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Flash Boys

A financial thriller about a group of Wall Street traders who band together to reform the market and fight the long-secret phenomenon known as high-frequency trading (HFT).

The Last Mrs. Parrish

A con-woman targets a wealthy couple — the Parrishes — as her next victims. Their life is more complicated than she imagined.

The Upper World

Esso is caught in a deadly feud and on the verge of expulsion when he realizes he has an unexpected gift: access to a world where he can see glimpses of the past and the future.

Dead or Alive

Centers on two men, Mitsuyo Maeda and Rickson Gracie, and how they developed and spread a mixed martial art that became known as Brazilian jiu-jitsu.


An amiable eccentric's friendship with a six and one-half foot tall invisible rabbit affects every member of his family and community.

The Cipher

FBI agent Nina Guerrero finds herself drawn into a serial killer’s case after he strategically posts complex codes and riddles online corresponding to recent murders in order to lure her into a cat and mouse chase.

Thelma The Unicorn

After wishing to become a unicorn, Thelma the Pony rises to instant international pop-superstar stardom, but at an unexpected cost.

A Tourist’s Guide to Love

After an unexpected break up, a travel executive (Cook) accepts an assignment to go undercover and learn about the tourist industry in Vietnam. Along the way she finds adventure and romance with her Vietnamese expat tour guide.


The story follows characters who are coping with the collapse of the social order, set against a catastrophic worldwide power crisis.


Set in an underground city, a pilot crash-lands at a secret entrance to the city, called Rapture, and is drawn into a power struggle during which he discovers that his will is not as free as he'd thought.


An 80 year-old woman, Bonnie Black, dies in a Manhattan hospital only to find herself reborn in the prime of life in the afterlife world of Adystria, a magical land of monsters and dragons where good and evil are waging an eternal war.

Soul Soul Soul: The Mur...

Murray Murray, a legendary soul singer from the early 1960s, is a legend in his own mind. He puts his old band back together and tries to take down hip-hop when a hot artist samples his hit song from 1962.

Stay Close

A past crime returns to devastate the lives of a photojournalist, a suburban mother with a hidden past, and a homicide detective obsessed with a series of unsolved disappearances. The three people are plunged into a dark world of sex, secrets and shocking violence.

The Last Days of Americ...

The film follows an unlikely team of criminals as they plan what will be the last heist in American history as the U.S. government prepares to broadcast a signal making it impossible for its citizens to commit crime.

Time To Hunt

A group of young people commit crimes to survive in a near-future hit by financial crisis.


A young African girl named Tunga, who, after the death of her father, must venture to a mythical lost city where her people’s spiritual elders can teach her how to summon the rain and save her village from a long-enduring drought. Accompanying Tunga is her animal totem Zuze — a wooden figurine that comes to life as a trouble-making honey badger.