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Diary of a Wimpy Kid

An all-new animated adaptation-- different than the recent live-action films.


TBA, 2021 VOD / Digital


Set ten years after the first movie with Giselle finding herself questioning her happily ever after, and accidentally triggering events that make everyone's lives turn upside down in both the real world and in the animated kingdom of Andalasia.


TBA, 2022 VOD / Digital


A secular Jewish British doctor investigates the sudden death of her young daughter, a freelance TV journalist, in the streets of Gaza City, only to discover a secret life her daughter led.


A disgraced astronaut embarks on a mission to reach the bottom of a newly discovered oceanic trench, theorized to be the lowest point on planet Earth. He encounters an increasing level of danger, and soon finds himself in a fight against mysterious forces.
Location: Hungary


A woman travels with her husband to Germany’s Black Forest upon the death of her huntsman grandfather.

Divorce Ranch

The comedy set in Nevada just after WWII, when a quickie divorce could be granted after residency was established. Sevigny will portray an actress who comes to the ranch with her 6-year-old son so she can then marry a wealthy man. Deschanel will play her assistant.


A woman returns from combat and befriends a family in New York City. When a gang of thieves plot to take the family's valuables, she fights to defend the family.

Don't Worry Darling

An unhappy 1950s housewife comes to believe she is actually living in a simulation in which her husband's desire is to live in a past where women are subservient to their husbands.

Dreams of a Dying Heart

The Iraq war story focuses on the drama of a female helicopter pilot who is shot down in Iraq. She must race to not only save her own life, but also to find a way back to her 18-year-old daughter.


Three stories about the world of opioids collide: a drug trafficker, an architect recovering from an addiction, and a university professor battles unexpected revelations about his research employer.

Defending the Enemy

At the end of World War II, Gen. Douglas MacArthur assigns neophyte defense attorney John Skeen to represent Gen. Masaharu Homma, who is accused of organizing the brutal death march in Bataan, Philippines.


A young Emirati couple returns home from the U.S. and discover that their new apartment is also home to malevolent beings known as Djinn.
Location: United Arab Emirates