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What does Production mean?

Talent is on set and cameras are now rolling! Films that have commenced principal photography.
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Dog Man

Dog Man is a lovable canine superhero, and his friends Li'l Petey is a curious kitten who embodies love, optimism and hope, and 80-HD is a robot who expresses himself best through his art.


The story of a corner of a room and of the events that have occurred in that space over the course of hundreds of thousands of years.

Iwájú (series)

Iwájú is an all-new original long-form series created in collaboration with Pan-African comic book entertainment company Kugali. The coming-of-age story introduces Tola, a young heiress from the wealthy island, and her best friend Kole, a self-taught tech expert and loving son from the mainland.

Spider & Jessie

After discovering their mother has fatally overdosed, two scrappy sisters, terrified they’ll be separated by an overburdened foster care system, conceal the body. But as the local police chief, mom’s drug counselor, and her volatile ex-boyfriend get closer to uncovering the truth, the girls will have to decide just how far they are willing to go to keep their secret buried.


A half-mortal, half-immortal is out to avenge his mother's death and rid the world of vampires.


In Nutcrackers, Mike (Ben Stiller) reluctantly cares for his four nephews in rural Ohio after their parents' car accident, leading to unexpected bonding.
Location: US - Ohio

Queen of the Ring

The biopic of Mildred Burke, the first ever million dollar female athlete and champion pro-wrestler who pioneered the sport.