Roadkill Movie Updates

Roadkill Movie Updates

Total Updates: 10

    Tue., Sep. 21, 2010

    from Film|Ratings

    Reasons for Movie Ratings

    • changed the production status to Complete
      • set the MPAA rating to R for some bloody violence, language and brief nudity

      • Mon., Jun. 22, 2009

        • added Lleju Productions as a production company
          • added John Stockwell to the credits
            • added Bill Perkins to the credits
              • added John Niven to the credits
                • added Nick Ball to the credits
                  • added a synopsis
                  • "Two amateur private detectives take on more than they anticipated when they agree to protect a high-end escort being pursued by a female assassin. While on the run, they discover what could be a government conspiracy."
                    • changed the production status to Development