Movies Released October 9, 2015

Friday, October 9


The action adventure follows the story of an orphan who is spirited away to the magical Neverland. There, he finds both fun and dangers, and ultimately discovers his destiny—to become the hero who will be forever known as Peter Pan.
Hugh Jackman, Greg Berlanti, Ben Magid, Rooney Mara, Amanda Seyfried, Kathy Burke, Joe Wright, Garrett Hedlund
Action Fantasy Thriller 3D
4 / 5
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Steve Jobs

Set backstage at three iconic product launches and ending in 1998 with the unveiling of the iMac, Steve Jobs takes us behind the scenes of the digital revolution to paint an intimate portrait of the brilliant man at its epicenter.
Seth Rogen, Mark Gordon, Scott Rudin, Michael Stuhlbarg, Kate Winslet, Katherine Waterston, Aaron Sorkin, Michael Fassbender
Drama Biography True Story
3 / 5
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96 mins

Big Stone Gap

Set in 1978, “Big Stone Gap” tells the story of the ever-ordinary Ave Maria Mulligan (Judd) who lives a simple life with her mother, runs the pharmacy, directs The Trail of the Lonesome Pine Outdoor Drama, and hopes that Theodore Tipton, her best friend and the high school band director will take their platonic friendship in a romantic direction. Ave Maria waits, and before she knows it, she turns 40. Now the old maid of Big Stone Gap, Ave Maria decides that happiness is for other people – that is, until a long-buried family secret throws her quiet life spectacularly off-course.
Patrick Wilson, Dagmara Dominczyk, Adriana Trigiani, Jane Krakowski, Ashley Judd, Whoopi Goldberg, Jenna Elfman, Jasmine Guy
Comedy Romance
5 / 5
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96 mins

Knock Knock

When a devoted husband and father is left home alone for the weekend, two stranded young women unexpectedly knock on his door for help. What starts out as a kind gesture results in a dangerous seduction and a deadly game of cat and mouse.
Keanu Reeves, Guillermo Amoedo, Nicolas Lopez, Eli Roth, Ignacia Allamand, Colleen Camp, Lorenza Izzo, Ana de Armas
114 mins


Set in Brazil, three kids who make a discovery in a garbage dump soon find themselves running from the cops and trying to right a terrible wrong.
Rooney Mara, Martin Sheen, Stephen Daldry, Eric Fellner, Richard Curtis, Wagner Moura
Thriller Suspense


Following a successful heist, modern day Robin Hoods Alejandro Toledo (Fernando Colunga) and Emilio Sánchez (Miguel Varoni) leave their lives of crime for a more civilian life. Ladrones sees Toledo return to his do-gooder robbing roots, and although Sanchez can’t quite commit to helping out, he introduces Toledo to the hilariously skilled Santiago Guzmán (Eduardo Yáñez) to help him with the mission of a lifetime. The two must work to reclaim land stolen from a hard working community by a ruthless family of crooks led by a beautiful but lethal diva.
Joe Menéndez, Fernando Colugna, Miguel Varoni
138 mins


Victoria, a young woman from Madrid, meets four local Berliners outside a nightclub. Sonne and his friends promise to show her a good time and the real side of the city. But these lads have gotten themselves into hot water: they owe someone a dangerous favor that requires repaying that evening. As Victoria’s flirtation with Sonne deepens into something more, he convinces her to come along for the ride. And later, when things become more ominous and possibly lethally dangerous for Sonne, she insists on coming along. As the night takes on an ever more menacing character, what started out as a good time, quickly spirals out of control. As dawn approaches, Victoria and Sonne address the inevitable: it’s all or nothing and they abandon themselves to a heart-stopping race into the depths of hell.
Sebastian Schipper
1 / 5
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Breaking Through

When Casey, a dancer who is discovered on YouTube, gets thrust into the modern world of internet celebrity and culture, she must find a way to balance her true identity with her online persona, or risk losing everything she cares about.
Jay Ellis, John Swetnam, Sophie Aguiar, Marissa Heart
Drama Teen
88 mins

The Final Girls

When Max (Taissa Farmiga) and her friends reluctantly attend an anniversary screening of “Camp Bloodbath,” the infamous ‘80s horror film that starred Max’s late mother (Malin Akerman), they are mysteriously sucked into the silver screen. They soon realize they are trapped inside the cult classic movie and must team up with the fictional and ill-fated camp counselors, including Max’s mom as the scream queen, to battle the film’s machete-wielding killer. With the body count rising in scene after iconic scene, who will be the final girls left standing and live to escape this film?
Chloe Bridges, Malin Akerman, Alia Shawkat, Todd Strauss Schulson, Michael London, Jocelyn Hayes-Simpson, Mark Fortin, Josh Miller
Comedy Horror

Yakuza Apocalypse

In Yakuza Apocalypse, fearsome Yakuza boss Kamiura is also a bloodsucking vampire. One day, men arrive from a competing clan and deliver him an ultimatum: Play nice or die. Kamiura refuses and, during a fierce battle, is torn limb from limb. With his dying breath, he passes on his vampire powers to his loyal lieutenant, Kageyama. His first order of business is to avenge his mentor, setting him on a collision course with the seemingly unstoppable foreign syndicate, and take his place as the new Yakuza boss.
Yoshitaka Yamaguchi, Takashi Miike, Hayato Ichihara, Yayan Ruhian
Martial Arts

The Walk

Twelve people have walked on the moon, but only one man has ever, or will ever, walk in the immense void between the World Trade Center towers. Guided by his real-life mentor, Papa Rudy (Ben Kingsley), and aided by an unlikely band of international recruits, Philippe Petit (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) and his gang overcome long odds, betrayals, dissension and countless close calls to conceive and execute their mad plan.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt, James Badge Dale, Ben Schwartz, Robert Zemeckis, Ben Kingsley, Charlotte Le Bon, Jack Rapke, Steve Starkey
Drama Adaptation True Story
4 / 5
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Friday, October 9