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The Imitation Game movie poster
Company: The Weinstein Company
Warner Bros. Pictures (Former)
The Weinstein Company
Production Companies:Appian Way Productions (Former)
Black Bear Pictures
Ampersand Pictures
FilmNation Entertainment

A dramatic portrayal of the life and work of one of Britain’s most extraordinary unsung heroes, Alan Turing (Benedict Cumberbatch).

The pioneer of modern-day computing, Turing is credited with cracking the German Enigma code and the film is a nail-biting race against time by Turing and his brilliant team at Britain’s top-secret code-breaking center, Bletchley Park, during the darkest days of World War II.

Turing, whose contributions and genius significantly shortened the war, saving thousands of lives, was the eventual victim of an unenlightened British Establishment, but his work and legacy live on.

Keira Knightley also stars as Turing's close friend and fellow code-breaker Joan Clarke.

the official version from filmnation.com on June 21, 2014

A biopic showcasing the life of Alan Turing, a British mathematician.

verbatim from deadline.com on October 15, 2011

Production History Last Updated: June 21, 2014

June 2014
May 2014
September 2012
In a competitive situation, Teddy Schwarzman’s Black Bear Pictures has come aboard to finance production. Warner Bros' rights expired and reverted back to screenwriter.
August 2012
CAA is looking to find a new home now that Leonardo DiCaprio and Warner Bros. is out of the picture.
October 2011

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