Love in the Villa

Release Date: Thursday, September 1, 2022 Netflix

Kat Graham, Mark Steven Johnson, Tom Hopper, Laura Hopper, Emilio Solfrizzi, Stephanie Slack, Raymond Ablack, Sean Amsing, Margret Huddleston

N/A Comedy N/A English

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What's the story about?

A young woman (Kat Graham) takes a trip to romantic Verona, Italy, after a break up, only to find that the villa she reserved was double-booked, and she’ll have to share her vacation with a cynical and very good-looking British man (Tom Hopper).
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Comedy Romance

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The lead cast starring in Love in the Villa.

Crew Behind the Film

The Love in the Villa behind-the-scenes crew and production team.

The film's director Mark Steven Johnson last directed Love, Guaranteed and Finding Steve McQueen. The film's writer Mark Steven Johnson last wrote When in Rome and Daredevil.

Margret Huddleston
Mark Steven Johnson
Stephanie Slack
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Production Details

What we know about the Love in the Villa movie production.

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The film was tagged as Completed.

Release Dates

When was the film released?

Love in the Villa was released in Netflix on Thursday, September 1, 2022. There were 1 other movie released on the same date, including Kathie Lee Gifford Presents: The Way.


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