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Candy Land

A live-action epic adventure centered around finding the lost king of Candy Land. Enchanted lands such as Candy Cane Forest and Gum Drop Mountain, as well as Frostine, Gramma Nutt and Lord Licorice will hopefully make an appearance.

Chuckle Bears

Aliens from another planet take the form of brightly colored teddy bears and go on a mission to Earth to banish sadness from the human race. Complications arise when a greedy toy executive exploits the aliens by creating a line of toys that look like them.


Over the course of one night in a closed department store, a teddy bear goes on an adventure to find his lost button so that he can find the home and the friend that he has always wanted.

Courageous Cat

A contemporary live-action/CGI feature with a new mythology for the character, Courageous Cat and his sidekick Minute Mouse.