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Untitled Ouija Project Ouija Board

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MPAA Rating
PG-13 for disturbing violent content, frightening horror images, and thematic material.

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Follows a group of friends attempting to make contact with a recently deceased classmate through a Ouija board who awaken a dark and terrifying presence. modified plot formulation from hollywoodreporter.com

Additional Notes

  • Based on Hasbro's supernatural game. Originally described as a supernatural adventure centering around a family, with influences from The Mummy and Indiana Jones. The project is being reworked as a low budget film.
  • Olvia Cooke will play a girl who discovers that her dead friend had been messing around with a Ouija board and brings the game home. Douglas Smith is the dead girl's boyfriend, who may know more about her death than he lets on (Hollywood Reporter, 12/6/2013).