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The Sun Always Sets in ...

A drifter finds redemption with a hardscrabble frontier woman and her young daughter, only to see his dream of happiness jeopardized when brute mercenaries show up at his door.

Burial Rites

A young woman is accused of murder in Iceland in 1829 and faces becoming the last woman to be publicly executed in the country. The film will tell the story of a tragic romance set against the odds during an endless Icelandic summer.

The Drummer Boy

No plot details announced; however, we know it involves the faith-based musical group For King & Country.

The Last Battle

Weeks after Hitler’s suicide but before the German surrender, American Captain Jack Lee must find a way to free prisoners they learn have been sentenced to be killed by the Nazi soldiers to prevent them from providing damning war crimes testimony. About 200 hardened Waffen SS troops are right behind the Americans, with orders to murder the prisoners, and the badly outnumbered Americans must turn to the German castle guards who just surrendered to them, to help move the French POWs to safety.

Beautiful Jim Key

The story centers on the showman Dr. William Key and his performing horse, Beautiful Jim Key. His promoters claimed the horse could read, write and do math. Key, a former slave, was relegated to carnivals so he recruited a one-time promoter for P.T. Barnum to be his front man — leading to the horse becoming a national sensation at the 1904 St. Louis Exposition.

Close Enough

Tom Hiddleston will play renowned war photographer Robert Capa, Hayley Atwell the acclaimed photojournalist Gerda Taro. Born Andrei Friedman and Gerta Pohorylle, Capa and Taro reinvented themselves after fleeing the Nazis in 1934 to Paris, where they built a life together. It was there, after the war, that the two would create the Magnum photo agency in 1947.


The Egyptian queen Cleopatra, a firm ruler and military tactician, embarks on a ruthless rise to power. She twice marries brothers, killing each of them as well as a sister. Romantic alliances with the much-older Roman honchos Julius Caesar and Marc Antony help her solidify power, but her dalliance with Antony undoes both of them.

Home Front

In addition to being a wife and mother, a woman is a Blackhawk pilot in the National Guard who is called to serve a tour of duty in Iraq.

The Devil's Brigade

During WWII, Davie Berman, the only Jewish member of the Luciano mob, is requested by the U.S. military to help turn the tide of events against the Germans in Italy. He almost single-handedly drives the Germans out of the southern region of Italy.


Julius Caesar and Marcus Brutus bond at boyhood and grow into warriors who become politically ambitious and powerful enough to be regarded as threats by the establishment. Political and romantic entanglements culminate in a fatal encounter on the floor of the Roman Senate. Revenge is taken on Caesar's murderers by Octavius and Mark Antony.

Ernest Shackleton Project

Ernest Shackleton leads three British expeditions to the Antarctic. His ship Endurance is crushed by ice floes and he manages to keep everyone alive in a harrowing journey to safety in sub zero temperatures.


Story of one of the most complicated military leaders-turned politicians in American history, Ulysses S. Grant.

K Troop

Set after the Civil War, the Ku Klux Klan rises in the South in 1865 and Major Lewis Merrill leads the U.S. Army's K Troop against the KKK in 1871. However, the group surfaces again in 1915 and in the 1950s.

The Mountain

Set in the early 1900s, a young woman struggles to confront her destiny after stumbling upon a mysterious object that forces her to examine the secrets of her past.

The Secret Life of Dr. ...

A woman spends her entire life as a man so she can study and practice medicine. She becomes a prominent surgeon who spends her groundbreaking career championing the rights of the lower classes and pushing for medical reforms and better sanitary conditions. Her true gender is not discovered until her death in 1865.

A Most Dangerous Man

Otto Skorzeny, a high ranking Nazi special forces soldier and Hitler confidant, is known by the Allies as "the most dangerous man in Europe." After the war, Skorzeny is relocated and recruited by an intrepid Mossad agent to work with him as a double agent to eliminate Nazi rocket scientists working on a secret Egyptian rocket program.


Set in an alternate history steampunk-themed version of the 1940s where World War II never ended, the world is divided into three blocs: the Allies, comprised of the US, the Commonwealth, and the French colonies. The Axis, not led by Hitler, who was successfully assassinated in Operation Valkerie; and the SSU, a union of the USSR and China. The discovery of new ore leads to the creation of combat robots.