The Guillotines Movie Updates

The Guillotines Movie Updates

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    Wed., Jun. 5, 2013

    from Amazon


    • added the U.S. DVD release date of August 13, 2013

    • Fri., May. 10, 2013

      from Well Go USA

      • added a running time of 112 minutes
        • set the MPAA rating to R for strong violent content
          • added IMDb link
            • added photos to the gallery
              • added Theatrical Trailer to trailers & videos
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                • added the U.S. VOD release date of May 14, 2013
                  • added action as genre
                    • added a synopsis
                    • During the Manchurian-ruled Qing Dynasty, Emperor Yong Zheng established a secret assassination squad known as the Guillotines to eliminate all who opposed him. Once heavily favored by the Emperor, the Guillotines are deemed expendable once Emperor Q... show all