Movies Released September 1, 2017

Friday, September 1

134 mins

Close Encounters of the Third Kind PG

Electrical lineman Roy Neary (Dreyfuss) is one of several people who experience a close encounter of the first kind, witnessing UFOs flying through the night sky. He is subsequently haunted by a mountain-like image and becomes obsessed with discovering what it represents, much to the dismay of his family. Meanwhile, government agents around the world have close encounters of the second kind, discovering physical evidence of extraterrestrial visitors in the form of lost fighter aircraft from World War II and a stranded military ship that disappeared decades earlier, only to suddenly reappear in the Sonora and Gobi Desert. Roy and the agents then follow the clues they have been given to reach a site where they will have a close encounter of the third kind: contact.
Steven Spielberg, Richard Dreyfuss, Teri Garr, François Truffaut, Bob Balaban, Melinda Dillon, Lance Henriksen
Drama Action Sci-Fi Re-Release
98 mins

Unlocked R

A female CIA interrogator is duped into getting a terrorist to provide key information to the wrong side, thrusting her into the middle of a plot to plan a devastating biological attack in London.
Orlando Bloom, Lorenzo di Bonaventura, John Malkovich, Michael Douglas, Michael Apted, Georgina Townsley, Paul Goldin, Peter O'Brien
Action Adventure

Tulip Fever R

A beautiful young woman, married to wealthy merchant, commissions an artist to paint her portrait. When the artist arrives, she's smitten, and they plan for a future together by putting their money into the highly speculative tulip market, in which certain flower bulbs were worth huge sums.
Dane DeHaan, Christopher Woodrow, Cara Delevingne, Zach Galifianakis, Dame Judi Dench, Tom Hollander, David Harewood, Justin Chadwick
Drama Romance Adaptation
121 mins

Goon: Last of the Enforcers R

The new film will find Doug Glatt back in action with the Halifax Highlanders when there's a pro hockey lockout.
Liev Schreiber, Evan Goldberg, Seann William Scott, Marc-Andre Grondin, Callum Keith Rennie, Kim Coates, David Gross, Jesse Shapira
Comedy Sequel Sports

I Do…Until I Don't

Tells the story of three couples in Vero Beach, Florida at various points in their relationships. They become subjects of a documentarian’s film about how marriage is an antiquated idea that needs a reboot: Why not turn marriage into a seven-year deal with an option to renew?
Mary Steenburgen, Amber Heard, Ed Helms, Paul Reiser, Wyatt Cenac, Lake Bell, Dolly Wells
Drama Comedy

Marvel's Inhumans [TV] NR

Aliens who were put on Earth as sleeper cell aliens to eventually call back their race to take over the planet. Ultimately, the group of aliens fully assimilates and don’t want to cause war.
Serinda Swan, Iwan Rheon, Ellen Woglom, Roel Reine, Joe Robert Cole, Scott Buck, Anson Mount, Ken Leung
Drama Action Adventure Superhero IMAX Event

Get Big

Inspired by somewhat true events, Get Big follows the misadventures of two friends as they reconnect to attend a high school classmate's wedding. Alec is the charming troublemaker, while Nate provides the neurotic and awkward foil to his friend's unpredictable antics. Get Big takes place over the course of a crazy 24-hour period during which Alec and Nate cross paths with oddball cops, curmudgeonly neighbors, drug dealers, psychopaths, escorts and pretty girls, all while the clock ticks down their classmate's big moment.
Clifford Bañagale, Dylan Moran, Tanner Stine, Mark Grossman, Mercy Malick, Scott Krinsky, Lindsay Taylor, Ann Benson
Drama Comedy
109 mins

Hazlo Como Hombre R

Follows the lives of two young couples who are not only in love – but best friends. One couple is married with a baby on the way – and the other is engaged. Their happy lives are turned upside down when the guy who is about to marry his best friend’s sister discovers he’s gay. Not only does his fiancée have trouble accepting the news – but his best friend refuses to believe it is true. Hilarity ensues as both men attempt to accept their new and very confusing lives.
Luis Pablo Román, Nicolas Lopez, Mauricio Ochmann, Alfonso Dosal, Humberto Busto, Aislinn Derbez, Ignacia Allamand, Ariel Levy

The Vault

Two estranged sisters are forced to rob a bank in order to save their brother who burned down a warehouse owned by a notorious gangster.
James Franco, Taryn Manning, Scott Haze, Dan Bush, Conal Byrne, Francesca Eastwood
Crime Heist
95 mins


Raising 11 children while wrestling with gender bias, union defeat and victory, and nearly dying after a San Francisco Police beating, Dolores Huerta bucks 1950s gender conventions to co-found the country's first farmworkers union.
Brian Benson
140 mins

Fallen PG-13

An alienated girl is torn between two charismatic young men, unaware that they are fallen angels who have battled over her for centuries.
Harrison Gilbertson, Addison Timlin, Lola Kirke, Scott Hicks, Mark Ciardi, Gordon Gray, Kathryn Price, Nichole Millard
Drama Romance Adaptation Teen
107 mins

Viceroy's House

Set in India during the tumultuous and deadly partition in 1947.
Hugh Bonneville, Gillian Anderson, Gurinder Chadha
Drama Period
132 mins

Garbage Pail Kids Story NR

In the 1980s a bunch of underground cartoonists parodied a popular doll (whose name can’t be spoken). The resulting commercial trading cards/stickers tapped into an international zeitgeist that was brewing in a young generation who felt that this product spoke to the revulsion they had for the corporate pop culture that was being fed to them. Learn the truth behind the myth of The Garbage Pail Kids.
Joe Simko, Jeff Zapata

Friday, September 1