Movies Released May 8, 2015

Friday, May 8

Hot Pursuit

An uptight and by-the-book cop (Witherspoon) tries to protect the sexy and outgoing widow (Vergara) of a drug boss as they race through Texas, pursued by crooked cops and murderous gunmen.
Reese Witherspoon, Anne Fletcher, Sofia Vergara, Bruna Papandrea, Dana Fox, David Feeney, John Quaintance, John Carroll Lynch
Action Comedy Cop
4 / 5
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95 mins


Maggie is a 16-year old girl from a town in middle America who becomes infected by a zombie. It will take six months for her to turn, and the film tracks the transformation as she stays with her family.
Henry Hobson, Timur Bekmambetov, Trevor Kaufman, Pierre-Ange Le Pogam, Matthew Baer, John Scott 3, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Abigail Breslin
Drama Thriller Horror Zombies
96 mins

Skin Trade

New Jersey detective, Nick Cassidy (Dolph Lundgren) heads to Bangkok where he teams up with Thai detective, Tony Vitayakui (Tony Jaa) to hunt down Viktor Dragovic (Ron Perlman) and destroy his human trafficking network. Nick had mistakenly killed Dragovic's son in a sting operation on the New Jersey docks, and Dragovic responded by attempting to kill Nick and his family. Nick miraculously survived the brutal attack, but his wife and daughter were killed. With nothing but vengeance to live for, Nick and Tony traverse their way through the Bangkok underworld in search of the elusive Dragovic. Meanwhile, FBI Agent Eddie Reed (Michael Jai White) is sent in to bring Nick home. But as the crossfire ensues, Nick has to determine who his true allies are.
Dolph Lundgren, Tony Jaa, Ron Perlman, Ekachai Uekrongtham, Craig Baumgarten, Avi Lerner, Michael Jai White, Celina Jade
Action Thriller
150 mins

Saint Laurent

As one of history's greatest fashion designers entered a decade of freedom, neither came out of it in one piece.
Léa Seydoux, Gaspard Ulliel, Bertrand Bonello, Jeremie Renier, Louis Garrel, Amira Casar, Aymeline Valade, Micha Lescot
Drama Biography
107 mins

Hunting Elephants

Follows a precocious 12-year-old boy who conspires with three senior citizens to rob a bank in order to save himself and his mother from losing their house.
Lati Grobman, Reshef Levi, Christa Campbell, Barry Schwartz, Sasson Gabai, Moni Moshonov, Patrick Stewart
Comedy Crime
101 mins


They broke everything but her spirit. They took everything but her dream. Noble is the incredible true story of a fearless Irish heroine driven by her daring vision who escapes the slums of Ireland and risks everything on the streets of Vietnam.
Stephen Bradley, Deirdre O'Kane, Brendan Coyle, Mark Huberman, Ruth Negga, Liam Cunningham, Sarah Greene
Drama Biography

5 Flights Up

A long-married NY couple find themselves swept into an emotional and comical real estate bidding war when they put their beloved downtown apartment on the market — and must come to terms with the possibility of moving from the home where they have spent most of their adult lives.
Diane Keaton, Charlie Peters, Morgan Freeman, Richard Loncraine, Carrie Preston, Alysia Reiner, Cynthia Nixon, Sterling Jerins
3 / 5
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109 mins


When Ruth ruins a baby shower with her drunken, juvenile antics, her old high school cronies, who are all mothers now, promptly de-friend her. But when she is later mistakenly thought to be "with child," she is inexplicably welcomed back into the group. Ruth plans on coming clean, but when her dad has a heart attack and tells her that the only thing keeping him alive is the promise of grandkids, Ruth decides to continue to fake the pregnancy. Things get even more complicated when Ruth falls in love with her new boss, who seems to wants nothing more than to raise her unborn child as his own. Can she get out of this without losing her job, friends, respect of her family, and the new love of her life?
Danny Trejo, James Caan, Jacob Tierney, Sonja Bennett, Paul Campbell
Drama Comedy
110 mins

Soul Boys of the Western World

The doc follows the band from its inception in 1980s London, using footage from the members’ personal archives, before catching up with the five members through recent interviews, tracking the band’s enduring influence on music and fashion and their dramatic rise and fall amidst a headline grabbing breakup.
George Hencken
Documentary Music
Los Angeles
3 / 5
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98 mins

The D Train

All his life, Dan Landsman (Jack Black) has never been the cool guy. That’s about to change – if he can convince Oliver Lawless (Marsden), the most popular guy from his high school who’s now the face of a national Banana Boat ad campaign, to show up with him to their class reunion. A man on a mission, Dan travels from Pittsburgh to LA and spins a web of lies to recruit Lawless. But he gets more than he bargains for as the unpredictable Lawless proceeds to take over his home, career, and entire life.
Mike White, Jarrad Paul, James Marsden, Kathryn Hahn, Jack Black, Jeffrey Tambor, Andrew Mogel, Denise Williamson


Josh Harvest, a hardened New York City teen from a broken home - and quietly one of the country's top dance club DJs and remixers - is sentenced to counseling for a minor drug infraction, along with an extended stay with his estranged father, who lives in a small town in North Dakota. He is slow to warm to his new environment, a town best-known for sending its young off to war, many of whom never return. But when Josh is asked to help out the last-place dance team as they vie for the state competition title, his rough exterior begins to soften. As his relationships emerge with both the team's captain, Mary, and his therapist, each of whom have lost someone special to war, it forces all three to begin to face and heal their pasts.
Josh Duhamel, Katrina Norman, Tom Everett Scott, Lucas Till, Jae Head, Daniel Duran, Maria Bello, Laura Dern
Drama Music


Follows Alex, an Army veteran and counselor in a small town who takes a casual approach when treating Josh (Lucas Till). Alex slowly earns his patient’s trust and respect, but their camaraderie is challenged when Josh makes a shocking discovery.
Josh Duhamel, Lucas Till, Tom Everett Scott, Daniel Duran, Oscar Torres, Maria Bello

Friday, May 8