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One Missed Call

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2008 | PG-13 | Horror Suspense | 1hr, 27m

A college student's friends begin receiving cell phone messages from the future in which they hear themselves being murdered. When she receives her own death message, the coed has three days to change her fate.

U.S. Release Date

One Missed Call release date was Friday, January 4, 2008.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

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Directed by

Eric Valette


Andrew Klavan
Miwako Daira
Yasushi Akimoto


Rating MPAA

PG-13 for intense sequences of violence and terror, frightening images, some sexual material and thematic elements


Beth Raymond is traumatized when she witnesses the gruesome deaths of two friends just days apart. Even more disturbing, she knows that both of them had received chilling cell phone messages--actual recordings of their own horrifying last moments. Impossibly, the calls were received days before they died, but each death occurred precisely when and how the messages foretold. The police think Beth is delusional--except for Detective Jack Andrews, whose own sister was killed in a freak accident that bears a strange similarity to the deaths of Beth''s friends. Together, Jack and Beth work feverishly to unravel the mystery behind the ominous calls. But even as they get closer to the truth, Beth''s cell phone begins to ring with an eerie tune, and the readout displays: "One Missed Call".

Trivia & Production Notes

  • An english-language remake of the Japanese horror hit One Missed Call.

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