Soundtracks Released July 1, 2008

Tuesday, July 1


A tortured superhero crash-lands in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn, and tries to revitalize himself by romancing an alluring housewife, causing chaos in the city.
Will Smith, Charlize Theron, Akiva Goldsman, Vince Gilligan, Jason Bateman, James Lassiter, Peter Berg, Michael Mann
Drama Romance Superhero

Meet Dave

A massive fireball from space hits New York's Central Park and an ordinary man emerges unscathed. The man turns out to be a spaceship operated by 100 human-looking aliens who are one-quarter inch tall and seeking a way to save their planet; complications ensue when their captain falls in love with an Earth woman who's always picked losers for previous romances.
Eddie Murphy, Elizabeth Banks, Jon Berg, David Friendly, Marc Turtletaub, Rob Greenberg, Gabrielle Union, Brian Robbins
Comedy Fantasy Sci-Fi

Tuesday, July 1