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The Master Gardener

A meticulous horticulturist is devoted to tending the grounds of a beautiful estate and pandering to his employer, the wealthy dowager. When she demands that he take on her great niece, it unlocks dark secrets from a buried violent past.

The Dating Game

Sheryl Bradshaw is a bachelorette on the hit 1970s TV matchmaking show "The Dating Game" and chooses handsome and funny bachelor number one, Rodney Alcala. But behind Alcala’s charming façade is a deadly secret: he is a psychopathic serial killer.

The Bricklayer

The FBI reaches out to a former agent, working as a Chicago bricklayer, to track down and combat a criminal group that is demanding an escalating series of multi-million dollar ransom payments.

The Kill Room

A hitman, his boss (Jackson), an art dealer (Thurman) and a money-laundering scheme gone awry.
Locations: US - New Jersey; US - New York

The Harbor

A redemptive tale of a shamed and discredited former Boston narcotics cop turned private investigator who takes on an intriguing murder case. His investigation pivots when he discovers the murder was part of a government conspiracy.

The Big Stone Grid

Two decorated detectives uncover a terrifying extortion ring that operates within the secret underbelly of New York City.

The Exodus of Charlie W...

The story centers on Charlie (Quinn), a Los Angeles billionaire financial whiz who goes into self-imposed exile in Tijuana after his empire is revealed to have been a Ponzi scheme. While looking for the woman he abandoned there 25 years before, Charlie is pursued by a Mexican gangster (Andy Garcia), a federal agent (Mario Van Peebles) and thugs sent by a former client (Luke Goss) looking to retrieve his money.

The Knife

Based on the true story of a rookie gang-banger trying to make it out of his gang lifestyle and hot head F.B.I. Agent who team up to infiltrate the organization of a Los Angeles gang leader.

The Cartel Trilogy [TV]

The Cartel tells the intertwined story of Art Keller and Adan Berrera, friends whose paths diverged when Keller went to work for DEA and Berrera joined the Sonora drug cartel.

The Heart

Two people are on the job to deliver a human heart from New York to Florida in 24 hours. When they realize that their delivery is destined for a black-market buyer, they attempt to reroute the heart to its rightful recipient, but are soon hunted down by criminals.

The Sainthood of Bethan...

Bethany Wolfe, a young girl, is taken in by a priest after losing her parents in a bloody murder-suicide. Told by the priest that she's destined to become a saint, she instead grows up to be a contract killer. Riddled with guilt and struggling with OCD, she finds herself on the brink of insanity as she's forced to reconcile what she has become with what she is meant to be.

The Worst Marriage in G...

Albrect Muth, an eccentric social climber, is seduced and married a wealthy older widow, Viola Drath. Muth and Drath threw lavish events in their home as Muth lied about his background — which came under scrutiny after Drath was found murdered.

The Geography of Hope

In the 1970s-set story, two crooks flee to Baja, Mexico, after a robbery in a San Diego convenience store goes bad. There they encounter several American women, and they find themselves torn between the impulse to grift the ladies and romance them.
Location: US - Puerto Rico

The Hypnotist

Detective Joona Linna investigates a grisly triple homicide where the only survivor, a young boy, is too traumatized to testify. Linna convinces a famous psychologist, against his better judgment, to hypnotize the boy, setting off a terrifying chain of events.
Location: Sweden

The Preacher's Son

Story centers on a young man who stumbles his way into having to steal $200,000 from his father's church and then must rob a number of banks in order to pay back the church before anyone can notice any missing funds.
Locations: US - California; US - Georgia