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Top 28 Best Comedy Movies of 2019

The top comedy movies of 2019.

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The best   2019 drama movies coming out in the next 180 days.

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The best comedy 2019 movies coming out in the next 180 days.

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List of every Disney live-action movie in production and development.

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The list of upcoming new animated movies of 2019, 2020, and beyond.

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List of movies rated PG-13 (by the MPAA) now playing in theaters.

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The list of Netflix Originals coming and released in 2019 (ordered by release date descending).

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The list of Netflix Originals released in 2018 (ordered by release date descending).

20 Movie Sequels You'll Never See

The list of cancelled movie sequels you'll never see. These films have ceased development.

The Complete List of All Upcoming Movie Release Dates

The complete list of confirmed upcoming movie release dates (ordered by release date descending). The list starts in 2025 and goes backward. You'll see a lot of untitled releases because studios haven't announced the specific movie titles for the date. There are also many other movies in development and production without release dates yet. 

27 Best Movies Based on a True Story to Watch in 2018

List of the top movies based on a true stories and/or inspired by real life events released in 2018.

56 Best New Children and Family Movies Coming Soon

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Most Popular Animated Movies Released in 2018

List of most popular animated movies released in 2018.

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List of movies rated PG (by the MPAA) coming soon to theaters.

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List of movies rated R (by the MPAA) coming soon to theaters.

38 PG Rated Movies Released in 2018

How many PG rated movies were released in 2018? What were the most popular PG rated in 2018?

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List of great upcoming movies coming to IMAX screens in 2019. Both theatrical and IMAX-exclusive releases.

85 Comedy Movies You'll Want to See in 2019

List of 2019 comedy movies you'll want to see in theaters...

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List of upcoming based on true story movies scheduled to be released in 2019.

List of 630 Movies Released in Theaters During 2016

Complete list of movies released in theaters (nationwide and limited releases) during the year of 2016.

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List of all Star Wars movies, both released and in production, ordered by most recently updated.

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Top Walt Disney Pictures-branded movie releases (excluding most Marvel Studios).

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Based on Hasbro-branded toy properties.

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List of movies taking place and/or related to New York.

669 Most Popular Movies Based on True Stories

Movies based on and/or inspired by a true story.

20 Upcoming Superhero Movies with Official Release Dates

This list only contains upcoming superhero movies with confirmed official release dates. There's many others in development without release dates.

Ahead of Disney Merger, 328 Movies In Development at 20th Century Fox

Announced or in development at 20th Century Fox ahead of Disney merger. What will happen to all of these projects?

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