Concept Movies (Page #5)

Ex-Factor TBA

The romantic comedy concerns a divorced newspaper editor who's horrified to learn that the rival paper in town has hired a new editor who'll surely step up the competition. He is her ex-husband.

Untitled Will Wright Project TBA

True story of Will Wright, a high school prodigy who at 17 was the catalyst for a $70 million narcotics empire.

The Big Change TBA

A Southern socialite's daughter goes from a sweet princess to a street hip-hop dancer and it rocks her world, but then turns out to give the mother and daughter common ground.

The Man Who Fell to Earth TBA

An alien comes to Earth disguised as a businessman to procure water for his parched planet. Along the way, he becomes the head of a powerful international conglomerate and discovers just how greedy mankind is, falling into a metaphysical crisis.

He Loves Me TBA

No plot details have been announced.

Gopher Broke TBA

A hungry gopher devises a madcap scheme that he hopes will provide him with a tasty snack.

Untitled Jon Heder/Sumo Project TBA

A skinny American guy wants to compete as a sumo wrestler.

The Dirty Dozen TBA

A modern update on the 1967 actioner that starred Lee Marvin as a major who conscripts twelve condemned soldier-prisoners for a dangerous mission in WWII.

Secret Diary of Adrian Mole TBA

The story concerns the trials and tribulations of a 13¾-year-old British teen searching for his identity and some degree of normalcy in his highly dysfunctional, working-class family.

Infection TBA

In an isolated hospital the staff, hindered by mistakes and coverups, races to battle a deadly infection that turns out to be of supernatural origin.

Wichita TBA

An unthinkable crime takes place and destroys the lives of eight people.

In-Crime TBA

An unorthodox team of police specialists have the goal to catch major criminals in the act.

The Owl in Daylight TBA

Life story of science fiction author Philip K. Dick, which will interweave with his fiction and incorporate elements of his last unfinished novel, "The Owl in Daylight."

Indianapolis TBA

During World War II, the U.S.S. Indianapolis is sunk by a Japanese sub following a secret mission to deliver materials for the atomic bomb that will be dropped on Hiroshima. The men float for five days in the Philippine Sea and only 317 of an estimated 900 who abandoned ship are pulled from the shar ... more

Me Time TBA

The story tells of a married author penning a book about his great-great-grandmother who was a frontier woman. His pregnant wife goes on a bed rest, leaving him to do the house chores and care for their child alone. The author becomes nervous however after reading his ancestor's diary about plowing ... more

The Burial TBA

Based on a true story, the film tells of a black personal-injury lawyer from Mississippi who took on the case of Jeremiah O'Keefe, an owner of a local chain of funeral homes. O'Keefe claimed that he had been cheated by a major funeral parlor conglomerate. With the cooperation of O'Keefe's lawyer, wh ... more

Inland Saints TBA

A boy, the leader of a dangerous street gang, and the daughter of the detective hired to bring down the gang, fall in love.

Newton's Law TBA

A child inventor becomes trapped in a science center during a field trip.

Karl Marx TBA

The story centers on the life of German philosopher and revolutionary Karl Marx during the time period of 1830-1848, including Marx's time in Paris before being expelled to Brussels and culminating with the publication of the Communist Manifesto. It will also focus on Marx's love for his aristocrati ... more

Trailer Trash TBA

The story will be made up fake trailers for nonexistent films.