Concept Movies (Page #4)

Road to Purgatory TBA

The story will follow the character of Michael Sullivan Jr. (from "Road to Perdition") as he returns home from WWII and vows to avenge the murder of his father. He is ultimately led to Frank Nitti, whom he is urged to kill on the orders of Al Capone.

The Subtle Knife TBA

A 12-year-old boy, who has learned the art of invisibility, seeks his missing father when he encounters a vanishing cat and joins forces with Lyra Belacqua.

Rendezvous with Rama TBA

Two centuries from now, scientists detect a 10 trillion ton object, nicknamed "Rama," hurtling through Earth's solar system at an unfathomable speed. After deploying a space probe, our deepest fears and highest hopes are confirmed: Rama is an extra-terrestrial spacecraft. The Spaceship End ... more

The First Olympics TBA

The story is set against the first ancient Olympics.

Le Voyeur TBA

A man returns to the Caribbean island of his youth and becomes a suspect in the murder of a teenage girl that was committed two days after his arrival.

The Colonel and Me TBA

Story of Elvis Presley's longtime manager, Colonel Tom Parker, and his mentoring of producer and promoter Jerry Weintraub

The Love God? TBA

The adopted son of a Southern Christian preacher grows up and discovers that he is the heir to a popular men's magazine and must move to L.A. and run the company.

Glory Days TBA

The story centers on a woman who attends her 10-year college reunion only to experience love and heartbreak as she renews old friendships and a past romance.

True Believers TBA

Adapted from a novel by Doug Richardson, "True Believers" is about a Bostonian who finds trouble when he and his wife go to a fertility expert in the hopes of having a child. After his newly pregnant wife mysteriously disappears, he learns that the bizarre happenings are related to a jaile ... more

Man in Uniform TBA

An everyman's life changes when he takes possession of a policeman's missing uniform.


A Tokyo woman murders her abusive husband and enlists three fellow factory workers to cut up and dispose of the body.

Isis TBA

A young girl finds the bracelet of the ancient god Isis and inherits her powers in addition to awakening a dark force.

Dexterity TBA

A carefree woman becomes pregnant with her sullen husband (Jude Law). The woman gives birth, but her new responsibilities cause her to run away from her child and husband, leaving him to fall in love with a factory co-worker. Together, the new couple face unemployment after they're both laid off. ... more

The Tingler TBA

A scientist, in the search for a medical cure for fear, unleashes the Tingler, an entity that kills its victims with fear.

Panic TBA

A documentary filmmaker must go on the run from a dangerous spy ring after the murder of his mother. He comes to learn that most aspects of his life have been complete fabrications.

Monster TBA

A young doctor saves the life of a little boy only to find out a few years later that the life he saved was that of a brilliant killer. The doctor must then track down the young killer and solve a larger conspiracy.

Death of Innocence TBA

True story of Emmett Till, the 14-year-old whose 1955 murder by Mississippi racists for whistling at a white woman became a catalyst for the civil rights movement. Story is told through the eyes of Till's mother.

Malefique TBA

Four inmates, sharing one prison cell, find a book of occult spells. They try to use its strange magic to escape, but things don't go as planned.

The Flock TBA

Three teenage girls are accused of practicing witchcraft and they end up enduring terrifying consequences as a result of the hysteria and scapegoating.

High T TBA

The project follows a man who starts taking testosterone shots. His behavior varies wildly from crying to aggression based on his hormonal levels.