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The official pitch: Narnia. Hogwarts. Neverland. All magical places that mortals can travel to and marvel at the strange creatures and wonders not seen in our world.

What if a door to a magical land was discovered and instead of pure hearted adventures, a man saw an opportunity to charge a fortune for an exclusive private game reserve where you can “bag” a magical creature.

Multi-millionaire Tip Fallows is a recreational hunter looking for more interesting challenges. Another wealthy hunter, Stockton, has a secret to share and a journey to offer. All they need to do is pay a quarter of a million dollars to go through a little door in an old house in rural Maine.


Twin teenage sisters are the descendants of dragons. When their mother learns that their pride has a dark plan for the girls, she sends the twins to live a normal life with humans.

First Ascent

While attempting to ascend a mountain in Bhutan, a group of climbers are attacked by an unseen beast.

Fourth Horseman

A young medical intern is haunted by nightmarish clairvoyant visions of the future, is hunted by three of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. He discovers his destiny is to prevent the rise of the Fourth Horseman–Death–and to avert the end of the world.