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Bird Box2018

A blindfolded woman and two children make their way down a river in a seemingly postapocalyptic setting.


TBA, 2018

updated Oct. 13, 2017


No plot details yet.

Spies in Disguise2019

An animated buddy comedy set in the high octane globe-trotting world of international espionage. Will Smith voices Lance Sterling, the world's most awesome spy. Cool, charming and super-skilled, saving the world is his occupation. And nobody does it better.

Almost the exact opposite ... more


January 18, 2019

updated Oct. 10, 2017

The IrishmanTBA

The story centers on mob assassin Frank "The Irishman" Sheeran (Robert De Niro) who is believed to have carried out more than 25 mob murders, possibly including Teamster boss Jimmy Hoffa.

Boy Erased2018

The film will tell the story of Jared (Hedges), the son of a Baptist pastor in a small American town, who is outed to his parents (Kidman, Crowe) at age 19. Jared is quickly pressured into attending a gay conversion therapy program – or else be shunned by his family, friends, and church. It is wit... more


A sequel-of-sorts to 2000's Unbreakable and 2017's Split, both films exist in the same universe of characters.

Die in a GunfightTBA

The film follows two star-crossed lovers – Ben (Josh Hutcherson) and Mary (Kaya Scodelario), who share an eagerness to break from the confines of their lives that fuels their passion for each other and leads to an all-out struggle for their love against a backdrop of corporate espionage, revenge, ... more


Two brothers -- dirt-poor sons of Jewish immigrants battling anti-Semitism -- go on to become the owners of an international health and fitness empire. The Weider family business grows to include a supplements line, fitness magazines, and the Mr. Olympia, Ms. Olympia, and Masters Olympia bodybuildin... more

The Empty Man2018

A terrifying entity may be responsible for a string of mysterious disappearances in a small Midwestern town.


TBA, 2018

updated Sep. 25, 2017

Between WorldsTBA

Follows Joe (Cage), a down-on-his-luck truck driver haunted by the memory of his deceased wife and child. He meets Julie (Potente), a spiritually gifted woman who enlists Joe in a desperate effort to find the lost soul of her comatose daughter, Billie (Mitchell). But the spirit of Joe’s dead wife ... more

Teen Titans GO To the Movies2018

The story centers on a junior Justice League made up of Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualad, Wonder Girl and Speedy, the respective sidekicks of A-list heroes Batman, Flash, Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Green Arrow.


July 27, 2018

updated Sep. 25, 2017

Bohemian Rhapsody2018

Sacha Baron Cohen will portray the British rocker, Freddie Mercury, in a film centered on Queen's developing years up until their historic 1985 Live Aid set.

The KidTBA

A young boy is torn between his admiration of gun fighting legend Billy the Kid and his need to save his family.

The Hate U GiveTBA

Follows a 16-year-old girl named Starr who grew up in a poverty-stricken slum, but now attends a suburban prep school. After she witnesses a police officer shoot her unarmed best friend, she's torn between her two very different worlds as she tries to speak her truth.

The Happytime Murders2018

The puppet stars of an iconic TV show The Happytime Gang are some of the biggest celebrities around. But off camera, the family-friendly cast leads the kinds of lives that would make a tabloid writer blush. When the stars of The Happytime Gang begin to be mysteriously murdered, two mismatched detect... more

Richard Says GoodbyeTBA

Richard, a world-weary college professor, is given a life-changing diagnosis and then decides to throw all pretense and conventions to the wind and live his life as boldly and freely as possible. With a biting sense of humor, a reckless streak and a touch of madness, he binges through every potentia... more

Ad Astra2019

20 years after his father left on a one-way mission to Neptune in order to find signs of extra-terrestrial intelligence, slightly autistic space engineer Roy McBride (Brad Pitt) travels through the solar system to find him and understand why his mission failed.


January 11, 2019

updated Sep. 15, 2017

Christopher Robin2018

Christopher Robin, now an adult, returns to the Hundred Acre Wood where Winne the Pooh lives.


Santa's daughter is forced to take over the family business when her father decides to retire and her brother ends up getting cold feet prior to his first big Christmas Eve flight.


A struggling family buys an old ship at auction with high hopes of starting a charter business, only to discover her horrifying secrets on the isolated open waters.