Movies Coming Out October 27, 2020

Tuesday, October 27


In Bishop, a small town filled with secrets, where the Simon sisters are trying to cope with their mother's absence and maintain a normal life while enduring Catholic school and typical teen struggles under the watchful eye of their demanding counselor Mr. Barnes. Silently and firmly repressing them is their damaged father who, quite adrift himself, is growing increasingly obsessed with The Rapture that he believes is imminent. Through rebellious acts, punishments, and religious impulses, home is anything but a refuge, and the sisters must cling to one another to survive. On the night that Rick believes to be The Rapture, he will attempt to take his daughters to "the other side" but as the bell tolls, true colors shine through and the mystery of their mother's disappearance is revealed to her daughters in a shattering climax.
Caroline Coleman, Alexa Kinigopoulos, Stephen Kinigopoulos, Piero S. Iberti, Maria Stratakis, Rick Kain, Belle Shickle, Emily Peachey
Drama Thriller

Barefoot: The Mark Baumer Story

Portrait of Mark Baumer, an environmental activist, avant-garde writer, and vegan, who hiked barefoot for over 100 days across America to draw attention to climate change. In a voice The New Yorker praised as “reminiscent of Andy Kaufman”, Baumer narrates his offbeat take on life and how we all can make a difference.
Julie Sokolow, Jim Baumer, Mary Baumer, Kevin Powell, Anna Hayward, Sherrie Anne Andre, Nick Katkevich

Tuesday, October 27