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Poker Night

When rookie detective Stan Jeter (Hayden Christensen) wakes to find himself strapped to a chair in a dim and filthy basement he has every reason to panic. Having ignored the advice of his Captain and mentor Calabrese (Samuel L. Jackson) he is waylaid by a call on his scanner, and has fallen into an elaborate trap – but his nightmarish ordeal is only just beginning…

Jeter's faceless abductor is a vicious serial killer who is bent on ruining his reputation, while mercilessly torturing his captive both physically and mentally. Any thoughts of immediate escape are banished though on the realisation his girlfriend Amy also lies captive somewhere in this underground hell.

Cut off from the outside world and with the realisation that this monster is unstoppable; Stan is forced to refer back to the only help available to him. Tradition demands that the rookie attend a "Poker Night" - an evening when the veteran detectives impart their priceless knowledge to the rookie. Only their tales contain the survival skills Stan requires to escape from his living nightmare. They may also solve the puzzle of Stan's nemesis' terrifying vendetta against him.


In "Twisted", a police detective named Jessica Shepard (Ashley Judd) tracks a serial killer who murders the men she dates. When Jessica begins blacking out before each murder takes place, her partner, Mike Delmarco (Andy Garcia), and the police commissioner (Samuel L. Jackson) target her as the prime suspect.