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American Sausage Standoff (2021) movie photo

American Sausage Standoff (2021) Movie Still

American Sausage Standoff Plot

Mike, hustler and American dreamer, meets Edward, a bipolar sausage enthusiast. Mike is fresh out of prison with no clear path, whereas Edward is stalled on the tracks. When Mike learns of Edward’s humble notion of opening a German sausage restaurant in order to bring peace and understanding to the world, he inspires Edward to revive his long lost dream. Then there’s Jimmy, a sentimental racist and local kingpin. Jimmy is not up for the idea. He’s been scaring off the Chinese to leave town. Gutterbee is for whites only. America first - and definitely no fancy foreign frankfurters. And there’s the issue of Hank, Jimmy’s reformed gay son, who’s desperate to prove himself worthy of his father’s love. And there’s Edward’s crush on the one-legged bartender, Sue. And Edward’s frequent mood swings. And the judgement of the local church. And the sheriff. Not to forget Mike’s ingrown dishonesty and hustling. If not for these obstacles, the American Dream, humanity and forgiveness would prevail, but have they bitten off more than they could chew? We shall see.

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