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As a young woman in India, Divya seemed to have it all. She was beautiful, married to a handsome man of great wealth, and was mother to their precious daughter Linny. But when Divya began acting erratically, and, at times, outrageously, her seemingly-perfect life fell apart. Divya's husband abandoned both Divya and their three-year-old daughter, and the family disowned her after accusing Divya of having "bad blood." Rather than remain a pariah, Divya summoned the strength to take Linny to America, where she started life anew in suburban New Jersey. She fell deeply in love with an American, John, who not only became a surrogate father to Linny, but also cared for Divya during her bipolar episodes. Yet, her untreated illness took its toll. Linny became rebellious, and eventually ran away from home, sixteen and pregnant.

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