow prisoners, while fighting to maintain his secret and survive.
Jonas Nay, Vadim Perelman, Ilya Zofin, Nahuel Perez Biscayart, Lars Eidinger, Leonie Benesch
Drama Adaptation


Jina (Gong Seung-yeon) is the top employee at a call center, despite talking to customers all day, she has shut out the world beyond her headset. When training a friendly new hire, her icy armor is threatened forcing her to confront why she isolates herself.
Hong Seong-eun, Gong Seung-yeon, Jung Da-eun, Seo Hyun-woo, Park Jeong-hak, Kim Hannah

Blue Jean

In Blue Jean, it’s England, 1988, and Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative government is about to pass a law stigmatizing gays and lesbians, forcing Jean (McEwen), a gym teacher, to live a double life. As pressure mounts from all sides, the arrival of a new student catalyzes a crisis that will challenge Jean to her core.
Amy Booth-Steel, Georgia Oakley, Rosy McEwen, Kerrie Hayes, Lucy Halliday, Lydia Page, Stacy Abalogun

The Crowded Room (series)

The Crowded Room follows Danny Sullivan (Tom Holland), a man who is arrested following his involvement in a shooting in New York City in 1979. A captivating thriller told through a series of interviews with curious interrogator Rya Goodwin (Amanda Seyfried), Danny’s life story unfolds, revealing elements of the mysterious past that shaped him, and the twists and turns that will lead him to a life-altering revelation.
Sasha Lane, Amanda Seyfried, Tom Holland, Akiva Goldsman, Jason Isaacs, Christopher Abbott, Thomas Sadoski, Emmy Rossum
Drama Crime


Users begins with a mother’s question–will my children love the perfect machines more than they love me, their imperfect mother? She pushes the button and a smart crib lulls her crying baby to sleep, flawlessly every time. This question guides her inquiry into the intimate relationship we have with technology that is increasingly driving all aspects of our society. We explore the unintended and often dehumanizing consequences of our society's embedded belief that technological progress will lead to the betterment of humanity. Is technological progress inevitable? Are we all increasingly isolated? Do we really have agency to direct its course? Is technology an expression of our humanity or is technology destroying our humanity? The film will be a critical and intimate meditation on these questions.
Natalia Almada

Brooklyn 45

Friday, December 27, 1945. Five military veterans gather in the ornate parlour of a Brooklyn brownstone. Best friends since childhood, they’ve reunited to support their troubled host–but when his invitation for cocktails turns into an impromptu séance, the metaphoric ghosts of their past become all too literal… Trapped in their host's lounge, the Greatest Generation now finds themselves put to one final test, with their only route to freedom being more bloodshed.
Ted Geoghegan, Ezra Buzzington, Anne Ramsay, Ron E. Rains, Jeremy Holm, Larry Fessenden, Kristina Klebe
Thriller Horror

Bone Cold

An experienced Black Ops sniper (Stoddard) attempts a nightmarish escape after a failed mission, tracked by enemy soldiers hellbent on revenge, and also hunted by something sinister and monstrous, hungry and determined.
Jonathan Stoddard, Trinity Bliss, Danielle Poblarp, Billy Hanson, Matt Munroe, Jennifer Khoe, Shaan Sharma, Elise Greene
Action Thriller
VOD / Digital
3 / 5
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Moon Students

Lita is a Latinx immigrant living in a part of East Los Angeles where the expectations are low, people are stereotyped, and divisions run deep. After her boyfriend Antonio gets into an unseen altercation with their community college history professor, Mr. Ethan Cole, Antonio is suspended, leaving Lita confused over what truly happened. Cue Coronavirus. Campus is closed. Classes are held remotely. The world is turned upside-down. Friends become dangerously ill. Cole loses faith in himself. Antonio becomes self-destructive. The mystery of what happened between Cole and Antonio starts to haunt Lita, and she confronts him over his own misdeeds. The three then face each other one last time. When they do, they are changed forever as they discover what it means to voice their truths and become Moon Students.
Eddie Navarro, Cedrick Terrell, Daniel Holland, Sydney Carvill, Nicholas Thurkettle, Nicholas Heard, B.A. Tobin, Rachanee Lamayno


Americonned is a film about income inequality in the US and the tragic destabilizing effects to Americans. Radical inequality has led to radicalization at every level of society, and this powerful documentary depicts what happens when America hits its tipping point by looking back through our history at similar critical moments of instability. The labor movement of the past was born in times just like these. We must restore the path to the once great middle class that now suffers in silence. Despite increases in productivity in recent decades, compensation for the American worker has been stagnant. And now, 47% of American jobs are at high risk of being lost to automation and A.I. by the mid-2030s.
Sean Claffey
VOD / Digital
5 / 5
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Crescent Gang

Seven foster kids are heartbroken when they learn that their group home has been sold and they are to be separated. A successful family attorney assigned to them, having grown up in the foster system herself, questions whether she is using her skills and talent for the right reasons. When their paths are brought together, they find that there is always help and hope for those daring enough to seek it.
Mariah Tavares, Kira Marie, Valeria Camero, Zenja Dunn
VOD / Digital
5 / 5
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Our Planet II (Series)

Unlock the mysteries of billions of animals on the move across Earth in this nature documentary series about our planet's great migrations.
David Attenborough

Jagged Mind

A woman plagued by blackouts and strange visions that lead her to discover she’s stuck in a series of time loops, possibly related to her mysterious new girlfriend.
Kelley Kali, Maisie Richardson-Sellers, Shannon Woodward
Thriller Horror LGBTQIA+

The Flash PG-13

An aspiring athlete is exposed to heavy water fumes which gives him the ability to move at incredible speeds.
Ezra Miller, Ben Affleck, Michael Keaton, Zack Snyder, Maribel Verdú, Ron Livingston, Ray Fisher, Deborah Snyder
Drama Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-Fi IMAX

Elemental PG

Follows an unlikely pair, Ember and Wade, in a city where fire, water, land and air residents live together.
Catherine O'Hara, Leah Lewis, Mamoudou Athie, Peter Sohn, Matthew Yang King, Denise Ream, Shila Ommi, Ronnie del Carmen
Family Animation

The Blackening R

Seven black friends go away for the weekend only to find themselves trapped in a cabin with a killer who has a vendetta. Will their street smarts and knowledge of horror movies help them stay alive?
Tim Story, Antoinette Robertson, E. Brian Dobbins, Tracy Oliver, Sinqua Walls, Jermaine Fowler, Yvonne Orji, Sharla Sumpter Bridgett
Comedy Horror

Asteroid City PG-13

Plot details haven't been revealed.
Scarlett Johansson, Bryan Cranston, Bill Murray, Tom Hanks, Rupert Friend, Jason Schwartzman, Tilda Swinton, Liev Schreiber
Drama Comedy

Maggie Moore(s) R

When two women with the same name are murdered days apart, small-town police chief Jordan Sanders (Hamm) finds himself wading through an unlikely collection of cheating husbands, lonely hearts, nosy neighbors and contract killers in an effort to put the pieces of the case, and his life, together.
Tina Fey, Mary Holland, John Slattery, Jon Hamm, Micah Stock, Nick Mohammed, Happy Anderson
Thriller Crime

Extraction 2

In 2020, the world met a new hero: Tyler Rake (Chris Hemsworth), a fearless black market mercenary who embarks on the deadliest mission of his career. But what seems lost ...can still be extracted.
Chris Hemsworth, Anthony Russo, Christopher Markus, Stephen McFeely, Joe Russo, Golshifteh Farahani, Daniel Bernhardt, Benjamin Grayson
Action Sequel

Blue Jean

In Blue Jean, it’s England, 1988, and Margaret Thatcher’s Conservative government is about to pass a law stigmatizing gays and lesbians, forcing Jean (McEwen), a gym teacher, to live a double life. As pressure mounts from all sides, the arrival of a new student catalyzes a crisis that will challenge Jean to her core.
Amy Booth-Steel, Georgia Oakley, Rosy McEwen, Kerrie Hayes, Lucy Halliday, Lydia Page, Stacy Abalogun

Pretty Red Dress

Travis (Natey Jones) has just been released from prison and it quickly becomes apparent that everything has changed while he's been gone. His girlfriend Candice is on the up, auditioning to star in a musical; teenage daughter Kenisha is struggling in school and her relationship with her mum is tense. When Travis buys Candice her dream dress for an audition, rather than smoothing over the family's problems, it ends up creating even more… As secrets and desires left unsaid threaten to spill out, Travis is forced to re-examine who he is and how he wants to be perceived in the world.
Dionne Edwards, Natey Jones, Temilola Olatunbosun, Alexandra Burke

Midday Black Midnight Blue

Isolated in an empty house, Ian remains in grief over the loss of a woman he loved who died two decades ago. The memory clamoring to be released, and his daily existence turning ever darker, Ian will have to find a way to let her go.
Samantha Soule, Daniel Talbott, Lovell Holder, Addie Johnson Talbott, Chris Stack, Merritt Wever, Will Pullen
VOD / Digital
4 / 5
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Stan Lee

Director David Gelb weaves this footage together to tell the story of Lee’s life, both successes and pitfalls alike. Voice recordings are accompanied by archived interview clips, newsreels, and even clay models that immerse fans in his incredible yet complicated mind. Some of the writer’s closest colleagues, like Flo Steinberg, also provide their voices to this engaging film, which offers an intimate look at arguably the most influential comic publisher of all time.
David Gelb

Black Lotus

An ex-special forces operative (Rico Verhoeven) wages a one-man war through the streets of Amsterdam to rescue his friend's daughter taken by the local crime syndicate. Between the explosions, flying bullets and crashing cars, Donner has only one goal: to rescue the kidnapped daughter of his dead friend.
Frank Grillo, Peter Franzen, Pippi Casey, Rico Verhoeven, Todor Chapkanov, Marie Dompnier
VOD / Digital
1 / 5
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I Am T-Rex

After a power-hungry dinosaur from outside the valley attacks the king of dinosaurs by surprise, a young T-Rex escapes and begins to train, vowing never to return until he is the biggest and bravest in all the land—and finally strong enough to challenge the evil Fang and restore peace to Green Valley.
Cai Shangming, Chen Silin, Yi Nuo, Lin Lang, Wen Chi Yu, Zhao Fu Gang, Li Xin
Family Animation

Surrounded R

Set in the Old West, a young man holds a notorious outlaw captive as his gang closes in to take him back.
Jamie Bell, Anthony Mandler, Patrick Aiello, Jack Selby, Jason Michael Berman, Andrew Pagana, Jeffrey Donovan, Brett Gelman
Action Thriller Western
VOD / Digital
5 / 5
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Coyote is a story of forbidden love in a dystopian future where teleportation technology enables two refugees to escape genocide. When they trust the wrong back-alley teleporter, Ekaterina (Therica Wilson-Read) and Anya (Borislava Stratieva) are separated. In a desperate attempt to be reunited, our heroines are entwined in an insidious human trafficking ring involving corrupt politicians.
Therica Wilson-Read, Dustin Curtis Murphy, Borislava Stratieva, Tian Chaudry, Ruhtxjiaih Bellenea, Ailish Symons, Beruce Khan, Richard Glover

South Beach Shark Club

In 1970s Miami Beach, a group of teenage outcasts bond together on a rocky sport fishing pier, one-upping each other for bragging rights to the biggest shark catch of all time. The epic endless summers of surfing and skating ultimately remind us that sport and craft can be the cornerstones to teaching life lessons bigger than just fishing. A film about lost legends, a band of brothers, and the greatest fish stories told on screen since Jaws, with a galvanizing blend of jaw-dropping archival footage and interviews with original club members who recall stories ranging from uproarious to riveting.
Rene De Dios, James “JD Hammer” Fuqua, Shannon Bustamante, William Fundora, Albert Poledri, Jorge Ramos, Kevin Pagan
VOD / Digital
5 / 5
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Secret Invasion (series)

In Secret Invasion, set in the present-day MCU, Fury learns of a clandestine invasion of Earth by a faction of shapeshifting Skrulls. Fury joins his allies, including Everett Ross, Maria Hill, and the Skrull Talos, who has made a life for himself on Earth. Together they race against time to thwart an imminent Skrull invasion and save humanity.
Samuel L. Jackson, Olivia Colman, Kingsley Ben-Adir, Ben Mendelsohn, Kyle Bradstreet, Emilia Clarke, Martin Freeman, Killian Scott
Action Adventure

Mad Heidi NR

In a dystopian Switzerland that has fallen under the fascist rule of an evil cheese tyrant (Casper Van Dien), Heidi (Alice Lucy) lives a pure and simple life in the Swiss Alps. Grandfather Alpöhi (David Schofield) does his best to protect Heidi, but her desire for freedom soon lands her in trouble with the dictator’s henchmen. When pushed too far the innocent Heidi transforms into a kick-ass warrior who sets out to liberate her country from the heinous cheese fascists.
Sandro Klopfstein, Johannes Hartmann, Casper Van Dien, Gregory D. Widmer, Alice Lucy, Max Rüdlinger, David Schofield, Kel Matsena
Action Adventure Comedy

No Hard Feelings R

On the brink of losing her childhood home, Maddie (Lawrence) discovers an intriguing job listing: wealthy helicopter parents looking for someone to “date” their introverted 19-year-old son, Percy, before he leaves for college. To her surprise, Maddie soon discovers the awkward Percy is no sure thing.
Matthew Broderick, Jennifer Lawrence, Natalie Morales, Laura Benanti, Kyle Mooney, Gene Stupnitsky, John Phillips, Andrew Barth Feldman

Asteroid City PG-13

Plot details haven't been revealed.
Scarlett Johansson, Bryan Cranston, Bill Murray, Tom Hanks, Rupert Friend, Jason Schwartzman, Tilda Swinton, Liev Schreiber
Drama Comedy

God is a Bullet

Vice detective Bob Hightower finds his ex-wife murdered and daughter kidnapped by a cult. Frustrated by the botched official investigations, he quits the force and infiltrates the cult to hunt down the leader with the help of the cult’s only female victim escapee, Case Hardin.
Nick Cassavetes, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Maika Monroe, January Jones, Daniel Bobker, Bradley Bell, Ehren Kruger, Jamie Foxx

Through My Window: Across the Sea

Based on the second chapter of the hit young adult romance novel by Ariana Godoy.
Andrea Chaparro, Carla Tous, Marcal Fores, Clara Galle, Julio Peña, Hugo Arbues, Eric Masip, Natalia Azahara
Drama Comedy Romance

Make Me Believe

A pair of meddling grannies dupe their grown-up grandchildren into a meet-cute that rekindles a childhood crush — and past quibbles.
Ayça Ayşin Turan, Ekin Koç, Zerrin Sümer

Revoir Paris

A gunman opens fire on a Parisian bistro. Mia (Virginie Efira) survives with no memory of the attack. Determined to remember what happened that night, Mia finds herself repeatedly returning to the bistro where the shooting happened. In the process she forms bonds with fellow survivors, reliving the worst night of her life through the eyes of the only other people who could possibly understand.
Virginie Efira, Alice Winocour, Benoît Magimel, Amadou Mbow

Unwelcome R

A couple escapes their urban nightmare to the tranquility of rural Ireland only to hear stories of mysterious beings who live in the gnarled, ancient wood at the foot of their new garden. As warned by their new neighbors, in Irish lore the Redcaps will come when called to help souls in dire need of rescue, but it’s crucial to remember that there is always a dear price to pay for their aid.
Jon Wright, Hannah John-Kamen, Douglas Booth, Jamie-Lee O'Donnell, Colm Meaney, Niamh Cusack, Kristian Nairn

Love Gets a Room

Set in the heart of 1942 Warsaw, where Jews & refugees from across Poland were imprisoned in a ghetto and cut off from the outside world by a towering wall, Love Gets a Room follows Stefcia (Clara Rugaard) and her fellow Jewish theatre actors as they fight to keep their passion for performing alive. As life in the Nazi-occupied ghetto became a fierce fight against the cold, hunger, and epidemics, the actors, against all odds, embark on a daring mission to stage Jerzy Jurandot's play, risking their lives to create something beautiful in a world of chaos & destruction.
Henry Goodman, Rodrigo Cortés, Clara Rugaard, Ferdia Walsh-Peelo, Mark Ryder, Anastasia Hille, Magnus Krepper
War Historical Romance Musical


Set in a world of high fashion and modeling, the story centers on a 12-year-old girl who travels through a magic portal and gets her wish to grow up.
Vlad Marsavin, Megan Dodds, Rita Ora, William Brookfield, Nell Tiger Free, Sebastian Croft, Kiera Milward, Vincent Spano
Drama Fantasy

Sheroes R

Four girlfriends as they set out for an adventure in Thailand. Their paradise is quickly turned upside down when they find themselves in the crosshairs of the local cartel.
Jordan Gertner, Matthew Helderman, Sasha Luss, Wallis Day, Isabelle Fuhrman, Jack Kesy, Skai Jackson, David Unger
Action Thriller

The Last Rider PG-13

The heroic true story of American cyclist Greg LeMond, considered to be one of the greatest cyclists of all time, who defied the odds for one of the most triumphant comeback stories in sporting history. The first, and only, American to win the Tour de France, LeMond came back from the brink of death to beat his famed rivals in the historic and nail-biting race at the 1989 Tour de France.
Kathy LeMond, Alex Holmes, Perico Delgado, Laurent Fignon, Cyrille Guimard, Greg LeMond

King of Clones

From groundbreaking human cloning research to a scandalous downfall, this documentary tells the captivating story of Korea’s most notorious scientist.
Aditya Thayi

The Perfect Find

A woman starting a new career finds out her new boss is her frenemy.
Stuart Ford, Glendon Palmer, Gabrielle Union, Aisha Hinds, Linda McDonough, Numa Perrier, Jeff Morrone, Codie Elaine Oliver
Comedy Romance Adaptation Based on Book

The Angry Black Girl & Her Monster

Vicaria (Laya DeLeon Hayes) is a brilliant teen who believes death is a disease that can be cured. After the brutal and sudden murder of her brother, she embarks on a dangerous journey to bring him back to life
Denzel Whitaker, Bomani J. Story, Laya DeLeon Hayes, Chad L. Coleman, Reilly Brooke Stith, Keith Holliday

World's Best PG

A young math kid vows to become the world’s best MC.
Roshan Sethi, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Punam Patel, Manny Magnus
Family Music

The Country Club

College applications are approaching. Worried about their father being laid off, two resourceful teenage girls hatch a plan to win a junior golf tournament prize at a prestigious Hamptons country club. But once they encounter the quirky, wealthy patrons at the club, they are thrust on an adventure of mistaken identity, love, and finding friendship in the most unlikely of people.
James Urbaniak, Alexis G. Zall, Fiona Robert, Elaine Hendrix, John Higgins, Steve Higgins

Kings Of L.A. R

A young man reaches a critical point in his life as he struggles to navigate the changing gentrification of his neighborhood. Pressured by gangs, the temptations of easy money and the culture shifts around him in South Central he tries to figure out how to survive when everyone wants a piece of him and his neighborhood.
Paula Jai Parker, Michael Paré, Stevie J., Darris Love, Van Elder, Alimi Ballard, Janelle Marie Rodriguez, G. Perico
Action Adventure


Trauma cleaners clean spaces that no one else will touch – hoarder sites, meth-labs, murder scenes, deaths and suicides. They clean the homes of some of society’s most vulnerable people – the neglected, the lonely, the addicted, and the mentally unwell. When illness forces her away from her beloved trauma cleaning business, Sandra Pankhurst faces up to her traumatic past and begins a search for her birth mother. Meanwhile, her workers approach this difficult work with camaraderie and humor, bringing hope to their clients despite carrying trauma of their own. Clean shows us that life is more fragile than we might think, but there is hope and reassurance in human connection.
Lachlan McLeod, Sandra Pankhurst

Desperate Souls, Dark City And The Legend Of Midnight Cowboy

A half century after its release, Midnight Cowboy remains one of the most original and groundbreaking movies of the modern era. With beguiling performances from Jon Voight and Dustin Hoffman as two loners who join forces out of desperation, blacklist survivor Waldo Salt's brilliant screenplay, and John Schlesinger's fearless direction, the 1969 film became the only X- rated film to ever win the Academy Award for Best Picture. Its vivid and compassionate depiction of a more realistic, unsanitized New York City and its inhabitants paved the way for a generation’s worth of gritty movies with complex characters and adult themes. But this is not a documentary about the making of Midnight Cowboy: it is about the deeply gifted and flawed people behind a dark and difficult masterpiece; New York City in a troubled time of cultural ferment; and the era that made a movie and the movie that made an era. Featuring extensive archival material and compelling new interviews, director Nancy Buirski illuminates how one film captured the essence of a time and a place, reflecting a rapidly changing society with striking clarity.
Nancy Buirski

iNumber Number: Jozi Gold

When an undercover cop is tasked with investigating a historic gold heist in Johannesburg, he’s forced to choose between his conscience and the law.
Presley Chweneyagae, S'dumo Mtshali, Brenda Ngxoli


Following a mental breakdown, social anxiety and OCD-riddled Nora (Sara Friedman) returns to Maine to live with her emotionally distant parents (Sarah Clarke and Xander Berkeley). While she undergoes court-ordered psychiatric treatment, Nora’s world is further upended when she is assigned to volunteer at a local state park. Her awkward assignment actually shows promise when her anxiety subsides in the company of her new supervisor Dusty (Dave Register), who is dealing with crippling issues of his own. Maybe Nora and Dusty can help each other overcome the obstacles their socially complicated world presents to them.
Sarah Clarke, Mike Mitchell, Xander Berkeley, Sara Friedman, Dave Register, Moira Driscoll, Dipti Mehta
Comedy Romance

Here. Is. Better.

The documentary film Here. Is. Better. follows four of these Veterans, each with diverse backgrounds and service experience, as they undergo the most clinically effective, evidence-based trauma psychotherapies for PTSD.
Jack Youngelson

I'll Show You Mine

An author who has made a career by examining her own trauma sits down to interview her beguiling pansexual nephew Nick, whose liberated approach to libido, gender, and personal boundaries both captivates and unsettles her. As the wine flows and the past unfurls, Priya and Nick find themselves in an increasingly tangled web of intrigue and morality. Over the course of a weekend, the two engage in a game of conversational cat and mouse, each challenging the other to confront and reveal their most buried secrets. With dynamic performances from Poorna Jagannathan and Casey Thomas Brown and animated interludes by Neely Goniodsky, I’LL SHOW YOU MINE is a wildly engrossing and surprising two-hander.
Megan Griffiths, Poorna Jagannathan, Casey Thomas Brown

Rise PG

The true life story of NBA star Giannis Antetokounmpo and his family.
Yetide Badaki, Dayo Okeniyi, Manish Dayal, Taylor Nichols, Bernie Goldmann, Arash Amel, Uche Agada, Ral Agada
Drama Biography Sports

R.A.D.A.R.: The Bionic Dog

In this hilarious family adventure, Gabe and Kylie hunt for lost pirate treasure, hoping to bring tourists to their sleepy Florida town — and save Gabe’s mom’s diner. When they find a precious sapphire, they’re helped by R.A.D.A.R., a clever dog who’s actually a robot! But the mad scientist who invented the treasure-hunting dog wants to steal him back—along with the town’s famous sapphire! Can Gabe and Kylie protect the dog, guard the jewel, and save the town?
Scott Vandiver, Dean Cain, Ezra Lerario, Paul Wilson

The Gates

A serial killer has been sentenced to death by electric chair in London in the 1890s, but in his final hours, he puts a curse on the prison he is in, and all of those in it.
John Rhys-Davies, Michael Yare, Peter Coonan, Stephen Hall, Richard Brake, Elena Delia, David Pearse
Thriller Horror
VOD / Digital
5 / 5
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When two people are brought together from completely different walks of life, it can make for awkward circumstances, especially when they both have their secrets. Sacha (André), an introverted French ex-chef, moves to London to begin his new life as a food critic. Moving into a rented room in a house belonging to Dan (Masheter), a well-respected London stockbroker, they are forced into an unlikely friendship. As time goes on, Dan attempts to hide his aspirations of becoming a burlesque dancer from those who perceive him as an alpha male. Despite their differences, can Sacha & Dan become pillars of support in each other's lives?
Hugo Andre, Will Masheter, Kent Goldfinch, Zak Watson Smith, Adam Starkey, Lloyd Mundell
Drama Comedy

Barbie Nation: An Unauthorized Tour

Before Greta Gerwig’s BARBIE, there was Susan Stern’s BARBIE NATION - a gritty, inside look into the evolution of the cultural phenomenon. From Barbie beauty contests, to Barbie crucifixions, and even a report on the consumption of Barbie heads for sexual gratification, BARBIE NATION explores the peculiar ways in which people have embraced Barbie throughout history.
Susan Stern

Rock Hudson: All That Heaven Allowed

One of Hollywoods most iconic leading men of the 1950s & '60s, Rock Hudson was the embodiment of romantic masculinity & heterosexuality until his diagnosis & death from AIDS in 1985. The documentary Rock Hudson: All That Heaven Allowed tells the story of a man living a double life – while his public persona was carefully manufactured by his handlers, orchestrated by the studio system, and reinforced by a marriage of convenience, Hudson had to keep his private life shrouded in secrecy since the revelation of who he really was would have ended his career given the anti-gay attitudes of the time. Hiding his true sexuality from the media and the fans who were eager to embrace such a paragon of male heterosexuality, Hudson enjoyed a private lifestyle at odds with his public image. Through the lens of colleagues, close friends and lovers, and with a wealth of well-chosen film clips, personal photographs and home videos, the film contextualizes Hudson’s cinematic contribution as one of the last great stars of the studio system and celebrates his enduring legacy as a screen icon who helped change the public perception of AIDS forever.
Stephen Kijak

Eldorado: Everything the Nazis Hate

A glittery nightclub in 1920s Berlin becomes a haven for the queer community in this documentary exploring the freedoms lost amid Hitler’s rise to power.
Benjamin Cantu
Documentary LGBTQIA+

Run Rabbit Run

A fertility doctor believes firmly in life and death, but after noticing the strange behavior of her young daughter, must challenge her own values and confront a ghost from her part.
Daina Reid, Sarah Shaw, Elisabeth Moss, Sarah Snook, Damon Herriman, Anna McLeish, Lindsey McManus, Hannah Kent
Thriller Horror


Reflecting upon “The Star-Spangled Banner,” “Anthem” follows acclaimed composer Kris Bowers (“Bridgerton,” “When They See Us,” “King Richard”) and GRAMMY®-winning music producer Dahi (Travis Scott, Kendrick Lamar, Drake) as they take a musical journey traveling across America to create a new sound, inspired by what our country’s national anthem might be if written in today’s time.
Peter Nicks

Susie Searches

How far will a podcaster go to capture her audience? Susie (Clemons), an awkward college student with a failing true-crime podcast, seizes the opportunity to boost her campus and online popularity by solving the mysterious disappearance of Jesse (Wolff), a campus heart-throb. With her star on the rise, events take a dark turn as Susie digs out the truth and soon finds herself in over her head.
Ken Marino, Sophie Kargman, Jim Gaffigan, Rachel Sennott, Kiersey Clemons, Alex Wolff
Drama Thriller

Give Me an A

17 films. 17 female filmmakers. One Supreme Court ruling. A countless number of women. From satire to horror to science fiction, GIVE ME AN A is an urgent & passionate response from a group of women committed to protecting or securing their right to privacy, bodily autonomy, & healthcare. These films are a unified voice that tells the world how they feel about the overturning of Roe V Wade.
Sean Gunn, Alyssa Milano, Jason George, Jennifer Holland, Gina Torres, Virginia Madsen, Milana Vayntrubi, Molly C. Quinn
Horror Sci-Fi Dark Comedy
VOD / Digital
3 / 5
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Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken PG

Sweet, awkward 16-year-old Ruby Gillman (Lana Condor) is desperate to fit in at Oceanside High, but she mostly just feels invisible. She's math-tutoring her skater-boy crush (Jaboukie Young-White), who only seems to admire her for her fractals, and she's prevented from hanging out with the cool kids at the beach because her over-protective supermom (Toni Collette), has forbade Ruby from ever getting in the water. But when she breaks her mom's #1 rule, Ruby will discover that she is a direct descendant of the warrior Kraken queens and is destined to inherit the throne from her commanding grandmother (Jane Fonda), the Warrior Queen of the Seven Seas. The Kraken are sworn to protect the oceans of the world against the vain, power-hungry mermaids who have been battling with the Kraken for eons. There's one major, and immediate, problem with that: The school's beautiful, popular new girl, Chelsea (Annie Murphy) happens to be a mermaid. Ruby will ultimately need to embrace who she is and go big to protect those she loves…
Jaboukie Young-White, Will Forte, Colman Domingo, Toni Collette, Mike Mitchell, Kirk DeMicco, Faryn Pearl, Kelly Cooney Cilella
Adventure Comedy Family Animation

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny PG-13

A fifth Indiana Jones movie. No plot details have been announced.
Harrison Ford, Steven Spielberg, Mads Mikkelsen, Antonio Banderas, James Mangold, Kathleen Kennedy, Simon Emanuel, David Koepp
Action Adventure Sequel IMAX

Warhorse One R

After a SEAL team helicopter is downed during a rescue mission in Afghanistan, the lone surviving operator must evade hostile insurgents and navigate rough terrain to guide the one living civilian—a traumatized child—to safety.
Raj Kala, Johnny Strong, William Kaufman, Athena Durner, James Sherrill, Siya Rostami
Drama Action War

Book Club: The Next Chapter PG-13

The four best friends take their book club to Italy for the fun girls trip they never had. When things go off the rails and secrets are revealed, their relaxing vacation turns into a once-in-a-lifetime cross-country adventure.
Mary Steenburgen, Don Johnson, Trish Hofmann, Brad Weston, Bill Holderman, Diane Keaton, Candice Bergen, Giancarlo Giannini
Drama Comedy Sequel

The Unseen

In the horror film, a law student (RJ Mitte) finds himself losing his mind in a twisted web of murder and deceit brought on by a dark force from his past—an unstoppable supernatural fury hell-bent on achieving its horrific goal.
Sue Cremin, Candice Rose, Vincent Shade, Christian Stolte, William Mark McCullough, Jennifer A. Goodman, Kimberly Michelle Vaughn, RJ Mitte
Thriller Horror

Confidential Informant R

A detective dying of cancer makes a deal with an informant to get killed in the line of duty so that his family will be taken care of with bureau benefits.
Mel Gibson, Dominic Purcell, Kate Bosworth, Nick Stahl, Michael Kaycheck, Michael Oblowitz, Brooke Nasser
Action Thriller True Story

Prisoner's Daughter R

A tough but proud ex-con struggles to find a way to reconnect with his only daughter and grandson; once he begins an attempt at reconciliation, his violent past once again catches up to him.
Kate Beckinsale, Ernie Hudson, Catherine Hardwicke, Jai Khanna, Mark Bacci, Brian Cox, Tyson Ritter, Marina Grasic
Drama Crime

Love Gets a Room

Set in the heart of 1942 Warsaw, where Jews & refugees from across Poland were imprisoned in a ghetto and cut off from the outside world by a towering wall, Love Gets a Room follows Stefcia (Clara Rugaard) and her fellow Jewish theatre actors as they fight to keep their passion for performing alive. As life in the Nazi-occupied ghetto became a fierce fight against the cold, hunger, and epidemics, the actors, against all odds, embark on a daring mission to stage Jerzy Jurandot's play, risking their lives to create something beautiful in a world of chaos & destruction.
Henry Goodman, Rodrigo Cortés, Clara Rugaard, Ferdia Walsh-Peelo, Mark Ryder, Anastasia Hille, Magnus Krepper
War Historical Romance Musical

Every Body R

A revelatory investigation of the lives of intersex people. The film tells the stories of three individuals who have moved from childhoods marked by shame, secrecy, and non-consensual surgeries to thriving adulthoods after each decided to set aside medical advice to keep their bodies a secret and instead came out as their authentic selves.
River Gallo, Molly O'Brien, Julie Cohen, Tommy Nguyen, Alicia Roth Weigel, Sean Saifa Wall, Elizabeth Fischer, Liz Cole

Nimona PG

A young shape-shifter named Nimona teams up with a mad scientist named Lord Ballister Blackheart to expose the ruler of the kingdom.
Chloë Grace Moretz, Riz Ahmed, Beck Bennett, Frances Conroy, RuPaul Charles, Indya Moore, Nick Bruno, Roy Lee
Adventure Animation

The Childe

In a desperate attempt to secure funds for his mother’s surgery, an amateur boxer searches for the wealthy estranged father he’s never met. But after a lead takes him from the Philippines to Korea, he is relentlessly pursued by a quirky yet highly dangerous man. As additional entities join in his pursuit and cause chaos, he will be forced to confront a shocking truth that may cost him his life.
Park Hoon-jung, Kim Seon-Ho, Kang Tae-Ju, Kim Kang-Woo
Action Thriller

In the Company of Rose

Tony-winning playwright and director James Lapine (Into the Woods, Sunday in the Park with George) befriends Rose Styron, the widow of the great American novelist William Styron (Sophie’s Choice). Rose shares the fascinating story of her complex life as a poet, journalist, human rights activist, life partner to William, and friend of the Kennedys, Phillip Roth, Carly Simon, the Clintons, James Baldwin, Leonard Bernstein, Meryl Streep, Gabriel Garcia Marquez and many other luminaries of her time.
James Lapine, Rose Styron