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Drive-Away Dolls

Aparty girl takes a trip from Philadelphia to Miami with her buttoned-up friend. Along the way they cruise the bars and encounter, among other obstacles, a severed head in a hatbox, a bitter ex-girlfriend, a mystery briefcase and an evil senator.


Rickey, a lively and adventurous young man, and Glenn, his longtime friend who has embraced a settled family life, embark on a spontaneous road trip from Los Angeles to Sacramento. Along the way, they confront their shared history, prompting them to reflect on their future paths.

K-Pop: Lost in America

A up and coming K-pop group finds themselves mistakenly stranded in Waco, Texas, just days before their American debut at Madison Square Garden. Left with no phones, no money and no transportation, the group must overcome their differences and a host of crazy obstacles to make it to New York. Along the way, they learn to love Texas, and Texas learns to love them back.