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Cobweb (0000) Primary Poster

Cobweb Plot

In 1970s Korea, when both art and dreams are censored, a film director dreams of a masterpiece. After his successful debut, Director KIM endures scathing attacks from critics who call him a specialist in trashy dramas. After finishing his latest feature ‘Cobweb’, he has vivid dreams over several days of an alternative ending to the film. Sensing that if he can just shoot those scenes as he envisioned them, a masterpiece will surely emerge, he tries to arrange just two days of additional shooting. However, the rewritten script fails to pass censorship, and his actors can’t make sense of the new ending. Between the tangled schedule, the opposition of the producer, and the collision between these fantastic scenes dancing before his eyes and the harsh conditions of reality, Director KIM feels he is about to go insane, but he pushes on regardless…

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