Movies Released April 13, 2023

Thursday, April 13


Obsession is a thrilling and seductive four-part limited series about erotic obsession and forbidden desire. A contemporary adaptation of Josephine Hart's novella, Damage, the story centers around a dangerous love triangle that emerges when enigmatic Anna Barton (Charlie Murphy) embarks on a passionate affair with her fiance's father, William. Whilst Anna fights to sustain both relationships, William is drawn into an obsessive spiral. But how long can they keep their secret hidden before someone gets hurt?
Lisa Barros D'Sa, Rish Shah, Richard Armitage, Charlie Murphy, Indira Varma, Sonera Angel, Anil Goutam, Pippa Bennett-Warner
100 mins

Beautiful Disaster R

Follows a college good-girl Abby Abernathy, who doesn’t drink or swear. Her romantic foil is Travis Maddox makes a bet with Abernathy: If Abernathy wins, he must abstain from sex for a month; if she loses, she must live with him for a month.
Virginia Gardner, Rob Estes, Lucas Jarach, Roger Kumble, Brian Pitt, Mark Clayman, Dylan Sprouse, Austin North
Drama Adaptation Teen


Dogleg follows amateur director Alan, played by Warren, after he loses his fiancé’s dog at a gender reveal party on the day of an important shoot. As he struggles to finish his latest project with the help of a New York critic, the pursuit of the lost dog and the chaos of his film begin to blend and Alan grows desperate for the day to be over. Told through a series of interlocking vignettes, Dogleg is an ode to independent filmmaking and the frustrations of the creative process itself. Shot over five years and independently funded by the filmmakers, Dogleg is a surreal comedy of errors that pokes fun at the absurdity of ambition.
Angela Trimbur, Courtney Pauroso, Bridey Elliott, Al Warren, Dylan Redford, Kristoffer Borgli, Ella Smith, David Aaron Baker
104 mins

The Lost Weekend, A Love Story NR

The Lost Weekend: A Love Story explores the 18-month relationship (1973-1975) that John Lennon spent with May Pang, his Chinese American assistant turned lover (on Yoko Ono’s insistence). With May’s help, Lennon reunited with his son Julian and had his most artistically and commercially productive period post-Beatles – with the albums “Mind Games”, “Walls and Bridges” which included his only #1 Hit Single “Whatever Gets You Through the Night”, “Rock and Roll” and collaborated with Elton John, David Bowie, Harry Nilsson, Mick Jagger, and Ringo to name a few. Pang chronicles it all revisiting her younger self, a naïve 22-year old experiencing her first, unforgettable love.
Eve Brandstein, Richard Kaufman
Documentary Music Event

Thursday, April 13