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From the imagination of Oscar-winning writer/director Sofia Coppola ("Lost in Translation") comes a vibrant retelling of the classic story of "Marie Antoinette", the naïve Austrian princess, who is thrown into the scandal-ridden world of the French aristocracy, when she is betrothed to King Louis XVI. While still a teenager, Marie Antoinette conquers her fears and becomes France's iconic queen. Marie Antoinette stars Kirsten Dunst in the title role with Jason Schwartzman as King Louis XVI. Other members of the ensemble, portraying various members of the elitist court of Versailles include Rip Torn (in the role of King Louis XV), Judy Davis (as the Comtesse de Noailles), Steve Coogan (as Mercy), Asia Argento (playing the Comtesse du Barry), Danny Huston (as Joseph), Rose Byrne (in the role of Polignac), Molly Shannon (as Aunt Victoire) and Shirley Henderson (as Aunt Sophie).

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