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King Richard

Despite having no tennis background, Richard Williams overcomes tremendous hardship, skepticism and his own troubled past to raise two of tennis' greatest players, Serena and Venus Williams.

The Giver of Stars

Set in Depression-era Kentucky and rooted in true events, the story of a group of young women who defy the odds to bring knowledge to a remote mountain community.

Dying To Be Me

Anita Moorjani battles against cancer for four years. Overwhelmed by malignant cells, her body begins shutting down. As her organs fail, she enters into an extraordinary near-death experience where she realizes her inherent worth and the actual cause of her disease. Upon regaining consciousness, her condition improves. Within three days, 70% of her cancer is gone. Shortly after, she is declared cancer free.


Despite being born with one leg to a single-parent family on the wrong side of the tracks, Anthony Robles overcomes every obstacle to become an undefeated collegiate wrestling star, three-time All-American, 2011 NCAA National Champion, two-time ESPY Award winner and a National Wrestling Hall of Fame inductee.

We Do Not Forget

A fictionalized account of a real battle between the hacktivist organization Anonymous and the Mexican drug cartel known as Los Zetas.

Fukushima 50

Set in Japan in 2011, a post-earthquake tsunami hits the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant and causes a meltdown of the core reactors. The workers risk their lives and stay at the plant to prevent the total destruction of the overheating reactors and the lives of millions of residents who live nearby.

Marching Powder

A British drug trafficker is arrested in Bolivia and jailed in La Paz's San Pedro prison. During his six-year stretch, the man serves as a tour guide in a prison that thrives under a capitalist system made possible by bribery of officials.

Tough as They Come

United States Army Staff Sergeant Travis Mills is one of only five soldiers to survive a quadruple amputation from a battlefield injury. His father-in-law stands by his side from the day he gets home from the hospital.

A Boy Named Shel

Explores the personal and professional struggles that made Shel Silverstein, who died in 1999, a unique voice. Silverstein’s resume includes best-selling books such as “The Giving Tree,” poetry collections “Where the Sidewalk Ends” and “A Light in the Attic,” chart-topping songs such as Johnny Cash’s “A Boy Named Sue” and Dr. Hook’s “The Cover of Rolling Stone”; and memorable illustrations.


In 1999, a drug bust in Tulia, Texas leads to 10% of the town's African American population being arrested. An attorney from the NAACP's Legal Defense and Educational Fund becomes involved. The arrests never produce neither drugs nor money and they end up causing prosecutors and civil rights groups to denounce the bust as racial profiling. The undercover agent who conducted the bust is indicted for perjury, and most of the 46 arrestees are pardoned by Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

I Am Chippendales

Steve Banerjee, an immigrant goest from pumping gas in Culver City to running a high-end nightclub that evolves into Chippendales. As the male stripper concept beomes a phenomenon in the 1980s at the height of the women’s lib movement, Banerjee is consumed by excess and competition. After hiring a New York choreographer to polish the all-male dance troupe, Banerjee beomes wildly rich, and just as paranoid. Banerjee hires a hit man to murder the choreographer when negotiations go sour. After being arrested, Banerjee dies in jail awaiting trial.

Impossible Odds

American humanitarian aid worker Jessica Buchanan travels to Somalia to help children only to be kidnapped by militants and held for ransom for 93 days. Her captors are killed by Navy SEALs in a dramatic rescue mission in January 2012.

The Boy Who Knew Too Much

A two-year-old baseball prodigy begins sharing vivid memories of a life he never lived: that of a baseball player in the 1920s and 1930s. Distraught by her son’s uncanny revelations, his mother embarks on a sacred journey of discovery that shakes her Christian faith to the core and changes their lives forever.
Location: US - California

American Desperado

In the early 70's, Jon Roberts, an injured Vietnam veteran by the age of 20, ends up involved in gangland takeovers of NYC nightclubs. He goes to Miami where he deals billions of dollars of cocaine for the Medellin drug cartel and ultimately spends 10 years in prison.

The Corporation

Jose Miguel Battle Sr. escapes to the United States, where he and other Cubans are trained by the CIA to invade the country in an ill-fated Bay of Pigs invasion.

The Fox Hunt

In Yemen, young Muslim Mohammed Al Samawi's discovery of the Bible leads him to become a peace activist. His life, in the ensuing civil war, is threatened and then saved as four American activists he barely knew come together via Facebook and use social media to activate their networks and crowd-source a rescue mission.

The Life and Times of t...

A group of Canadian criminals rob North American banks in the 1980s without ever having to fire their guns. Lionel Wright is a meticulous introvert who could disappear in a room full of people. Paddy Mitchell is a charming and well-connected crook who sees an angle in everything and will go to any lengths to avoid the hell of being locked away. And Stephen Reid is a fearless point man who can find the weakness in any system and whose story — of addiction and descent into crime, of redemption and literary fame — is all prelude to a tragic but life-saving fall from grace. The men rob an estimated 100 banks, from which they steal roughly $10 million.