DVD & Blu-rays Released November 15, 2022

Amy Renner Amy Renner

Dec. 10, 2022

Gigi & Nate

Gigi & Nate is the story of Nate Gibson, a young man whose life is turned upside down after he suffers a near-fatal illness and is left a quadriplegic. Moving forward seems near impossible until he meets his unlikely service animal, Gigi - a curious and intelligent capuchin monkey. Although she is trained to assist Nate with his basic needs, Gigi helps Nate find what he needs most of all: hope.

Josephine Langford, Nick Hamm, David Hudgins, Marcia Gay Harden, Jim Belushi, Diane Ladd, Zoe Colletti, Hannah Riley

PG-13 Drama True Story 1 hr, 54 mins


  • 4.6
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Jerry and Marge Go Large

A true story of a lotto-scamming couple.

Bryan Cranston, David Frankel, Annette Bening, Michael McKean, Brad Copeland, Uly Schlesinger, Anna Camp, Ann Harada

PG-13 Comedy Crime


  • 4
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Sharp Stick

No plot details have been announced.

Lena Dunham, Scott Speedman, Glen Basner, Michael P. Cohen, Kevin Turen, Katia Washington, Kristine Froseth, Taylour Paige

R Comedy 1 hr, 26 mins


  • 5
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R.I.P.D. 2: Rise of the Damned

A sequel to thge 2013 film R.I.P.D. No plot details have been announced.

Jeffrey Donovan, Paul Leyden, Andrew Klein, Richard Fleeshman, Jake Choi, Kerry Knuppe, Stephanie Levi-John, Craige Els

PG-13 Action Sequel


  • 4.5
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Mia Goth stars as Pearl in a prequel to the horror film X.

Ti West, Mia Goth, David Corenswet, Tandi Wright



  • 5
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Three Thousand Years Of Longing

The plot is unknown. Said to be an "epic love story".

Victor Hadida, Idris Elba, Tilda Swinton, Craig McMahon, George Miller, Doug Mitchell, Dean Hood, Kevin Sun

R Drama Fantasy Romance 1 hr, 58 mins


  • 4.5
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Halo (Series)

A warrior soldier known only as "Master Chief" battles a group of alien religious zealots who believe one of their most sacred artifacts is located on Earth.

Steven Spielberg, Peter Schlessel, Mary Parent, Scott Stuber, Justin Falvey, Toby Leslie, Kiki Wolfkill, Kyle Killen

Action Adventure Fantasy Sci-Fi Based on Game


  • 4.9
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Jeepers Creepers Reborn

The film unfolds as the Horror Hound festival holds its first ever event in Louisiana, where it attracts hundreds of geeks, freaks and die-hard horror fans from far and wide. Among them is fanboy Chase and his girlfriend Laine, who is forced to come along for the ride. But as the event approaches, Laine begins to experience unexplained premonitions and disturbing visions associated with the town’s past, and in particular, local legend/urban myth The Creeper. As the festival arrives and the blood-soaked entertainment builds to a frenzy, Laine believes that something unearthly has been summoned…and that she is at the center of it.

Timo Vuorensola, Jake Seal, Michael Ohoven, Sean Michael Argo, Sydney Craven, Imran Adams, Ocean Navarro, Matt Barkley

NR Sequel Horror 1 hr, 28 mins


  • 5
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A group of artist's lives become unwittingly entangled as their obsessions and insecurities manifest monsters, demons and death.

Bryce Johnson, Spider One, Krsy Fox, Adam Busch, Scout Compton

NR Horror 1 hr, 10 mins


  • 3
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Zombieland 2: Double Tap

Zombie slayers Columbus, Tallahasse, Wichita, and Little Rock move to the American heartland as they face off against evolved zombies. Family conflict, new survivors, and ever advancing zombies cause these zombie killers to work together in new ways in this sequel to the original hit.

Rosario Dawson, Emma Stone, Jesse Eisenberg, Rhett Reese, Dave Callaham, Abigail Breslin, Ruben Fleischer, Gavin Polone

Action Comedy Sequel Horror 3D


  • 2.8
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Hansan: Rising Dragon

A prequel to The Admiral: Roaring Currents—the most-watched film in Korean cinema history—Hansan: Rising Dragon depicts the historical Battle of Hansando. In 1592, admiral Yi Sun-sin and his fleet face off against the might of the invading Japanese navy and its formidable warships. As the Korean forces fall into crisis, the admiral resorts to using his secret weapon, the dragon head ships known as geobukseon, in order to change the tide of this epic battle at sea.

Kim Han-min, Park Hae-il, Byun Yo-han, Kim Hyang-gi

NR Action War Prequel 2 hrs, 10 mins


  • 5
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Both Sides of the Blade

Juliette Binoche is Sara, a woman whose life spirals out of control when she becomes involved in a passionate love triangle.

Claire Denis, Juliette Binoche, Christine Angot, Vincent Lindon, Grégoire Colin, Issa Perica, Mati Diop, Bulle Ogier

NR Drama Romance Adaptation 1 hr, 56 mins


  • 4
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Queen of Glory

Ghanaian-American Sarah is all set to abandon her Ivy League doctoral program to follow her married lover across the country. Her plans are derailed, however when her mother’s sudden death leaves her the owner of a neighborhood bookshop in the Bronx.

Nana Mensah, Meeko Gattuso, Russell G. Jones, Oberon K.A. Adjepong, Adam Leon, Ward Horton

Comedy 1 hr, 18 mins


  • 4
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After her mother is murdered by her stepfather, gifted 15 year old student Pearl goes to live with an ex-lover of her mother, a grumpy unemployed film director who, pending the results of a paternity test, may be her biological father.

Bobby Roth, Anthony LaPaglia, Sarah Carter, Barbara Williams, Ming-Na Wen, Bruce Davison



  • 4.1
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Christmas In Paradise

Kelsey Grammer, Elizabeth Hurley, and Billy Ray Cyrus star in this charming tropical tale guaranteed to heat up your holidays. Three quirky sisters chase their estranged dad (Grammer) down to his beachside pad in the Caribbean and enjoy a little fun in the sun. But why did he disappear to the islands? Only Joanna (Hurley) knows for sure, and she’s sworn to secrecy! Love, laughter, and songs by Cyrus make this a Christmas to remember.

Philippe Martinez, Kelsey Grammer, Elizabeth Hurley, Megan Brown-Martinez, Billy Ray Cyrus

PG Comedy Holiday


  • 5
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Moonage Daydream

A cinematic odyssey exploring David Bowie’s creative and musical journey.

Brett Morgen

Documentary Music IMAX


  • 5
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