Movies Released May 18, 2012

Friday, May 18

110 mins

What to Expect When You're Expecting

Follows five couples whose intertwined lives are turned upside down as they experience the trials and triumphs of impending parenthood.
Elizabeth Banks, Jennifer Lopez, Genesis Rodriguez, Rodrigo Santoro, Ben Falcone, Thomas Lennon, Dennis Quaid, Kim Fields
Drama Comedy Romance
4 / 5
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131 mins


Aliens, known as The Regents, arrive on Earth to build a power source in the ocean when they come in contact with a navy fleet.
Scott Stuber, Alexander Skarsgard, Liam Neeson, Erich Hoeber, Taylor Kitsch, Brooklyn Decker, Peter Berg, Bennett Schneir
Action Adventure Sci-Fi Based on Toy
4 / 5
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The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel

Follows a group of British retirees who decide to "outsource" their retirement to less expensive and seemingly exotic India. Enticed by advertisements for the newly restored Marigold Hotel and bolstered with visions of a life of leisure, they arrive to find the palace a shell of its former self. Though the new environment is less luxurious than imagined, they are forever transformed by their shared experiences, discovering that life and love can begin again when you let go of the past.
Peter Czernin, Graham Broadbent, Judi Dench, Julie Christie, Tom Wilkinson, John Madden, Maggie Smith, Ol Parker
Drama Adaptation
4 / 5
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95 mins


Doctors in London treat cases of hysteria, characterized at the time by a woman's irritability, anger or unexplained tears, with a new electrical device for treatment for the ailment.
Gemma Jones, Jonathan Pryce, Rupert Everett, Felicity Jones, Sheridan Smith, Tanya Wexler, Sarah Curtis, Judy Cairo
100 mins

Quill: The Life of a Guide Dog

Based on a true story, Quill: The Life of a Guide Dog is the sweet tale of a yellow Labrador Retriever guide dog for the blind named Quill. We follow Quill from the litter to his selection as a guide dog shortly after his first birthday. After training at a school for guide dogs, Quill is paired with a blind man named Watanabe who at first is reluctant to rely on him. But Quill's great patience, gentleness and skill eventually win him over and they become inseparable friends.
Sai Yoichi


A pariah to most in her small beach boardwalk town, Virginia was diagnosed early-on as a hair shy of mentally stable. Her closest friend and 15- year-old son, Emmett, is more father than son to his impulsive, ill-behaved mother. Their shared dream: to skip town for California. They've been packed for years. Mussing things up, we discover Emmett's father is likely the older married Mormon sheriff his mother's been having an affair with for decades, and whose daughter Emmett dreams of eloping with. But secrets have a way of not staying so secret, and circumstances surrounded by madness have a way of getting dire. In their bent world a perfectly reasonable solution arises: to rob Virginia Beach blind on the day the President of the United States pays a much-anticipated visit.
Emma Roberts, Dustin Lance Black, Jennifer Connelly, Susan Johnson, Toby Jones, Yeardley Smith, Michelle Weisler, Gus Van Sant
83 mins


Explores the thin line between anxiety and naked horror in the life of Suzy (Suziey Block), a young woman in Los Angeles who can’t get comfortable in her own skin. A loner who wallows in nostalgia and finds herself wandering aimlessly through life in the city, she can’t shake the gnawing suspicion that a true menace grows just outside her field of vision. As she scrambles to take control of her life, her anxiety rises to a fever pitch that boils over into a waking nightmare.
Dallas Richard Hallam, Patrick Horvath
Drama Thriller Horror
95 mins

American Animal

Jimmy is a terminally ill young man. He is also quite eccentric, bordering on plain old crazy, and starting today he has decided that he is ‘happy’ and no longer sick. Jimmy’s roommate James is a healthy, dreamy young man. They’re best friends. They live together. They don’t do much of anything and they seem very happy that way. Today, they have two female friends - both named Angela - over to their downtown Los Angeles loft for just another day of drinks, drugs, board games and casual sex, among other things. All seems well. But trouble arises when it gets revealed that James will be leaving for a new job in the morning. Jimmy, feeling betrayed, is not pleased by this development. He sees it as nothing short of the destruction of the perfect little world that they’ve set up, and a humorous battle of wills ensues as James prepares for the real world and Jimmy falls deeper and deeper into his world of illness, isolation, and make-believe.
Matt D'Elia
Drama Comedy

Crooked Arrows

A mixed-blood Native American, Joe Logan, eager to modernize his reservation, must first prove himself to his father, the traditionalist Tribal Chairman, by rediscovering his spirit. He is tasked with coaching the reservation’s high school lacrosse team which competes against the better equipped and better trained players of the elite Prep School League. Joe inspires the Native American boys and teaches them the true meaning of tribal pride. Ignited by their heritage and believing in their new-found potential, coach and team climb an uphill battle to the state championship finals against their privileged prep school rivals…will they win?
Brandon Routh, Steve Rash, Mitchell Peck, Adam Leff, J. Todd Harris, Todd Baird, Gil Birmingham, Crystal Allen
Drama Sports
93 mins

The Samaritan

Samuel L. Jackson plays Foley, a grifter trying to escape from his past having spent 20 years in prison. But he gets ensnared in the plans of a young protege and it becomes all too clear to Foley that some wrongs can never be made right.
Samuel L. Jackson, Tom Wilkinson, Ruth Negga, David Weaver, Andras Hamori, Geoffrey Brandt, Mark Musselman, Elan Mastai
Drama Thriller
New York / Los Angeles
2 / 5
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Follow Me: The Yoni Netanyahu Story

July 4, 1976, Entebbe, Uganda - Led by Lieutenant Colonel Yonatan Netanyahu, crack Israeli commandos burst inside a non-descript airline terminal, killing stunned terrorists and evacuating 103 hostages. A lone shot sounds in the night, and Yonatan Netanyahu, brother of current Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, lay dead. Follow Me is an intimate story that penetrates the tough exterior of the only soldier killed in Entebbe. Using Yonatan's own poetry, letters and prose, the film delves into the mind of this reluctant young hero, where duty to family and country, love, turmoil, and doubt over the core value of war raged.
Ari Daniel Pinchot, Jonathan Gruber
110 mins

Beyond The Black Rainbow

Despite being under heavy sedation, Elena tries to make her way out of Arboria, a secluded, quasi-futuristic commune.
Panos Cosmatos, Michael Rogers, Eva Allan, Scott Hylands, Marilyn Norry
78 mins

Never Stand Still

Legendary dancers and choreographers Merce Cunningham, Paul Taylor, Suzanne Farrell, Mark Morris, Judith Jamison and Bill Irwin appear alongside new innovators to reveal the passion, discipline, and daring of the world of dance in Never Stand Still. Filmed at the iconic Jacob's Pillow Dance Festival, this thrilling documentary features amazing performances by world-renowned dancers interwoven with intimate interviews, behind-the-scenes insights, and rare archival footage.
Ron Honsa
99 mins

Lovely Molly

When newlywed Molly Reynolds returns to her long-abandoned family home, frightful reminders of a nightmarish childhood begin seeping into her new life. She soon begins an inexorable descent into an evil that blurs the lines between psychosis and possession.
Gregg Hale, Eduardo Sanchez, Robin Cowie, Jamie Nash, Alexandra Holden, Ken Arnold, Lauren Lakis, Daniel Ross
Thriller Horror Paranormal


Centers on individuals and officers working in and around a child protection unit in Paris.
Maiwenn Le Besco, Karin Viard, Joey Starr, Marina Fois, Nicolas Duvauchelle, Karole Rocher, Emmanuelle Bercot
New York / Los Angeles
5 / 5
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From America's greatest beardsman, to Morgan Spurlock's own mustache, Executive Producers Will Arnett, Jason Bateman and Ben Silverman bring us a look at men's identity in the 21st century. Models, actors, experts and comedians weigh in on what it is to be a man in a world where the definition of masculinity has become as diverse as a hipster's facial hair in Williamsburg.
Morgan Spurlock

Friday, May 18