Movies Released August 4, 2023

Friday, August 4

Meg 2: The Trench PG-13

A sequel to the 2018 giant shark movie, The Meg.
Sienna Guillory, Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Ben Wheatley, Erich Hoeber, Jason Statham, Belle Avery, Jon Hoeber, Cliff Curtis
Action Sequel Thriller

Shortcomings R

A group of young Bay Area urbanites––Ben Tanaka, Miko Hayashi, and Alice Kim–– navigate a range of interpersonal relationships, traversing the country in search of the ideal connection.
Eric d’Arbeloff, Justin H. Min, Ally Maki, Timothy Simons, Randall Park, Howard Cohen, Jennifer Berman, Ryan Paine
Comedy Adaptation Comic Book

The Collective

A group of righteous assassins called The Collective take aim at a highly sophisticated human trafficking ring backed by a network of untouchable billionaires. With their backs against the wall, The Collective has no choice but to put their most important mission in the hands of rookie assassin Sam Alexander.
Ruby Rose, Don Johnson, Tom DeNucci, Lucas Till, Mercedes Varnado, Paul Ben-Victor, Tyrese Gibson
Action Thriller
110 mins

Dreamin' Wild G

Donnie and Joe Emerson's family leverage their farm in the 1970s in order to produce the brothers’ record, Dreamin’ Wild.
Noah Jupe, Jim Burke, Casey Affleck, Beau Bridges, Chris Messina, Bill Pohlad, Zooey Deschanel, Walton Goggins
Drama Biography Music

Til Death Do Us Part

A runaway bride must fight for survival against her vengeful former fiancé and his seven deadly groomsmen.
Timothy Woodward Jr, Natalie Burn, Ser'Darius Blain, Cam Gigandet, Jason Patric, D.Y. Sao, Pancho Moler, Orlando Jones
101 mins

Corner Office PG-13

Follows a straight-laced employee retreats to a empty corner office to get away from his lackluster colleagues, only to find that his move upsets them immensely.
Sarah Gadon, Jon Hamm, Ted Kupper, Christopher Heyerdahl, Ted Melfi, David Milchard, Joachim Back, Danny Pudi
Drama Comedy
VOD / Digital
2 / 5
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83 mins

What Comes Around

A young love affair becomes a menacing game of cat and mouse where nothing is what it seems in this immersive thriller.
Jesse Garcia, Amy Redford, Eden Wurmfeld, Scott Organ, Summer Phoenix, Lynda Weinman, Grace Van Dien, Kyle Gallner
Thriller Romance

Heir Of The Witch R

The story revolves around Anna, an heir of a witch, who does not want to carry on the family legacy (curse) and the spirit of her grandmother haunts her and tries to corrupt her thinking and actions in order to lure her into what she is destined to become.
Julian Brittano, Victoria U Bell, Ben Holtzmuller, Sophia Vandy, Deanna Rashell, Lorayn DeLuca
Thriller Horror
99 mins

The Passenger

Randy (Johnny Berchtold) is perfectly content fading into the background. But when his coworker Benson (Kyle Gallner) goes on a sudden and violent rampage leaving a trail of destruction in his wake, Randy is forced to face his fears and confront his troubled past to survive.
Carter Smith, Kyle Gallner, Johnny Berchtold, Liza Weil, Merah Benoit, Morgana Shaw
Drama Thriller
VOD / Digital
4 / 5
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After completing his latest project, filmmaker Tomas (Franz Rogowski) impulsively begins a heated love affair with a young schoolteacher, Agathe (Adèle Exarchopoulos). For Tomas, the novelty of being with a woman is an exciting experience he is eager to explore despite his marriage to Martin (Ben Whishaw). But when Martin begins his own affair, the mercurial Tomas refocuses his attentions on his husband. Set in contemporary Paris, Passages charts an escalating battle of desire between three people, where want is a constant and happiness is just out of reach.
Ben Whishaw, Ira Sachs, Franz Rogowski, Adele Exarchopoulos, Erwan Kepoa Falé, Arcadi Radeff, Léa Boublil
Drama Romance


Adapted from David Chariandy’s award-winning novel of the same name, Brother follows Francis and Michael, brothers facing questions of masculinity, family, race and identity during the pulsing beats of Toronto's early hip hop scene.
Kiana Madeira, Clement Virgo, Lamar Johnson, Aaron Pierre
102 mins

A Compassionate Spy

Recruited in 1944 as an 18-year-old Harvard undergraduate to be the youngest physicist on the Manhattan Project, Hall didn’t share his colleagues’ elation after the successful detonation of the world’s first atomic bomb. Increasingly concerned during 1944—with Germany clearly losing the war—that a U.S. post-war monopoly on such a powerful weapon could lead to nuclear catastrophe, he decided beginning that October to start passing key information about the bomb’s construction to the Soviet Union. After the war, at the University of Chicago, he met and married Joan, a fellow student with whom he shared a passion for classical music and socialist causes — and the explosive secret of his espionage. Living under a cloud of suspicion and years of FBI surveillance and intimidation, the pair raised a family while Ted refocused his scientific brilliance on groundbreaking biophysics research.
Steve James

Mob Land R

Deep in the heart of Dixie, in a small town struggling with the ravages of addiction, a local sheriff (John Travolta) tries to maintain the peace when desperate family man Shelby (Shiloh Fernandez) robs a pill mill with his reckless brother-in-law, Trey (Kevin Dillon). But the supposedly easy score takes a violent turn, alerting the New Orleans mafia's revenge-seeking enforcer Clayton Minor (Stephen Dorff), who then threatens Shelby's wife (Ashley Benson) and her daughter. With its unpredictable twists and turns, Mob Land is a heart-pounding, action thriller.
Stephen Dorff, John Travolta, Shiloh Fernandez, Nicholas Maggio, Ashley Benson, Kevin Dillon, Timothy V. Murphy
Action Thriller Crime


The story of a Ukrainian family living on the border of Russia and Ukraine during the start of the war.
Maryna Er Gorbach, Oksana Cherkashyna, Sergey Shadrin, Oleg Shcherbina, Oleg Shevchuk
Drama War

Bobcat Moretti

Bobby Moretti is an obese multiple sclerosis patient who is struggling to cope with personal tragedy and find inner peace. Looking for a fresh start, Bobby takes up boxing, the same sport his late father once practiced. With the help of dedicated trainers at the gym, Bobby embarks on a transformative journey to regain his health and self-confidence shedding 154 pounds. Along the way, he discovers the strength to overcome his past and move forward with a new sense of purpose.
Tim Realbuto, Taryn Manning, Rob Margolies, Vivica A. Fox, Coolio, Matt Peters, Sally Kirkland, Mindy Sterling

Problemista R

Alejandro, portrayed by Julio Torres, is a budding toy designer hailing from El Salvador, facing challenges in transforming his unique concepts into reality within the bustling metropolis of New York City.
RZA, Tilda Swinton, Greta Lee, Isabella Rosselini, Julio Torres, Catalina Saaverdra, James Scully


After a South Korean diplomat to the Middle East suddenly receives a coded message from an abducted colleague who has long been presumed dead, he volunteers to lead the dangerous rescue mission. But when the plan goes awry, he is forced to team up with a local taxi driver—the only Korean expat he can find—and go deep into the heart of Lebanon in a final desperate attempt to bring their fellow countryman home.
Kim Seong-hun, Ha Jung-woo, Ju Ji-hoon
Action Adventure

Men of Deeds

A middle-aged police chief (Iulian Postelnicu, in one of the best performances in recent Romanian cinema) goes on with his job and modest life in a small town, dreaming of having an orchard, managing regular drunken conflicts at the local bar and largely ignoring the mayor’s (Vasile Muraru) questionable deeds and the dubious things that happen in the village. But when a man is murdered, he jumps to the other extreme, trying to be what he has never been before: the justice seeker who arrests everyone guilty.
Iulian Postelnicu, Vasile Muraru, Paul Negoescu, Daniel Busuioc, Crina Semciuc, Oana Tudor, Anghel Damian
Comedy Thriller

Friday, August 4