Movies Released November 11, 2022

Friday, November 11

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever PG-13

Explore the incomparable world of Wakanda.
Angela Bassett, Lupita Nyong'o, Winston Duke, Kevin Feige, Michaela Coel, Ryan Coogler, Michael B. Jordan, Dominique Thorne
Action Adventure Superhero Sci-Fi
127 mins

Spirited PG-13

A “modern musical reimagining” about Ebenezer Scrooge and spirits Christmas Past, Present and Future.
Sean Anders, John Morris, Will Ferrell, Joe Tippett, George Dewey, Ryan Reynolds, Octavia Spencer, Sunita Mani
Adventure Musical Holiday

Christmas In Paradise PG

Kelsey Grammer, Elizabeth Hurley, and Billy Ray Cyrus star in this charming tropical tale guaranteed to heat up your holidays. Three quirky sisters chase their estranged dad (Grammer) down to his beachside pad in the Caribbean and enjoy a little fun in the sun. But why did he disappear to the islands? Only Joanna (Hurley) knows for sure, and she’s sworn to secrecy! Love, laughter, and songs by Cyrus make this a Christmas to remember.
Kelsey Grammer, Billy Ray Cyrus, Philippe Martinez, Megan Brown-Martinez, Elizabeth Hurley
Comedy Holiday
VOD / Digital
5 / 5
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The Fabelmans PG-13

A coming-of-age movie that is loosely based on Steven Spielberg's own childhood growing up in Arizona
Seth Rogen, Steven Spielberg, Oakes Fegley, Gabriel Bateman, Kristie Macosko Krieger, Judd Hirsch, Robin Bartlett, Gustavo Escobar
Drama Coming-of-Age
New York / Los Angeles
5 / 5
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Sam & Kate R

When Sam returns to his small town to care for his ailing father, he soon finds himself falling for a local woman, Kate. Simultaneously, his father begins finding love with Kate's mother. But both couples must confront their past in order to make their new love work for the future.
Jake Hoffman, Dustin Hoffman, Darren Le Gallo, Schuyler Fisk, Sissy Spacek
87 mins

The Friendship Game NR

A group of teens come across a strange object that tests their loyalties to each other with increasingly destructive consequences the deeper into the game they go.
Peyton List, Scooter Corkle, Damien Ober, Brendan Meyer, Kelcey Mawema, Kaitlyn Santa Juana, Dylan Schombing
Thriller Horror Sci-Fi
VOD / Digital
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Bar Fight!

There’s only one way to settle the score after a break-up and for Nina (Melissa Fumero) and Allen (Luka Jones) it’s a turf war for their favorite local bar. Lines have been drawn and with the help of Nina’s best friend Chelsea (Rachel Bloom) it’s going to be a winner takes all affair. The drinks are free flowing, the competition is fierce, and games are out-of-this-world crazy. With the bar on the line, this Bar Fight! is going to become a battle for the ages.
Jim Mahoney, Melissa Fumero, Rachel Bloom, Luka Jones, Julian Gant

Resistance: 1942

The movie follows a group of resistance radio broadcasters in Nazi-occupied France as they evade capture alongside a Jewish family.
Jonah Hirsch, Rob Goug, Judd Hirsch, Matthew Hill, Landon Johnson, Cary Elwes, Matthew Modine, Greer Grammer
Drama War Historical
VOD / Digital
4 / 5
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Paradise City R

When bounty hunter Ian Swan (Willis) is shot and presumed dead after disappearing in Maui waters, Swan’s son, Ryan (Blake Jenner), his ex-partner (Stephen Dorff), and a local detective (Praya Lundberg) set out to find his killers. After being threatened by a ruthless power broker (Travolta), it appears Ryan and his team are out of options — until an excursion to the closely guarded island community of Paradise City unites them with an unforeseen ally.
Bruce Willis, Praya Lundberg, Stephen Dorff, Chuck Russell, John Travolta, Blake Jenner
VOD / Digital
3 / 5
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Is That Black Enough for You?!?

From celebrated writer and film historian Elvis Mitchell, Is That Black Enough for You?!? is both a documentary and deeply personal essay. The film examines the craft and power of cinema from a perspective often overlooked: the African American contribution to films released from the landmark era of the 70s.
David Fincher, Elvis Mitchell, Steven Soderbergh, Angus Wall, Ciara Lacy

La Caída

In this nuanced story about the complexities of relationships, Mariel (Souza) is a veteran competitive diver who has one last chance at the Olympics. However, when a terrible truth surfaces, Mariel confronts her biggest personal question yet: is winning defined as the ultimate dream?
Lucia Puenzo, María Renée Prudencio, Tatiana Mereñuk, Mónica Herrera, Samara Ibrahin, Karla Souza
5 / 5
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Dylan & Zoey

Estranged friends reunite for one evening to try and bridge the gap that has divided them for so long. While the task proves easy at first, they realize that in order to truly heal, they must confront the traumas that fractured them.
Blake Scott Lewis, Liza Fernandez, Matt Sauter, Claudia Doumit, Kamahl Naiqui, Malcolm Barrett, Bella Popa, Kim Hamilton
91 mins

Manifest West NR

A coming-of-age story, told through the eyes of a ten-year old girl whose family moves off the grid into untamed North American Wilderness. It’s their attempt to establish normalcy, to thrive off the land, and escape the pressures of modern society. But the family has its own internal pressures building, and you can’t escape what’s going on in your own household, no matter how far you move up a mountain.
Tim Heidecker, Joe Dietsch, Louie Gibson, Lexy Kolker, Annet Mahendru, Milo Gibson, Madison Friedman, Michael Cudlitz
Drama Thriller

Monica, O My Darling

A young man desperately tries to make it big with some unlikely allies and a dastardly diabolical plan to pull off the perfect murder. Join your favorite actors on a roller coaster of dark and devilish twists and turns in this crime drama where survival is the key.
Vasan Bala, Rajkummar Rao, Huma S Qureshi. Radhika Apte, Sikandar Kher, Sukant Goel, Zayn Marie Khan, Akansha Ranjan
Thriller Mystery Bollywood-Tamil

Friday, November 11