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The Beatles Documentary

A music documentary based on 55 hours of never-released footage of The Beatles in the studio.

Dreamin' Wild

Donnie and Joe Emerson's family leverage their farm in the 1970s in order to produce the brothers’ record, Dreamin’ Wild.

The Man Who Forgot He W...

T La Rock rises as a pioneer and ground-breaker in rap music until a nearly deadly beating that leaves him in a coma at the peak of his career.

The Legend of Fillmore ...

Fillmore Slim (né Clarence Sims) begins pursuing a music career in the 1950s, but is lured away by the pimp game during the 1960s and 1970s. He eventually returns to music in the 1980s and continues to tour today at age 77.


The life story of the legendary gypsy guitarist Django Reinhardt. He was this handsome gypsy whose music was just reaching the mainstream when a fire started in the gypsy caravan and he rushed in to save his wife (getting badly burned in the process). The doctors wanted to amputate his left hand and right leg, but the gypsies (kidnapped) him and nursed him back to health. He played anyway, until he was captured during WWII by the Nazis, who had outlawed jazz in Europe and wanted to completely exterminate gypsies. His music wound up saving his life." He later became the toast of the Paris jazz set and realized his dream to play with Ellington at Carnegie Hall.

Blond Ambition

The story is set in early 1980s New York as Madonna Louise Ciccone works on her first album, struggling in a business that treats women badly, while also dealing with a burgeoning love life and the first hints of fame.

Sam Philips

Sam Phillips is a pioneer in the music industry during the 1950s as a producer helps launch the careers of Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis.

Space Opera

A fierce musical contest has arisen in the wake of a great galactic war known as the Metagalactic Grand Prix. Part gladiatorial contest, part beauty pageant, part concert extravaganza, and part continuation of the wars of the past, species far and wide compete in feats of song, and dance.

The Great Pretender

Based on the autobiography of London-based music promoter Roy Tempest, who organized UK tours in the 1960s for some of America’s biggest soul acts – even though the acts were fakes.

Korean Pop Project

An Asian American college student from the U.S. becomes a top competitor on South Korea’s toughest k-pop competition show.


Follows Marvin Gaye's entire life, from his emergence at Motown through his defiance of Berry Gordy to record "What's Goin' On" and on up to his death.

Marvin Gaye

A biopic of the Motown soul singer behind such hits as “What’s Going On,” “Sexual Healing,” and “Let’s Get It On”.

Milli Vanilli

The '80s pop duo Milli Vanilli, made up of Rob Pilatus and Fabrice Morvan, soars to the top of the charts then falls just as precipitously when they are exposed as lip-synching frauds.