Movies Released March 24, 2023

Friday, March 24

John Wick: Chapter 4 R

A fourth installment of Keanu Reeves' action franchise.
Donnie Yen, Clancy Brown, Chad Stahelski, David Leitch, Michael Finch, Keanu Reeves, Shamier Anderson, Basil Iwanyk
Action Sequel Thriller Crime

Last Sentinel

Set in the future on a war-ravaged Earth, four soldiers man Sentinel – a remote military base in a vast ocean that separates two warring continents. They await the relief or the enemy, whichever comes first. But as the empty weeks turn to months, a paranoia descends testing relationships to breaking point. Whilst their tour of duty ended three months ago, the relief crew still hasn’t shown up. Alone and uncertain as to their fate, the simmering tension amongst the crew only escalates when a mysterious boat drifts into range – is it the help they have been waiting so long for, or something far more sinister?
Jorg Bundschuh, Ivo Felt, Ben Pullen, Tanel Toom, Pippa Cross, Matt Wilkinson, Malachi Smyth, Kate Bosworth
Action Thriller

The Tudor

An in-demand tutor is assigned to instruct a billionaire’s son from their New York waterfront estate. But what should be a straightforward job is complicated by the student's disturbing obsession with him, threatening to expose his darkest secrets.
Garrett Hedlund, Victoria Justice, Jordan Ross, Noah Schnapp
92 mins

The Tutor PG-13

A professional tutor (Hedlund) who, after being given an unexpected assignment at a remote manor, finds himself battling his disturbed student’s (Schnapp) obsessions that threaten to expose his darkest secrets.
Garrett Hedlund, Victoria Justice, Jordan Ross, Ryan King, Ekaterina Baker, Noah Schnapp, Jonny Weston
Thriller Mystery
86 mins

Chantilly Bridge NR

Chantilly Bridge reunites a group of lifelong, steadfast friends who are still – in their later years -- chasing their dreams, fighting injustices, and sticking up for their convictions. The women lay bare their lives and deal with important issues that impact all women with humor, humility, humanity, and love. No topic escapes the razor-like wit and insight of these women: equality, sex, menopause, mortality, feminism, parenthood, careers, love, and even “me-too” moments. While women often feel invisible in the world, this film highlights who they are and what they care about. We experience what women are truly like and what they discuss in a setting where no men are present. Chantilly Bridge is also about reconnecting with old friends from the past and the beauty of a shared history.
Naaji Sky Adzimah, Linda Yellen, Lindsay Crouse, Jill Eikenberry, Patricia Richardson, Talia Shire, Ally Sheedy, Helen Slater

20 Minutes PG-13

An incoming ballistic missile to Hawaii changes twelve people's lives when they discover they have 20 minutes to live.
Michael Camp, Timothy A. Chey, Dia Frampton, Aaron Braxton, Lehi Makisi Falepapalangi, Dean Testerman, Mihara India, Fili Leasau

The Lost King PG-13

Plot inspired by the true story of finding British monarch King Richard III’s remains under a Leicester car park.
Stephen Frears, Steve Coogan, Jeff Pope, Sally Hawkins
Drama Comedy
99 mins

The Worst Ones NR

Set in the suburbs of Boulogne-Sur-Mer in northern France, The Worst Ones captures a film within a film as it follows the production of a feature whose director turns to the local Cité Picasso housing project for casting.
Lise Akoka, Romane Gueret
Drama Comedy

School of Magical Animals PG

Ida must transfer to a new school, where she soon realizes the students are unkind to each other. However, that all changes when a new teacher, Miss Cornfield, begins to educate them on the value of friendship and magic.
Denis Lyons, Leonard Conrads, Justus von Dohnanyi, Heiko Pinkowski, Gregor Schnitzler, Viola Scmidt, John Chambers, Emilia Maier
Adventure Adaptation Family

The Five Devils

Eight-year-old Vicky has an unusual gift: she can recreate any scent she comes across, even that of her beloved mother Joanne. When her estranged aunt suddenly returns to town, the invocation of her fragrance plunges the young girl back in time to unravel a mysterious and fiery past. The wildly imaginative breakout from filmmaker Léa Mysius, this supernatural fable is replete with family secrets and queer romance.
Daphne Patakia, Adele Exarchopoulos, Sally Dramé, Lea Mysius, Swala Emati, Moustapha Mbengue, Patrick Bouchitey
Drama Thriller


A broken down freight elevator precariously hangs dangerously high, trapping a young woman inside with her stalker.
Steve Johnson, Sophie Skelton, Stuart Brennan, Bret Hart
Thriller Horror

Tori and Lokita

Following a young boy (Tori) and a teenage girl (Lokita) who have left their home countries of Cameroon and Benin to make a new life in Belgium, we follow their journey as they navigate a range of difficult experiences. Whether it be finding jobs on the black market or working to send money back to their families, their friendship provides an unbreakable bond that helps them survive. Hoping to get their papers to remain in the country, they soon find that there are an array of forces stacked against them. They must fight for their friendship and their lives as their world begins to crumble. Clinging to the hope of a better life, their struggle is a gripping testament to the power of the human spirit and to the courage of their relationship.
Luc Dardenne, Alban Ukaj, Tijmen Govaerts, Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Pablo Schils, Joely Mbundu, Charlotte De Bruyne, Nadège Ouedraogo

My Happy Ending R

Andie MacDowell stars as a famous actor who goes incognito to seek treatment for a medical issue. While at the hospital, she meets three unique and remarkable women -- an aging rocker, a young mother, and a forever single retired schoolteacher. Together, they help her face adversity with humor and camaraderie while coaching her for the most challenging role she has ever played…herself.
Andie MacDowell, Tamsin Greig, Tal Granit, Sharon Maymon, Miriam Margolyes, Sally Phillips, Rakhee Thakrar, Tom Cullen
Drama Comedy


From Aleppo to the Ghetto! JACIR, is a glance at the divided U.S. political system through the eyes of a young Syrian refugee on the streets of Memphis, Tennessee, as he faces the harsh realities of chasing the American dream. All the while living in poverty, witnessing social injustice while dealing with his conservative, cable-news-consuming, and opioid-addicted next-door neighbor, Meryl (Bracco). Knowing very little English and far from the ideal new American life he imagined. Jacir (Rahbani) embarks on a journey to win the affection of a new love interest, Nadia, while dealing with her overzealous dad Adam; and measuring a newfound friendship with an African American line cook and rapper named Jerome.
Tutweezy, Martin Kelman, Waheed AlQawasmi, Lorraine Bracco, Malek Rahbani, Larry Tolbert, Ron Lazarov, Jill Notowich

Friday, March 24