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Justin Lin Says Third 'Furious' is 'Very Different'

originally posted January 12, 2006

Director Justin Lin (Better Luck Tomorrow) told Movies on MTV that the third Fast and the Furious movie will look unlike anything racing fans have seen before.

"I feel this one is very different. ... We're shooting stuff I've never seen in movies before," he reported of Fast and the Furious 3: Tokyo Drift, which explores a real-life underground racing sensation.

"The whole art of drifting, I've never seen that shot in movies, and it's very cinematic. ... It's only [a sequel] by name; it's a whole new cast, a whole new attitude, a whole new script. It's very different, and there's a rawness."

Keeping with that theme, Lin has cast Bow Wow in a pivotal role that allows him to be uniquely gritty while still playing up his strengths. "The thing with Bow Wow is, he's a funny guy; he's a great guy. I think you're going to see that here; he's having fun. ... We went to Tokyo and I went back to the guerrilla indie style. I would have a camera and have him and Lucas [Black] run around Tokyo and just approach strangers and we'd improv. You're going to feel that energy, I think, when you're watching the movie."

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