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Ten thousand elite Greek mercenaries attack the Persian Empire and lead them back through hostile terrain after their leader is betrayed & slain.


Focuses on the formative years of Attila the Hun who later in life becomes the leader of the Hunnic Empire, which brazenly attacks Rome and lays waste to much of Europe. He dies under mysterious circumstances on his wedding night in 453 AD.

A Woman of No Importance

Gerald Arbuthnot, who introduces his prospective employer, Lord Illingworth, to his mother. But she realizes that Illingworth is the man who jilted her long ago and is Gerald's father.

Alexander the Great

Based on the trilogy of novels by Valerio Manfredi ("Alexander: Child of a Dream", "Alexander: The Sands of Ammon", and "Alexander: The Ends of the Earth"), the film follows the short life of Alexander the Great, who by the age of 25 conquered 90% of the known world.

A History of British Ci...

This documentary charts the history of British cinema similar to what Martin Scorsese has previously done for American and Italian cinema with 1995's "A Personal Journey with Martin Scorsese Through American Movies" and 2001's "My Journey to Italy".

An Officer and a Spy

A counter-espionage officer defies orders and embarks on a compromising mission to clear the name of a French-Jewish officer who was unfairly accused of spying for Germany and imprisoned on Devil’s Island in the late 1890s.


A portrait of the Booth family, who include some of the most renowned actors of the 1800s—as well as John Wilkes Booth, Abraham Lincoln's assassin.