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Long Day’s Journey Into...

Set on one single day in August 1912 at the family’s Connecticut seaside home, the story follows the Tyrone family as it faces the looming dual spectres of Edmund’s potentially fatal consumption diagnosis alongside his mother Mary’s increasingly fragile and anxious state of mind.
Location: Ireland

Marjorie Prime

An elderly, arthritic former violinist named Marjorie, stares headlong into the decline of old age as her memories begin to fail her. Availing herself of a service that provides holographic recreations of deceased loved ones as their survivors would like them remembered, Marjorie spends her time with her daughter and son-in-law, and with an imperfect copy of her deceased husband, Walter, as he looked in his 30s and 40s.

Speed the Plow

Newly appointed studio chief named Bobby Gould is under pressure to deliver a hit. His longtime colleague Charlie Fox gifts him with a tip that will enrich Fox and enable the studio chief to land a superstar who always works for a rival studio. But as the men discuss, they involve an attractive temp secretary who becomes the subject of a bet between them over who can bed her. Turns out she has her own angle to rise up the Hollywood ladder, and manipulates both Hollywood vets.

The Wasp

Heather and Carla agree to meet after having not spoken in years. Over tea, Heather presents a very unexpected proposition that will change their lives forever.