Movies Released September 24, 2021

Friday, September 24

Dear Evan Hansen PG-13

A high schooler who is plagued with social anxiety concocts a story to become closer to the family of a deceased classmate.
Amy Adams, Julianne Moore, Marc Platt, Adam Siegel, Amandla Stenberg, Kaitlyn Dever, Nik Dodani, Steven Levenson
Drama Musical

Time is Up

Vivien is a highly accomplished student, with a passion for physics and keen to get into a prestigious American university. She seems to live her own life as a mathematical formula that drives her to look at her own happiness as something to be postponed into the future. Roy, on the other hand, is a troubled and problematic young man who, due to a trauma suffered as a child, sees his desires continually hindered by a past that seems to constantly haunt him. But mathematics too has its variables and as always happens, life manages to weave events together in increasingly surprising and unexpected ways. Indeed, an accident will force our protagonists to come to a stop and reclaim their lives, and finally start living in a present that perhaps will prove to be more exciting than any predefined formula.
Bella Thorne, Benjamin Mascolo, Elisa Amoruso, Lorenzo Ura, Patrizia Fiorellini, Nikolay Moss, Roberto Davide, Sebastiano Pigazzi
VOD / Digital
2 / 5
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Courageous PG-13

Four men, one calling: To serve and protect. When tragedy hits home, these men are left wrestling with their hopes, their fears, their faith, and their fathering. Can a newfound urgency help these dads draw closer to God … and to their children?
Stephen Kendrick, Alex Kendrick, Ken Bevel, Kevin Downes, Ben Davies, Rusty Martin, Robert Amaya
Drama Action Faith Re-Release

My Little Pony: A New Generation PG

Will focus on pony Sunny Starscout and her friends.
Vanessa Hudgens, Jane Krakowski, James Marsden, Ken Jeong, Rob Cullen, Jose Ucha, Mark Fattibene, Cecil Kramer
Fantasy Family Animation Based on Toy

This Is The Year

In a last ditch effort to win over the girl of his dreams, a nerdy high school senior (Lorenzo Henrie) and his best friends embark on a road trip to see their favorite band at the biggest music festival of the year. On their journey, they realize that elaborate plans never go off without a hitch, and that you can find true love in the most unexpected places.
Lorenzo James Henrie, David C. Henrie, Vanessa Marano, Alyssa Jirrels, Gregg Sulkin
Drama Comedy Coming-of-Age
89 mins

Solitary NR

When Issac wakes up inside a room with no memory of how he got there, he discovers he’s a prisoner sent into space to form Earth’s first colony on another planet. The only thing worse than his fate is his unpredictable and ruinous cellmate, Alana, who is determined to destroy everything, including Issac.
Luke Armstrong, Johnny Sachon, Lottie Tolhurst, Michael Condron
Thriller Sci-Fi
VOD / Digital
2 / 5
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102 mins

I'm Your Man R

In order to obtain funds for her research, Alma (Maren Eggert) is persuaded to participate in an extraordinary study. For three weeks she is required to live with Tom (Dan Stevens), a humanoid robot designed to be the perfect life partner for her, tailored to her character and needs.
Dan Stevens, Maria Schrader, Sandra Hüller, Falilou Seck, Jan Schomberg, Maren Eggert, Hans Löw, Wolfgang Hübsch
Drama Romance
94 mins

Apache Junction R

Apache Junction is an outpost of lawlessness, a haven for thieves and cold-blooded killers. After big-city reporter Annabelle Angel (Scout Taylor-Compton) arrives to write an article on the town, she becomes a target when notorious gunslinger Jericho Ford (Stuart Townsend) comes to her aid. Now Annabelle must entrust her future to a man with a deadly past, as Jericho heads toward a tense showdown.
Stuart Townsend, Thomas Jane, Justin Lee, Trace Adkins, Scout Taylor-Compton, Ed Morrone, Victoria Pratt

East Of The Mountains

Ben Givens (Tom Skerritt), a retired heart surgeon and recent widower who learns he has terminal cancer. Determined to navigate his final days on his own terms, he shares the news with no one—not even his daughter (Mira Sorvino)—instead traveling back to his boyhood home in Eastern Washington with only his dog in tow. But the journey does not go as planned; the familiar landscape triggers memories and a connection with a kind stranger (Annie Gonzalez) inspires new insight.
Tom Skerritt, S.J. Chiro, Mira Sorvino, Annie Gonzalez
113 mins

Birds of Paradise R

Two dancers at an elite Parisian ballet academy connect in a time of stress and tragedy.
Sarah Adina Smith, Diana Silvers, Kristine Froseth, Jacqueline Bisset
Adaptation Dance
99 mins

Lone Wolf NR

It's not exactly what the Minister of Justice wants to be doing: watching an endless stream of video footage. But a former police officer is very insistent. Together, all this footage - from hidden cameras, phone taps, Skype sessions and security surveillance - can tell an interesting story. The focus here is on an obscure bookstore where a group of environmental activists are meeting in secret. Idealistic Winnie and her boyfriend Conrad want to disrupt the G20, but aren't aware that they are possibly being lured into a trap
Jonathan Ogilvie, Hugo Weaving, Tilda Cobham-Hervey, Diana Glenn, Josh McConville, Chris Bunton
Drama Thriller

The Starling PG-13

A married couple dealing with the loss of their child discovers how love can carry them through grief.
Timothy Olyphant, Daveed Diggs, Kevin Kline, Theodore Melfi, Matt Harris, Melissa McCarthy, Chris O'Dowd
Drama Comedy

Through the Glass Darkly

A year after Charlie's daughter disappears, another girl from Elrod, Georgia goes missing. Convinced there is a connection, Charlie draws suspicion and contempt from local law enforcement and townspeople as she stops at nothing to expose its darkest and most devastating secret.
Lauren Fash, Robyn Lively, Shanola Hampton, Michael Trucco, Judith Ivey
90 mins

On These Grounds NR

An explosive video goes viral, showing a white school resource officer in South Carolina pull a Black teenager from her desk. One woman uproots her life to support the girl and dismantle the system, including facing the police officer.
Garrett Zevgetis

Friday, September 24