Scream 4 Movie credits

New Decade. New Rules.

Scream 4 Cast and Crew

Selected credits (non-exhaustive)

Directed by

Wes Craven
Kevin Williamson (Formerly Rumored)

Produced by

Wes Craven
Iya Labunka
Bob Weinstein
Harvey Weinstein
Kevin Williamson


Michael T. Kennedy
Kevin Williamson


David Arquette ... Sheriff Dewey Riley
Courteney Cox-Arquette ... Gale Weathers-Riley
Neve Campbell ... Sidney Prescott
Hayden Panettiere ... Kirby Reed
Rory Culkin ... Charlie Walker
Emma Roberts ... Jill Kessler
Nico Tortorella ... Trevor Sheldon
Adam Brody ... Detective Hoss
Marley Shelton ... Judy Hicks
Eric Knudsen ... Robbie
Anthony Anderson ... Deputy Perkins
Alison Brie ... Rebecca
Mary McDonnell ... Kate Kessler
Anna Paquin
Kristen Bell
Marielle Jaffe ... Olivia Morris
Britt Robertson
Lake Bell (Former)
Ashley Greene (Formerly In Talks)
Lauren Graham (Formerly Rumored)


Dimension Films   United States

Production Companies

Midnight Entertainment
Outerbanks Entertainment
The Weinstein Company