Movies Released February 16, 2024

Friday, February 16

Land of Bad R

Reaper (Crowe) is an Air Force drone pilot supporting a Delta Force special ops mission in the South Philippines. After the mission goes terribly wrong, he has 48 hours to remedy what has devolved into a wild rescue operation. The green air controller is thrust into the middle of a high-stakes extraction which involves no weapons and no communication other than the drone above.
Russell Crowe, William Eubank, David Frigerio, Liam Hemsworth, Daniel MacPherson, Milo Ventimiglia, Ricky Whittle, Luke Hemsworth
Action Thriller

No Way Up R

Story of a stricken aircraft that crashes into the Pacific Ocean.
Andy Mayson, Colm Meaney, Jeremias Amoore, Claudio Fäh, Will Clarke, Mike Runagall, Kelsey Grammer, Phyllis Logan.

Lights Out R

A drifting ex-soldier turns underground fighter with the help of a just released ex-con, pitting them both against corrupt cops and hired killers gunning for them and all those they care about.
Mekhi Phifer, Dermot Mulroney, Frank Grillo, Scott Adkins, Christian Sesma, Jaime King
Action Thriller

God & Country PG-13

Looks at the implications of Christian Nationalism and how it distorts not only our constitutional republic, but Christianity itself. Featuring prominent Christian thought leaders, GOD & COUNTRY asks this question: What happens when a faith built on love, sacrifice, and forgiveness grows political tentacles, conflating power, money, and belief into hyper-nationalism?
Michele Reiner, Dan Partland, Steve Okin, Rob Reiner, Jeff Okin

Altered Reality

When Oliver (Charles Agron) is isolated at Spring Manor, a mysterious caretaker named Jack (Lance Henriksen) approaches him with an impossible request. Oliver rebuffs him, and Jack suddenly vanishes but leaves Oliver a bottle of medicine that doesn't yet exist. Oliver takes the pills not realizing that he unwittingly enters a pact with Jack and an unscrupulous business partner (Tobin Bell). Oliver's new fortune is short-lived as his daughter disappears on a family outing at the Manor. Oliver is beyond devastation and wants his old life back, but this deal with the devil has a no-return policy, or does it? This gripping supernatural thriller explores greed, family, and redemption, keeping you guessing until the very end.
Charles Agron, Lance Henriksen, Armand Gazarian, Tobin Bell, Don E FauntLeRoy, Edward Asner, Alyona Khmara, Krista Dane Hoffman

Monolith R

While trying to salvage her career, a disgraced journalist begins investigating a strange conspiracy theory. But as the trail leads uncomfortably close to home, she is left to grapple with the lies at the heart of her own story.
Lily Sullivan, Terence Crawford, Matt Vesely, Ling Cooper Tang, Ansuya Nathan, Erik Thomson
Drama Thriller

This Is Me...Now

This Is Me…Now: A Love Story is like nothing you’ve ever seen from Jennifer Lopez. Alongside director Dave Meyers, Jennifer has created a narrative-driven cinematic odyssey, steeped in mythological storytelling and personal healing. Dropping in tandem with her first studio album in a decade, this genre-bending Amazon original showcases her journey to love through her own eyes. With fantastical costumes, breathtaking choreography, and star-studded cameos, this panorama is an introspective retrospective of Jennifer’s resilient heart.
Keke Palmer, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Sofia Vergara, Trevor Noah, Ben Affleck, Dave Meyers, Fat Joe, Post Malone

This Is Me... Now: The Film PG-13

Unlike anything Jennifer has ever done before and inspired by her upcoming album, the film is an intimate, fantastical and narrative-driven reflection of her personal journey of self-healing and self-love. Lopez has created an immersive world where music and visuals intertwine, revealing the challenges faced and the triumphs achieved. Audiences will witness the transformation and vulnerability in every frame.
Jennifer Lopez, Dave Meyers
Documentary Music

Snoopy Presents: Welcome Home, Franklin

The origin story for one of Peanuts’ most beloved characters, Franklin, follows how he approaches making new friends. Franklin’s family is always on the move with his dad’s military job, and everywhere he goes Franklin finds support in a notebook filled with his grandfather’s advice on friendship. But when Franklin tries his usual strategies with the Peanuts gang, he has trouble fitting in. That’s until he learns about the neighborhood Soap Box Derby race. According to his grandfather, everyone loves a winner! He’s sure that winning the race will also mean winning over some new friends. All he needs is a partner, which he finds in Charlie Brown. Franklin and Charlie Brown work together to build a car and in the process become good buddies. But as the race nears, the pressure mounts — can their car and their newfound friendship make it to the finish line?
Raymond S. Persi
Family Animation

Bleeding Love

In hopes of reconnecting with his estranged child, a father (Golden Globe®-Winner Ewan McGregor) takes his now-adult daughter (Clara McGregor) on a road trip to New Mexico to bring them closer together and sort out their strained relationship.
Sasha Alexander, Vera Bulde, Emma Westenberg, Ewan McGregor, Clara McGregor, Kim Zimmer, Devyn McDowell, Jake Weary
95 mins

God & Country: The Rise of Christian Nationalism PG-13

”God & Country’ looks at the implications of Christian Nationalism and how it distorts not only our constitutional republic, but Christianity itself…[it also] asks this question: What happens when a faith built on love, sacrifice, and forgiveness grows political tentacles, conflating power, money, and belief into hyper-nationalism?”
Dan Partland, Steve Okin, Rob Reiner
Documentary Faith

Friday, February 16